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  1. YAY! I loved the orginal when I saw celebs carrying it--I like yours better!
  2. jakesmom31

    Elfs.. (ami)

    those are so cute! i like the felt one too!
  3. found it here too: http://www.shoprumor.com/product.php?productid=1066&cat=0&page=1 it looks crocheted, not knitted, to me, what do y'all think?
  4. does anyone know the brand of this bag? doesn't that look like something you would like to try to replicate? http://popsugar.com/gallery/142091?page=0,0,1
  5. hi, caitlinsmom! I did the hair like the pattern suggested, but I cut a big hank of around 50 pieces of 20 inches each. I sewed it down the middle on the head, then braided or pigtailed it. As far as the mouth and eyes go, I think they are the hardest part of a stuffed animal, except maybe the sewing and weaving in. for these the yarn I used for the eyes just luckily stitched up right. for the mouth I use an embroidery stitch, then go back over it with little "fence posts" in the opposite direction (hope that makes a bit of sense) but believe me, I have to take it out and re-do quite often. In fact, the blond one has a blue stain around one eye where I had to take the first attempt out and the yarn bled. hope that helps, and I just bet your dolls were real cute!
  6. I used caron simply soft in colors I got at Wal-mart, actually. I will find the labels and let you know
  7. I love your stuff! I have had a similar experience and I was depressed a long time over it~~since I had done really well with my first craft show. Don't give up! Just you wait until the fall Christmas craft show season. . .I bet you sell every piece!
  8. well, two out of three are finished! I have until June 7th to get the last one done for our visiting friends' daughters. . .wish me luck! here's the first one I did:
  9. I got the pattern through a post by missmaggie~~you might try a board search for "lily doll" thanks to everyone, she was fun to make. I'm working on a blonde one now.
  10. thank you, everyone! I had fun making her and it didn't take long. I found the pattern here at CV, maybe try a board search for "lily" doll or look under miss maggie's profile. This is the link, I hope! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33186&highlight=lily+doll
  11. thanks so much to miss maggie for this pattern!! I am making two more after this one to give to the daughters of our friends visiting us from Florida in June.
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