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    Cabled Wristlet

    I love that!
  2. jakesmom31

    Bobbles_ celebrity's inspired bag

    YAY! I loved the orginal when I saw celebs carrying it--I like yours better!
  3. jakesmom31

    Hi yall! I'm hooked on crochet in Virginia.

    hi from a former Virginian (now Missouri)
  4. jakesmom31

    Elfs.. (ami)

    those are so cute! i like the felt one too!
  5. jakesmom31

    New Guy from Missouri

    howdy from O'fallon MISSOURI!
  6. jakesmom31

    Doll for Friend's Baby

    love her!
  7. jakesmom31

    blonde "lily" doll

    hi, caitlinsmom! I did the hair like the pattern suggested, but I cut a big hank of around 50 pieces of 20 inches each. I sewed it down the middle on the head, then braided or pigtailed it. As far as the mouth and eyes go, I think they are the hardest part of a stuffed animal, except maybe the sewing and weaving in. for these the yarn I used for the eyes just luckily stitched up right. for the mouth I use an embroidery stitch, then go back over it with little "fence posts" in the opposite direction (hope that makes a bit of sense) but believe me, I have to take it out and re-do quite often. In fact, the blond one has a blue stain around one eye where I had to take the first attempt out and the yarn bled. hope that helps, and I just bet your dolls were real cute!
  8. jakesmom31

    blonde "lily" doll

    I used caron simply soft in colors I got at Wal-mart, actually. I will find the labels and let you know
  9. jakesmom31

    AMI - Craft show nightmare... update on post 37,

    I love your stuff! I have had a similar experience and I was depressed a long time over it~~since I had done really well with my first craft show. Don't give up! Just you wait until the fall Christmas craft show season. . .I bet you sell every piece!
  10. jakesmom31

    blonde "lily" doll

    well, two out of three are finished! I have until June 7th to get the last one done for our visiting friends' daughters. . .wish me luck! here's the first one I did:
  11. jakesmom31

    my "lily" doll

    I got the pattern through a post by missmaggie~~you might try a board search for "lily doll" thanks to everyone, she was fun to make. I'm working on a blonde one now.
  12. jakesmom31

    my "lily" doll

    thank you, everyone! I had fun making her and it didn't take long. I found the pattern here at CV, maybe try a board search for "lily" doll or look under miss maggie's profile. This is the link, I hope! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=33186&highlight=lily+doll
  13. jakesmom31

    my "lily" doll

    thanks so much to miss maggie for this pattern!! I am making two more after this one to give to the daughters of our friends visiting us from Florida in June.
  14. jakesmom31

    neck/face warmer

    a friend of mine is getting ready to hike the Appalachian Trail, and I want to make him a face/neck warmer for the trip. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  15. Sherri: I'm so glad you liked every thing. . .I had fun! There are some pictures posted of the purse on my blog (scroll down to see).