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    Guitar Hero II, photography, combing through crochet patterns
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    baby anything, especially blankets
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  1. Pretty! I like the shell pattern and they way you made the color blocks. You've got great assembly skills, too!
  2. Wow, all I can say is that involves a lot of work! (And a lot of ends!) Great job on everything. I especially like the bib pattern. So precious!
  3. I saved that pattern too! Great job - I really like your take on the pattern. It will look so cute on a little baby!
  4. Love the colors! Reminds me of all those jokes that start, "What's black and white and..." Great job!
  5. This washcloth is called "Woven" Dishcloth. The front and back post double crochets create a very compact, sturdy dishcloth. I like that the pattern includes a stitch multiple so you can customize how large the dishcloth measures. Mine is 6"x 6" and I used Sugar and Cream in Daisy Ombre. Turned out to be a great stashbuster!
  6. Nice job! I love the pattern and he looks so cute in the camo!
  7. Just want to let people know that I've edited the pattern for clairity and put up a tutorial on my blog here: http://thekidneybean.wordpress.com/tutorials/through-any-window-baby-blanket-tutorial/
  8. Thank you Fairy Godmother for the gorgeous ribbons! They are all beautiful and the package really made my day!
  9. They look great! What a cheerful gift for your sister. I hope that everything is going well in her treatment and recovery.
  10. Aw. That is so cute! I love the name and the bright pink. Plus, the eyes are really neat.
  11. What a pretty dress! That is amazing that you designed it yourself. I love the shape of the skirt. Great job!
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