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  1. GREAT job! I LOVE the "Hello Kitty" and my best friend's great granddaughter would just flip if I did one for her. The fish bag is on my list of bags to do, and the spiral is so different...it is me for sure. Thank you for sharing and hope that link for "Hello Kitty" shows up.... MaggieTee
  2. Those are to die for!!!! Could you PM a little of your talent thissa' way??? Thank you for showing us your creation and I am anxiously awaiting the pattern!!!! MaggieT
  3. They are just beautiful! I love the variations of the original pattern as it allows each of us to show our "individuality"! The purple is beautiful, but the blue and gold positively makes me drool!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your photos and your talents... Maggitee
  4. Very nice and lots of my personal nightmares...cables! Your cabling adds a touch of class and finese without a single bit of "girly". Really BEAUTIFUL! Thanx for sharing your pictures Maggitee
  5. Looks GREAT and I am excited about getting the pattern also! Actually trying something new is exciting to me. 'Nother thing I find is that if I just cannot do something...usually it all makes sense to me within a day or 2. Maybe the mind doesn't "cycle" thru the "understanding" mode as often as it used to! :-) Maggitee
  6. Congrats on figuring it out! I, too have been struggling with it. Can't believe that since I grew up in the "age" of the original granny square. Well, DD wants a granny square purse, so it was time to re-learn. It's not impossible to teach an old dog new tricks....but not easy either!!!! ROFL!!!! Now we can "granny together"! Maggitee
  7. Maggitee

    Peach baby Yarn

    Smiley's still has this yarn AND in peach at 1.50/skein! Maybe you could find some other things/yarn you liked to make up the order you need. www.smileysyarns.com Maggitee
  8. Those are so cute! Would have been nice to have had something special like that when my daughter was born just over 36 years ago. She was in NICU for 2 months weighing in at 1LB 15OZ when she was born. Her brother who was larger passed on when he was just over a day old. She was our miracle child and appropriately, we named her Hope. Thank you for sharing your pictures and doing such a kind and thoughtful thing. Maggitee
  9. Your socks are terrific!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting ready to start my first pair of crocheted socks and am so excited! Have knit many many pair and they take forever and forever. I am hearing that crocheted socks move along a lot faster....and if they look anywhere close to yours....GREAT!!!! Thanx for sharing a photo! I am inspired!!!!!!! Maggitee
  10. Thanx for the info! I scooted right out and downloaded it! Ahhhh...a new touch for my next FBB! Mega thanx again from this wrinkled ol' heart... Maggitee
  11. GREAT job!!!! I bought this book just for this pattern altho' I have only done 3 of them. Have done some other crocheted purses tho' and amigurumi also. This bag is just awesome and goes so fast....but is ever so effective! It prolly has been mentioned before, but where did you get the pattern for the rose? THAT is definitely a crowning/classy touch! Thanx for sharing... Maggitee
  12. Adorable! I made a few a month or so ago, and they were gone before they were finished. Got to learn to work with the door closed and locked! LOL! GREAT job! Maggitee
  13. Very cute!! Love everything about him! Maggitee
  14. I scooted out and got this pattern. I have 2 babies coming up late summer/early fall. A couple of these will be a great addition to whatever else. Thank you! Maggitee
  15. Awesome Christal!!!!!! You are sooooooooo creative! Maggitee
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