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  1. Hi, Oceanmist. I'm in Strongsville.
  2. I went to Michael's last night; store #4. Same old story--Turqua but no Blue. I hate Walmart but for Special Olympics I will make the exception.
  3. Anyone else having trouble finding the #886 Blue? I've been to Catan's, Hobby Lobby, and Jo-Ann's. All three have the Turqua (which I thought would be hard to find) but no Blue. Reminds me of a few years ago when Delft Blue was the hard-to-find color. Anybody been to Michael's yet?
  4. I know any scarf you make will be appreciated. No such thing as a "loser" scarf! I have the Turqua, just need to find the 886 Blue and I will get started, too.
  5. I finally put some squares in the mail for you. They were done, just not mailed. I had a bad case of finishitis. I will make some more as time and yarn permit.
  6. I'm in Strongsville, just south of Cleveland.
  7. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, has posted on her blog advocating donations for Doctors Without Borders. She has written a touching post here: www.yarnharlot.ca.blog
  8. I have found Bernat Baby to be the worst for having blobs of guts pull from the center. I like the yarn a lot, so I have resolved to put the skein in a tote bag and use it from the outside.
  9. My resolution for 2010 is the same as it was for 2009. Sigh. I want to put all my finished items in a scrapbook. I have note cards with all the info as to what pattern, hook, and yarn I used, but they are still running loose in the box with the scrapbook. The pictures are still in the camera. Someday...
  10. I haven't forgotten you! Squares will go out soon, I promise. If I made a blanket or two during the Greek Games, do you think we could arrange to meet up and I could give them to you in person?
  11. My squares are on the way. Use them however you need. So sad that another comfortghan is needed.
  12. I have started some squares for you. PM me your addy, please.
  13. I have invested in a few Addi turbos. They're so shiny and pretty. Slick, too, so be careful.
  14. Received your PM. I'll get to work soon. Do you want me to leave tails on to sew them or weave them in?
  15. Would you accept some squares? That would be easier for me. I would like to help keep some babies warm close to home. PM me your addy if this idea works for you.
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