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    Yo, Ohio
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    reading, crocheting
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    finishing my degree!!
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    just started at the end of 06
  1. That's so nice! Great job!
  2. I am a beginner so i only have 10. not many really!
  3. Thanks everyone! Actually she will steal it from time to time so we will just share!
  4. My latest scarf with my daughter modeling. She loves to have her picture taken!
  5. Mary9628

    First Blanket

    First Blanket I have completed. Used the new mainstays at Walmart and loved it!
  6. I am looking for an easy beginner granny square to start with. Anyone know of a good starting pattern?
  7. I will be crocheting during the game but love football!
  8. Do any of you get to the end of a project and start assemblying it and it just doesnt look right? I am making a baby blanket and all the squares looked the same laid out, were the same size stacked up while I was finishing the rest. When I started putting them together they look misspapen! Just wondering if its just me!
  9. I am a full time college student & mom right now but i am graduating in May. I have worked full time since I was 16 (25 now) but quit 6 months ago to finish school, at the rate i was going working it was going to take another 2 years what i did in 2 semesters!
  10. Mary9628

    Baby Blanket

    Thank You TabbyJ!! I hope so for the sanity of my boyfriend! He's almost cracked during the last game, i dont know if he could handle it if they lost!
  11. Mary9628

    Baby Blanket

    Thank you Joan! That worked perfect!
  12. Mary9628

    Baby Blanket

    Ok so i started a baby blanket two days ago. I have 7 out of 16 squares done. I was doing fine. It's ch 20. I have frogged the 8th square two times already! first time i was on the phone and chained to many. The next time i know i counted correctly and its still to long. I am really getting annoyed!! :thair i measured and held them up against other squares, maybe i just need to stop for the day!
  13. Welcome fellow Ohioian! I'm from Youngstown, ohio.
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