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  1. Welcome to the ville from one cheese head to another
  2. I am fourteen I have been crocheting since I was eight when my grandma taught me .
  3. welcome to crochetville
  4. My family sent off three squares today
  5. Hello Taylor Lynn, I am 12 too, I would love to make a square for your afghan. Do you want us to put our name on the squares?
  6. I said a kid because I would hope an adult wouldn't take something that doesn't belong to them
  7. I didn't even know I was supose to get the package until the nice person wrote concerned.. my mom spent the day calling the post office who couldn't do anything and the apt office who just passed blamed to the post office.. I just wanted the lovely person that went to all the work to try and make me feel better that she did her job just by the thought of taking the time to think of me it prove some people are truly kind hearted
  8. Some angel of a person sent me a package ,but I was out of town with my Grandma and my mom was not home to get the package and the kids of the neighborhood took it . But no gift should go unrewarded..So I do not know the contents and it doesn't matter because it was filled with love someone thought to try and make me feel better so I wanted her to know her thoughts were sweet and that it brings back my faith in people of crochetville .
  9. My mom doesn't like using it because she has tactile issues, but I like it. My grandma loves it and she does lots of squares too.
  10. I have never had that problem, though a couple have had a small handful pull out to begin with.
  11. very pretty someone will be so very happy to receive that
  12. hello from wisconsin i hoe you have alot of fun.
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