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  1. Sent my scarf swap package today by priority mail. Should reach in about 15 days to 3 weeks.
  2. This is a beautiful idea. I had seen something similar on the internet some years back and have saved the picture as one of my screen savers.
  3. Sorry forgot to post the picture. So here it is.
  4. Hello Allieliz, Thank you so much for the great scarf. It is such a beautiful blue and so soft. It is a lovely cotton yarn and I am sure one of my daughters is going to take it the moment they see it. Thank you also for the beautiful yarn (5 balls), I love the colours in it. I appreciate the shawl pin too. All this and a beautiful hand written note. Thank you once again for being a wonderful swap partner.
  5. Looks like you have a wonderful garden. It is summer here almost getting over and the weather is very hot and humid. We had some late easter lillies blooming early this month and they were just at the right time to make my garden look pretty for my daughter's engagement. At present we have variety of jasmine blooming and the evenings are full of fragrance of the jasmine.
  6. Thank you , Not all Indian weddings are large weddings, but by Indian standards we have small weddings: about 200 to 250 guests. The engagement was a bit bigger for us as the wedding is going to be in Delhi about 1000 kilometers to the North of our town. So we invited a few more family and friends who will not be able to attend the wedding. We had 125 people over the weekend, guest and family included. It was hectic:eek but a lot of enjoyment too. I have started your scarf and is going well. Hope to put in the post by end of this month.
  7. Hello Karen, It is good to meet you here after a long time. I was away from crochetville for more than a year and have joined this swap.
  8. Ok. I am now free. My daughters engagement is over and all the guests and family have gone back to their homes and my home is in order. I relaxed yesterday and today I start my scarf. This is going to be fun. I am in a crochetville swap after a long time but the previous swaps have been a lot of fun.
  9. Hello Alice,I am sure it is going to be a lovely friendship through crochet. Looking forward to know more about you.
  10. I am eagerly waiting for this information.:
  11. Hi Everyone, I was unwell for the last three months and was totally out of circulation. Whenever I sat with my PC I looked for swaps on crochetville but did not find any. Where have they gone? I read thru this post and fount that Juli was sick too. I hope she is fine. I hope the swaps are back soon or am I missing something?
  12. sandhyasudhir

    5 Afghans

    Beautiful work of love. I like the diamond sunflower one the best.Who ever gets it is I think the most lucky one.
  13. This was my questions too. I was told that it is used as we would use rags to mopup spills and also to wipe dishes or wash glass ware etc.
  14. A square with lots of potential. I am thinking of making squares to join to make a bedspread using a neutral colour and a bold colour. Now thats is one project in the making.
  15. These are a few squares I made for a gift afghan. The colours were only blue and green. I had these shades sitting in my scrap yarn and so it got made into squares. The blues looks almost the same but are two different shades. The green one is simply granny square with a slightly different beginning. The rest are patterns that came to my mind as I was doing the squares.
  16. These are some I made for a swap. Some are my own some are from somewhere on the internet. Finding thread for the dishcloths herein India is very very difficult so I made it with what I thought would be good for dishcloths. As it is using crocheted dishcloths is a concept that is just not there in India. We have so much good and cheap cotton material available that most of the time the dishcloths are made from it or are then used from recycled material.
  17. Looks very cozy. I love the colours. This is one of my favourite patterns.
  18. This is so lovely. All the effort that you have put in making it will convert into love to whoever you gift it to or even if you keep it for your self. I like the idea of using the leftover yarn this way.
  19. Hi Karen, Here is the photograph of my package from Karen. I love the bookmarks especially the dainty daisy one. It is so cute.I am going to enjoy the books. My youngest daughter has booked the cookie pendant for her.The steel crochet hooks will be used a lot as here we only get 0 # in this quality.I am now going to try my hand at some crochet lace which I have been wanting to do for a long time.Thank you once again for a great package.
  20. Hello Karen, I received your package just now and I am writing this to let you know I love everything in it. It was very thoughtful of you to sent small surprises inside the package. I will post photos later as it is almost time for our electricity to go off for load shedding. Thanks a lot for everything.
  21. Hi Krakovianka / Karen, Your package is on its way to Poland. I hop it reaches you fast. I had fun making the bookmarks. Sandhya.
  22. Hello and welcome to crochetville. As you can see from my sign I am from India. I too do a lot of charity work using my statsh.
  23. This is amazing. I have not seen anything like this before and I am crocheting for more than 35 years. WOW. A true tribute of love to your parents. I am sure they will cherish it the most.
  24. I get inspired when I see such a beautiful RR. I have not yet attempted it but have been wanting to do so. Your border is simply marvelous.
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