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  1. Love the choice of your colours. Your work too is very neat. I have not yet attempted RR but am wanting to do it after seeing it here so many times and everyone sharing so much infomation.I think my nexy on going project will be RR.
  2. Rose it is lovely and thanks for sharing the pattern.I have some strips made in crochet for a baby afghan but I miscalculated the tension and now it has become very small. I cant get the same shades any more. The strips join to make a lovely woven effect afghan. I use to crochet and knit with two yarns held together to make sweaters for my daughters.One coloured and one white.It used to be my favourite thing those days and fast to finish too.
  3. Hello, I think an advanced learner.I can do most patterns by looking.I love a challenge, enjoy doing patterns where only a sketch is told to me.Like my friend wanted a halter top for her daughter and told me that the one she had seen had pineapples on it and could I make it.I did.Her daughter loved it.My friend saw it in the USA,I did in India and my friend`s daughter is wearing in Dubai.Hows that for world peace! Even though I am crocheting for more than 35 years I am still learning. Sandhya.
  4. Hello everyone, Now that I know what is crochetalong, I think it is great fun to do something together. Just imagine that what you are doing someone else is also doing somewhere in the world and you can see their progress and also the colours. What a great idea. (HATS OFF TO WHOEVER THOUGHT OF THIS) I wish I could take part but unfortunately at this moment it is not possiple as I cannot yet upload pictures of my work, also the internet connection that I have is slow and sometimes very difficult to connect. I live in a small town in India. I have joined the granny square exchange that itself
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