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    «Unicorn, fulfilling dreams» When using recommended yarn and hook, the size of the turns out 35cm NECESSARY MATERIALS: YARN ART Jeans №61, 160 g/50 m, white; YARN ART Jeans №35, 160 g/50 m yellow; YARN ART Jeans №33, 160 g/50 m, blue YARN ART Jeans №53, 160 g/50 b, black; ALIZE Softy № 62 , 115 g/50 m, white; (you can also use another yarn) -Filler - hullfiber, 100g; -Hook # 2(US,UK 1); Scissors; Tulle - 1/2 meter HAND: (2 items) With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4-6. 24sc=(24sts) 7. (2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) 8-30. 18sc=(18sts) Fill 31. Fold the edges together and 9sc SHOSE–LEG (2 items) With blue color 11ch, turn 1.inc, 8sc , 2inc in one last loop, turn knitting and knit on the other side , 8sc , inc= (24sts) 2. 2inc , 8sc , 4inc , 8sc , 2inc = (32sts) 3.( 1sc,inc )*2 ,8sc,(inc,1sc)*4, 8sc,(1sc ,inc)*2 =(40sts) 4. (2sc , inc)*2, 8sc , (inc, 2sc )*4, 8sc, (2sc , inc)*2 = (48sts) With white color(Textured yarn) 5.BLO 48sc 6-8. 48 sc =(48sts) 9.14sc , 12dec, 10sc = (36sts) 10. 36sc=(36sts) 11.14sc , 6dec, 10sc = (30sts) 12-13. 30sc =(30sts) 14.11sc , 6dec, 7sc=(24sts) 15-20.24sc=(24sts) With white color 16. BLO 24sc Fill the part with filler 17-35. 24 sc=(24sts) 36. Dec to end Back to row №16 With white color(Textured yarn) 16. FLO 24sc BODY: With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7.(6sc , inc) *6 = (48sts) 8.(7sc , inc) *6 = (54sts) 9.(8sc , inc) *6 = (60sts) 10.(9sc , inc) *6 = (66sts) 11.(10sc , inc) *6 = (72sts) 12-30. 72sc=(72sts) 31. (10sc , dec) *6 = (66sts) 32-33. 66sc=(66sts) 34.(9sc , dec) *6 = (60sts) 35-36. 60sc=(60sts) Fill 37.(8sc , dec) *6 = (54sts) 38.(7sc , dec) *6 = (48sts) 39.(6sc , dec) *6 = (42sts) 40.(5sc , dec) *6 = (36sts) 41.(4sc , dec) *6 = (30sts) 42.(3sc , dec) *6 = (24sts) 43. (2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) Fill 44.(1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) 45.6 dec = (6sts) HEAD: With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7-17. 42sc=(42sts) 18.(6sc , inc) *6 = (48sts) 19.(7sc , inc) *6 = (54sts) 20.(8sc , inc) *6 = (60sts) 21.(9sc , inc) *6 = (66sts) 22.(10sc , inc) *6 = (72sts) 23-32. 72sc=(72sts) 33.(10sc , dec) *6 = (66sts) 34. 66sc=(66sts) 35. (9sc , dec) *6 = (60sts) 36.(8sc , dec) *6 = (54sts) 37.(7sc , dec) *6 = (48sts) 38.(6sc , dec) *6 = (42sts) 39.(5sc , dec) *6 = (36sts) 40.(4sc , dec) *6 = (30sts) 41.(3sc , dec) *6 = (24sts) 42.(2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) Fill 43.(1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) 44.6 dec = (6sts) MANE With yellow color 25ch+70ch, turn 70sc, Sl st in the next loop (70ch, turn, 69sc, Sl st in the next loop)* repeat to the end of the chain TAIL With yellow color 1-8. 50ch, turn, 49sc, EARTH With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3. 18sc=(18sts) 4. (8sc , inc) *6 = (20sts) 5. (9sc , inc) *6 = (22sts) 6-7. 1 sc in each stitch a round=(22sts) 8. (9sc , dec) *6 = (20sts) HORN With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1. 6sc=(6sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *3 = (9sts) 3-4. 9sc=(9sts) 5.(2sc , inc) *3 = (12sts) 6-8. 12sc=(12sts) EYES With black color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) With blue color 1.6inc = (12sts) With white color 2. 6 sl st, 6sc= (12sts) eye№1 With black color Tie a thread over the first one sc together sl st, ch, In the next stitch sl st,2 ch, back sl st In the next stitch sl st,3 ch, back 2sl st In the next stitch sl st,4 ch, back 3sl st In the next stitch sl st,5 ch, back 4sl st sl st eye№2 With black color Tie a thread over the first one sc In the next stitch sl st,5 ch, back 4sl st In the next stitch sl st,4 ch, back 3sl st In the next stitch sl st,3 ch, back 2sl st In the next stitch sl st,2 ch, back sl st together sl st, ch, sl st ASSEMBLY 1. The ear is folded as shown in the photo and thus sewed to the head. Between the ears, in the center, sew a horn. 2. Sew eye and mane as shown in the photo 3. Sew a body and a head. Then sew the hands and feet 4. Fold the tail a tube, sew first, then sew it on the back 5. Make a skirt. At the waist unicorn tie an elastic band. Tulle cut into ribbons, width 2 cm, length 18cm. Tape the tape to the rubber band. 6. To decorate the neck and mane with ribbon, lace or bow The unicorn is ready!
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    I finished part 2-- round 23.
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    Well, here are two little pups I have been working on. I made the light colored one and then decided I needed the 12mm noses. So I ordered some and the second one has the nose. Now they will be leaving soon for their new home. They are from a kit from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Dogs-Adorable-Projects-Lovers/dp/1684124972 They are 4.5" tall and 4" long. I bought the kit, because it had a Dalmatian. They also have a cute pug and schnauzer. So here are the boys.
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    Hi peeps.... Just finished these potholders ...a request from a friend with a new kitchen. I didn't see any patterns I liked so I made up my own.
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    I made this water bottle holder for my friend's 6yo because we were going to an amusement park on a hot day and needed to stay hydrated! It's not in the pictures but later I added a pink I-cord strap that went through the ears so the tension would keep them perked up and "pointy". Really happy with how clean the stripes came out. (The green one is mine. Needless to say I'm pretty jealous.)
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    My new Double-Filet crochet wall hanging, I'm pretty addicted to this technique. This is my own design. It was so fun to watch it come together!
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    It's done! 24" from peak to peak and 20" from valley to valley. I checked the Charity Drive and round blankets are usually 24-26". Thank you so much for your help - I still had to mess with the beginnings of Row 2 and 3 (replaced shell with 5dc, but that meant I had to ch3 and do 4dc in the same st so the 5dc cluster would match the rest). After Row 3, it was smooth sailing. Quick question - if I did this all in white, would it be okay for a bereavement afghan? Or should I stick with rectangular white afghans?
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    Thank you so much Donna for rejuvenating Crochetville. Us old timers just love Crochetville and have been trying to keep it alive. We do so need more activity, participation, and members here to keep it going. I am very inspired to read that you too want to improve and keep Crochetville a vital site. Thanks again for all you have done for Crochetville.
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    I did want to let y'all know what I have been up to. It took me 3 months to make the 2 stroller blankies and one dress (I had the first one made ages ago.) I am trying to decide if I should just donate all my yarn (and get about a million points in stashbusting) or if I should keep some in case I can crochet again. (In the old days, it would have taken me 3 days and not 3 months to do this bit 😢
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    Finished this a couple weeks ago but just getting around to posting it. It was four rounds before I realized I wasn't doing the back post trebles and rather than frog all that hard work, I incorporated it into the finished product. It's just a design variation I keep telling myself. lol Here it is covering my queen-sized bed with generous overlap all around (but not bedspread length). I'm glad I stuck with it. However, I am on to more soothing colors of a shawl.
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    Granny Square, I’ve done that for other projects, and will probably end up winding the skeins soon that I have been using most. Just need a place to put them. I found a link to just use a basket that has holes in it, and I might try that and see how well the ideas work together. Thanks!!
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    That's always fun, Pam! I got a Mary Maxim one, but so far have just ordered non-yarn items. But I'm sure there's some yarn in my future, too.
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    Thanks for letting me join. I'm 73 and have been crocheting for over 40 years. I took a hiatus from crocheting about 6 years ago when we moved across the country and all my yarn has been in time-out. I gave away several large totes when we moved but it was for a worthy cause so I don't feel bad about it. I started quilting about 18 years ago but last year I was burned out on it and quit. Then I got out my cross stitch and have been stitching samplers ever since. Last week, I decided to get my crochet back out and found I had a partial afghan done so I've been working on it. I'm on the hunt for Vanna White's Choice yarn, which I understand has been discontinued. I'm glad to be back to crocheting. I'm in NW AZ so we get cooler weather in the winter so crocheting will be for the winter months for me.
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    It's finally finished. It's huge--too big to get a good picture.
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    The Traveling book did finally arrive yesterday which means I can package up the first box to go out tomorrow. The other book I need for package 2 is still traveling. It's first attempt to reach me got lost so I'm waiting on a replacement. Today we have the Snow Family. I love having child friendly decorations that they can touch or play with and you don't have to be concerned that the items will be destroyed. Snow Family
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    Well, I got this kit from Mary Maxim, cause I thought it was cute. Baby penguins and baby dolls dressed as penguins. Now I have to say, they are knitted, but still cute.
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    Thank you I've been crocheting a LONG time! And learned from a LOT of mistakes along the way. I learned to crochet as a teen ager, way pre-internet, had 1 evening of lessons (school chum's mom) and then was on my own. And was given a pile of vintage doily pattern books and had to solve problems by trial and error as vintage patterns are more 'terse' than modern patterns. And, I'm still discovering so many new things. I try to answer questions in a way that would have made me go when I first encountered the same problem. Or not just say "do this", I try to explain the steps of my thought process of how to figure out the answer (especially if an instruction is really vague) to hopefully help the poster to be able to solve the next dilemma on their own. It's mostly "what are the things it could mean; what would happen if I did each one of the things I can think of, would the stitch count be right, would it look like the pattern photo, etc".
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    Diana: Very cute . I like your photo too with him guarding the candle. LOL Krys: Yours is a cutie also. Good idea on weighting him on his bottom. Slipping off the shelf would make everyone think he had one too many wódka! LOL 😄
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    Voila! Lapghan size or so... little girl is almost 6
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    oh gosh i was going to ask, you bake a lot??about the sugar, lol thanks for clearing that up for us lol did the bees go away or whatever happened to them, without the bees, we wouldn't eat lol they pollinate most everything lol well krys, you inspired me to refresh a couple of my own silk flower arrangements lol i dusted off the containers and dusted off the flowers lol and re arranged them a bit and they look so much happier, thanks for spurring me into action lol i usually try to do that on a routine, but your pretties reminded me, that i hadn't yet lol
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    I got the ends taken care of today, so it's all done. I really like this pattern. It has nice stitch variety without feeling busy or that you're doing different stitches just for the sake of different stitches. The yarn is bernat pop foggy notion. https://www.yarnspirations.com/stitch-along/crochet-along-study-of-planet-earth
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    Wow, so pretty! Post stitches can be very pretty, but for me are slow work.
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    I have made quite a few new Gütermann sewing thread doilies in variouse colors lately.
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    Here is a toddler size blanket....yarn purchased by my friend. The Patchwork Heart site inspires me... And a firetruck graph ghan....crib size, for my veterinarian, who is amazing! I made her a different, girlie one three years ago before she had her DD. Sorry, but not allowed to share the patterns....
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    This tablecloth will be for my 32 year old Granddaughter. Four years ago she was diagnoses with breast Cancer and underwent rounds of chemotherapy followed by double mastectomy. In November 2018 she underwent reconstructive surgery. The mastectomy meant that three of her lymph nodes had to be removed as well leaving her with a compromised immune system and is now prone to infections. Preop testing also showed that she had a small brain tumor which was successfully removed. now recovering from this ordeal, she just moved into her own apartment and she has an oval kitchen table. Knowing that I crochet, she asked me if I could make her a tablecloth. This is a huge project that I willingly undertook and the chart pattern is one that I found online. The actual colour is a dusty rose which is her favourite colour. much more to do on it yet but I hope to have it finished for her as a Christmas gift.
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    Katy I had to fight to stay awake for the game. Needless to say I zonked out as soon as it was over. Being out in the heat wore me out more than the work. I was stiff and sore that night but was ok by morning. Today we hauled the bird bath to my nieces house and set it up, dropped our excess cucumbers off at my sisters, stopped for lunch, then Aldi, and home to put away groceries. Birdbath looks good in its new home and I will get to visit it. I guess I have had it for 30 years. She didnt want my gnome that went in it so I gave her Ducky.
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    Mouse ears, bloomers and scrubbies..... love em Best wishes with travel,jobs, moving etc.. Brenda... you stay sooo busy Donna, we homeschooled here in NC for 19 years and I made my boys learn cursive.. Took 3 of the grands to the childrens museum in Raleigh yesterday, and then to Krispy Kreme to try the new Reeses filled donut ( not a fan) the boys loved watching them make the donuts more then eating them! Thought I would share a picture of my Grams on her 100th bday.... hope I look that good at 100!
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    My mom's cat would sit next to her and go after her knitting needles. When I was , he couldn't get my hook because it was too short. So he knocked my other hooks on the floor and started flinging them around. Ellie 13
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    I made a mermaid skirt for the girls' dress up box and rolled a skein into a ball...+1. = +3
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    Made some dishcloths & scrubbies will be posting them in show & tell. Working on the embossed crochet. I have 2 squares done, need 12. I said embroidery crochet, but it is embossed.
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    Thank you for all your work, it's great having you back. I hope your trip is wonderful.
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    It's so good to have you back! I can't imagine how much time is involved to maintaining a forum like this. Hope you have a great time on your trip!
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    For those who may wonder, our return has nothing to do with the goings-on at Ravelry. The timing is coincidence. Financially, we had come to the point where we had to get out from under our expensive dedicated server at our old web host because our needs have changed. It was daunting to dig back in and get under the hood of Crochetville and start tinkering around, but I'm so glad to be back.
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    Mona, I have tried to make a list like that, but then I get to feeling stressed out that so much is going undone and it gets me all anxious, which is the opposite of how I want to feel about crochet....so I keep a list of projects I want to make & who they're for (mostly baby gifts), and any dates that they need to be made by instead. At this point, if I don't have the yarn I need for a project, I really should just go to the next project because this stash is getting out of control. I actually can't think of a time I've ever had this much yarn, and now I have people just randomly giving me more! I was given some yarn by my friend's not-quite boyfriend...and it's all good stuff that I will use, in colors I like, so I can't even justify not keeping it....I'll be counting the skeins and seeing how low I'm starting this week out in a bit. On the up side, I've completed one of my really hard classes, and I'm 99% done with a second...two more weeks on the other 2 classes but with these 2 done I should have more time to hook on my hands!! Although I also have to help my mom paint her house this week, so maybe not lol....
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    Would you say it’s a common.... thread? 😂😂😂
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    Thank goodness yarn has some give to it. Some things I tried were just a touch snug so I am going to try to loosen up a bit next time. I never played much with dolls and am finding it is tricky getting clothes on those arms. Chris does the bodice with a g hook and the skirt with an h hook to get a little more flair in the skirt. https://craftatticresources.blogspot.com/2018/12/american-girl-little-flamenco-dress.html?m=1 Here is one I am working on. I wasnt fond of the ch 2 dc in next stitch on back and replaced it with a v stitch plus worked it a little looser.
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    Am a Northwoods retired high school English teacher who has crocheted, knitted & sewn since 7th grade. Also love to read, hike, watch old movies & spend time with granddaughters.
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    Lovely table and just so enjoying seeing all your dolls!
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    worked with alot of yarn this week between nests and my small yarn ball scarves wtd + 23 ytd + 54
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    Yesterday the egg shell broke and I found a little penguin 🐧 Later, another one appeared... 🐧🐧 They are still sleepy, but ready to travel with us Don't ask me WHY penguins - I just had to make them. The pattern for the bigger one is by Katerina Gushchina and I found it on Amiguroom Toys site. I made the small one on my own.
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    I just love love love all of it!
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    I don't use bags, exactly; for my project, I use something similar to this, sort of a bag but you can close it up; caveat, I don't take my work with me, it stays at home, but since it stands and stays open by itself, there's less trouble 'rummaging around' to find things. It might not be the best solution if you carry it around wherever you go, it does close and you can carry it around by the wooden handles but doesn't 'stay closed' very well (maybe there are versions that have some sort of strap to keep it shut, or it really wouldn't be that hard to improvise something I suppose). If you sew, there are patterns/instructions on the net to make your own, Martha Stewart has a pattern using yardsicks for the frame which is super clever. I crocheted a hook case for my aluminum hooks--this is the pattern I used for aluminum hooks, one from the same designer for steel hooks. 'Other stuff' like tapestry needles, tape measure, scissors etc. is in a clear zippered makeup bag, which along with the hook cases are kept in the legged project caddy. For yarn & thread stash (I'm not a big stash hoarder), I use lidded plastic tubs and a plastic 'chest of drawers'.
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    Pattern: Vintage Daisy Potholder by Maggie Weldon 2010. I used worsted weight yarns to increase the size. Favorite colors of recipient. Will buy a 16 inch round pillow insert before closing.
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    I know you say any afghan is acceptable, but would you prefer rectangular or square afghans? This round ripple/Jacob's ladder was really fun to make, but I'm wondering if I need to tone down the colors and make a few square afghans?
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    such a cutie I'd proudly wear a 70 yrs young one
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    Debbie, that's a pretty pattern!
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    Good Morning! I'm still here...just been a crazy couple of weeks. I don't seem to multi-task as well as I used to. Mona ~ Sending more hugs and positive thoughts to you all. Judy ~ Lucy looks so happy! Your afghans are gorgeous...you've been very busy. Hi to the rest of the house, too! We're still waiting on our April appointments with our new primary doctor since our doctor retired in December. They are renewing prescriptions, thank goodness. Meanwhile, I've taken DH to a walk in clinic for a terrible cold and cough and was very impressed with them. The doctors are MDs and they take Medicare and supplemental. They can also be our primary doctors...something to think about! Luke will be 9 on Saturday! How did that happen? Lol Have a good Tuesday, friends. ♥♥♥
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