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    Hello, I will show you some pictures of my latest project, the dragon lamp. This is my version of the pattern found on www.dinegurumi.com. The color of the lamp can be adjusted.
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    My SIL's youngest granddaughter is having a baby. The theme is Llama's or Alpaca. I made a blanket and a stuffy for her. The blanket is 3 by 2 panels. Each panel is 13 1/2 by 14 inches, that is 70 stitches by 80 rows. With the edging the blanket comes out to be 28 by 43 1/2. The stuffy is 12 inches from the toes to the top of the ears. Each panel can be an afghan in itself, if you use c2c instead of single crochet.
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    This isn't a gift...thought it IS for me...lol. My quarantine blanket, using up odds and ends. It measures 48 by 66.
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    I had several older skeins of Fun Fur in my stash and when I came across this pattern, decided to make one for each of my great grands for Christmas. The eyes, claws and body shape are just a tad different, but all in all, I think they will like them. Fur Bird pattern
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    Here are two pics I took of the shawl/wrap I made for my friend. Used 2 cakes of Mandala Baby in Magic Moon.
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    Good Morning. Very cool things you made for your niece. You all have probably seen this, but thought you could use a laugh.
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    Here are a few new hats I crocheted recently for Warmth for Warriors. I used a new method on the brim of crocheting all FPDC. The pattern and details can be found here if anyone wants to make the hat. Works up quickly and the new brim tightens up nicely for a good fit.
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    I got the new Crochet World the other day and DH saw this turtle. We have a friend who has had a turtle from a baby. Remember the kid you or your kids got? Well she still has hers. This pattern is using ww yarn and it is 14 1/2 inches long. I made it in thread and it is about 7 inches long, from head to tail. Took only a couple of days to make it, but I am sure it can take just one, this small one anyway.
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    Ажурная овальная скатерть. Вязаные крючком 1.1. Нитка Yarnart называется компания violet. 100% хлопок. Размер 180 см на 135 см. в 67,5 см 104 ряда. Он весит 800 грамм.
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    Well, here are two little pups I have been working on. I made the light colored one and then decided I needed the 12mm noses. So I ordered some and the second one has the nose. Now they will be leaving soon for their new home. They are from a kit from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Dogs-Adorable-Projects-Lovers/dp/1684124972 They are 4.5" tall and 4" long. I bought the kit, because it had a Dalmatian. They also have a cute pug and schnauzer. So here are the boys.
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    On New Year's Day we were at Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge having lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then went to some of the other resorts to see the decorations and gingerbread buildings and carousel. We saw a girl carrying a small crocheted Baby Yoda and of course my daughter immediately said to me "you can make one of those for me, right?" A pinterest search led me to this pattern: https://tokenandbliss.com/babyyoda/ and here is my daughter's Baby Yoda
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    hope to follow along this year. I plan to donate a lot of craft items to our "Redeemed Goods" store. I hope to make some wreathes and such things. I can do crafting if not crochet I did make this one from a pic on Pinterest and donated:
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    Starting to get settled in to our new home at a senior community. Prayer shawl ministry meets across the street from me. Just finished this one. They want rectangular 24 by 60 inches. This used up some old Red Heart Wintuk in Pebble with a little I Love This Yarn in Greybeard. Stitch pattern is Jamie from this baby set. https://m.lionbrand.com/item/313435353231 This pattern works really well to adapt it to work from center out and if you do it that way there is no need to add a border.
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    I finished these for my G-GK's Treasure Box. I still have a few more items to go in the box before mailing.
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    Enjoying all the projects shared above. Here is my last batch of mini stockings that I crocheted for Warmth for Warriors for this year's Christmas stocking drive.
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    Getting ready to box up these 14 scarves for Operation Gratitude.
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    I was inspired for this by a 16 point RR I saw on FB. Mine is a 12 point and took about 3.5 ounces each of 12 colors. I didn't measure it before I gave it away but it covers a love seat! So many color combinations going through my head right now!!
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    This is my Bob Ross moment... I'm giving my gnirly gnome a happy little friend. I love making these gnomes and everyone seems to love them - sort of a throw back to "Precious Moments" but with noses instead.
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    Mona I don't envy you that yard work. We've recently changed landscapers and the new ones are very reliable...important since neither of us can do much outside. And I was fortunate that hubby had come with me and was in the car in the parking lot! Here are 2 newborn sets I made from scraps. Pale yellow color and others don't show up too well in the bright sun.
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    Off the hook is my brown grocery/beach bag. I used Scheepjes Catona and 3.5mm hook. It is my pattern.
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    Finished these for niece's birthday on Wed.
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    I just wanted to share this... I got a new (blood sugar) test kit today and the case that came with it is just about useless so I made myself a pretty new one. Now I can even store my little tissue bits with my other supplies and of course every girl needs some bling case that came with: my new pretty one.
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    Looks like I can't get enough of them... One of my favourite: Klaziena shawl Free pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/klaziena-shawl Geometrica - a shawl for my brother 's wife. Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometrica-shawl Kalinda shawl (another one for me). Free pattern: https://mycrochetory.com/kalinda-shawl-free-crochet-pattern/ And the biggest one - also for me. Transkokonkinental shawl. Amazing pattern by 6 designers. Not the easy one. I made it during free CAL. The name is combination of words: transcontinental and Kokonki - the name of company that produces yarns. Free pattern: https://kokonki.pl/pl/i/TransKOKONKInental-Shawl/30 For all these shawls I used my own choice of color, blend of cotton and acrylic, from Kokonki.
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    Round ripples I made over the last few months. I used an size H hook. Thanks for looking. 🙂
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    I totally love this technique for making a wreath with the cheap vinyl tablecloths. I have the 'cloths' to make a circle one in 4 different colours/patterns but I saw this gingham and wanted to try it. I recommend the "Sissy can do it" version on You Tube - I find her easy to follow and she is so down home. I do 'see' the gingham in this - no , really
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    Not likely, that's only (about) half the diameter the pattern calls for. You are probably going to have a hard time wrangling the yarn, and then undoubtedly will end up with a sheet of cardboard-stiff fabric instead of something fluffy. Good grief, I just looked the yarn up--absolutely this hook is too small. This will be a very difficult yarn to work with in the first place because of the extreme thick and thin (I imagine it will be really hard to see your stitches even with the bigger hook), so...no.
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    My "coronatime" crochet indoors & stash busting lead to these bright sunny daffs filling the vase!🙂
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    This is the last dress for this dolly. I made 2 Cowgirls outfits, with hats and boots. 2 Native American Indian outfits and I thought it would be great to have a Cinderella type dress. This doll will be going to Bailey4 for her charity.
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    Making flower dishcloths just wanted a smaller project. Pattern by Doni Speigle
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    Beautiful work, Ladies! I just finished this small baby ghan (keeping it in case there's a need- I always seem to be caught short) I made it using donated yarn (thank you!) except for the deep rose I already had in stash. It'll drape better after a wash
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    Birthday candy-whale, anyone? 🐳🎂 Here are the baby whales I made for my daughter. Well, I made many more - I stopped at 80 - and very soon they will find their new homes. More pics here: https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/162464-birthday-baby-whales/
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    Dragon is DONE!!!! Holy moly I'm so happy I made him but never again lol. $300 in yarn, $50 in stuffing, 96.5 hours in my hands.....I love him but I'm ready for him to go to his forever home at my mom's house lol. And my girls are already asking for their own dragons....sigh....I told them I need some time making non-stuffed things and then I have other, SMALLER dragon patterns they can pick from lol
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    My granddaughter wanted me to paint her a flower for her bedroom. It is a small painting on canvas. I used acrylic paint. I scanned that and those colors did not came out right . Those colors looking a lot more muted than they really are. Now I just need to frame that. Krys
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    I'm sooo proud! Here I introduce to you my daughter's FIRST SERIOUS CROCHET WORK! She will be 9 in a month and had tried crocheting before, but never succeeded - until now! One day she wanted to try making a chain and when we had many metres of it I showed her how to make scs. As I was making baby whales for her class (that's another story), she decided to make one too. And here it is. I'm proud, my daughter is proud, all the family and friends are proud 😁 Oh happy day 😁 The pattern is free from the site www.letscrochet.org
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    I was asked to make cat, but my so called client wasn't sure what exactly he wanted... So I made two 🐱🐱 The small one is from Cute Kitty Cat pattern by Crafty Bunny Bun. The big cat is Crochet Kitten Amigurumi pattern by Nelly Handmade (found on Amiguroom Toys site). Both pattern are free.
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    What a pain, what a pain, oh my gosh I'm soooooo glad this is finally done!!! Going to Ga to my son's best friend who asked me to make him one. I am pretty happy with how it turned out though.
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    Found on ravelry. It was a labor of love and I actually put it in a competition and won 2nd prize.
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    Hi all!! I finished the second mer-corn and finished off 2 skeins there, then made major headway on my ginormous dragon FINALLY and used up 6 skeins there!!! WTD +16 YTD +97 At this point, I'm nearly done with the dragon's wings and then he's all done! And because he's all together, he's huge and taking up a lot of space in my living room lol so I really need to get him done ASAP just fyi for size comparison....my daughter is a typical sized 4 year old laying on the dragon and Hubs is 4 ft 10 inches tall holding it lol
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    Hello - My name is Tricia and I have a yarn problem... Excited to join this CAL!
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    Granny Square, I’ve done that for other projects, and will probably end up winding the skeins soon that I have been using most. Just need a place to put them. I found a link to just use a basket that has holes in it, and I might try that and see how well the ideas work together. Thanks!!
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    Just finished up this hat today. Slip Stitched the short sides of the hat together instead of using a needle. Found that this way it was barely visible. Had some questions while I was crocheting it. Thanks to the ladies who helped me. You know who you are. Janice
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    Hi all!! I've been working exclusively on my Halloween Rozeta, trying to get caught up. This one is going to be a wedding gift for a friend and I've gotten all the way up to part 7. I think I might skip the bottom panel of the design, which turns the blanket from a square into a rectangle but also makes it asymmetrical and that kinda drives me nutty lol. I've used 5 skeins this week! WTD +10 YTD+ 33
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    I finished this project last night. I already had all the supplies except the trees and the bell so it cost me $3 total from the Dollar Tree. I may put a string of tiny lights around the base if I can find them. I couldn't find any boots so, I used a vase that looks like a tree trunk. The whole thing measures about 24 inches tall. Link for instructions: https://diycuteness.com/diy-tree-gnomes/ ETA: Hahaha, looks like he's leaning a bit! Fixed.
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