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    I finished this prayer shawl last night.
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    I am loving everything I am seeing. You guys are really moving along. Working on a special project and almost finished.
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    I wait for shipping sales at Herrschners because their shipping breaks are often worth more than the % off coupons. I looked at an earlier offer this week and with shipping the cost of my item was more than the coupon I was getting. I needed a shipping deal and it arrived today. So for any of you waiting to buy today might be your day. The sale is only good for today Monday Jan 20th Minimum purchase requirement of $35 Code: FUNDAY20 (all one word) Deal: 20% your order of $35 and $.20 shipping
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    Here is a Danish heart I crocheted for my DIL for a little Valentine's Day gift. Free pattern here.
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    Crochet meets weaving lapghan pattern has tips pics color pattern had fun making it it’s versable thick and warm 😊https://ravel.me/brickle-lapghan
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    Welcome to the 'ville! The only reason I could think of to fasten off would be if it had you starting again without turning (to keep the same side facing), but it would have spelled that out. I agree the 'fasten off' doesn't belong there--as a double-check, the same lace pattern in the cap doesn't mention fastening off.
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    It may just be a typo,where the wording accidentally got repeated in both sentences. At least I also don't see any reason to fasten off there.
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    Darski...here in the Phoenix area there are a few high end thrift shops. There are 3 that are operated by animal shelters and one that is operated by a non-profit hospice that I know about. Maybe you could find a place like that. A few years ago, Goodwill stores started popping up everywhere here. I can get to 6 within 10 minutes. They do have their purpose, but I have noticed that their prices have been a bit high. I one saw a "$5 Old Navy Tee" for $3.99. That just seemed silly. They also seem to vary greatly. I've seen a bag with two skeins of yarn go from $1.99 to $4.99. I hope you find a place that suits you. And speaking of Darski...I have tried her Little Flamenco Dress again. I could not pass up some new yarn at Joanns on Sunday. It's sparkly and I thought it would make a fun dress. I need to make a little flower or find a cute button for the front. I'm kind of addicted to the pattern now that I have it figured out. I'm already looking around my room for another color to try.
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    It was back to work today and then a stop at walmart. I have a load of laundry in the dryer and I'm feeling a little tired so I think the rest of the evening will be spent crocheting. We are currently at 56 degrees and expect a low of 42 tonight, this is cold for south Florida, I want my warm weather back. I hope you are all staying safe and warm.
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    Here is the completed baby surprise sweater.
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    Approximately size 3-5. Small child.
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    Good morning everyone! New here. I love reading all your posts! This winter is weird here in NH, but since there is only 3 inches of snow on the ground I won't complain! I know that Feb will wallop us. It always does. So a little about me: I work in a hospital lab, sort of in charge of chemistry, though I do have a manager above me. We just got a new instrument for testing auto-immune diseases and such. Today will be testing the tests themselves to see if when I order them in our lab information system (LIS), if the instrument recognizes the test order on the bar code, and then sends the result back to the LIS. My two DDs have another day off of school today. Hopefully they won't kill each other while DH and I are working.
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    Hello everyone. For the last 4years I have been making Knitted Knockers for women who have had a mastectomy. I buy my own supplies and the ladies get them for FREE. I make them for my home state of Mississippi and also help out for Missouri. I really enjoy doing this. If anyone knows of someone that would benefit from these here is the website. Anna Knittedknockers.org
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    Hi ladies. cold here and lots of snow on the ground. The grandkids came by this afternoon to go sledding. I actually finished one of my UFOs! It’s a knit baby surprise sweater. It just needed to have the sleeves sewn together, a single crochet row around the neck and 5 buttons sewn on. (I will get a picture in daylight, hopefully tomorrow.) I probably won’t ever make another one. It took me forever! I also finished one of my mother in laws projects, but it was just a dishcloth. I have put all my WIPs on a shelf and. I plan to work on them and get at least some of them finished. I’m embarrassed to say that even after frogging some and throwing away a few, there are still at least 15, mostly crochet, but a couple of knit projects as well. Plus, it is quite likely that more will surface...... Things seem to be settling down for a bit here. Dd is pretty much settled into her new house and although she still technically has possession of her condo, she gave the keys to the buyer on Saturday. BIL was hospitalized for chemo again last week, but was discharged yesterday and may be in remission. He is still debating the pros and cons of a stem cell transplant. Who knows....I might even find time to grocery shop this week!
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    One thing marked off my list... blanket for best friend's grand baby.
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    😉 haha I shoulda known I was too slow, GrannySquare! It's nice to see you this morning 😁
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    An adorable Tunisian crochet hat for baby. https://thoresbycottage.com/2019/10/21/for-my-sweetheart-tunisian-crochet-baby-hat/
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    Sp is abbreviation for space. A chain space is the space you create whenever you make a chain between other stitches. The part in italics is just a review of what you've done in the row. what is the title of the book, and name of this shawl?
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    Not stupid questions, just the first time you've encountered a new thing. You are right in your guess to your first question, some patterns end each row with a helpful 'sanity check' summary of the total stitches you are supposed to end up with for that row. A chain space is a span of chains between other stitches, example rnd 1 has the equivalent of 2 sets of 6 triples+ch2, so the ch2 is a ch sp. If a lacy pattern has a complex repeat with different length chain spaces in 1 round, the following row or round will usually say 'do x in the chain 5 space, do y in the chain 2 space' for clarity. But in your pattern, for that rnd it's all ch2 spaces so 'ch sp' suffices.
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    Debbie, pretty colors. I looked up that pattern and it is stunning. Very tempting to add it to my list. LOL
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    A great project, filled with texture, that uses just one skein! https://thoresbycottage.com/2019/12/16/frosted-glass-cowl-one-skein-crochet-cowl-pattern/
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    Can't remember if I posted this, but I'm up to Row 9 of the Sophie's Universe afghan!
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    For the Week Ending on 1/18/2020: Gold Medal Winner! pineknott +19 Silver Medal Winner! howieann +10 Bronze Medal WInner! Ellie 13 +8 Using up that stash! Inkked0317 +7 greyhoundgrandma +2 TexasPurl +2 Holding Steady! MalisaMeesa 0 PBLKNP 0 NO SHOOT THE MOON!!! Thanks all and have a joyous week!
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    Wow gorgeous work and such a pretty doily!
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    It's done & I'm so happy with it. Doily with Spiral by Verlag Otto Beyer Design Team. I used #10 crochet cotton and size 0 needles. Blocked diameter is 26". http://www.yarnover.net/patterns/doilies/beyer/b1.html
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    Wow! I missed this post from July. I am glad to see Donna is back. Now hope Crochetville can be like it was years ago so I can become addicted to it again. I love all of the friends that I have met through the years.
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    doing those birdnests for the wildlife team,really eats up those small and mid size balls pretty quickly
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    I just finished a skein in the baby blanket. WTD +2
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    No yarning happened this week Wtd 0
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    That is SO pretty. Interesting the different effects you can get with knit stitches versus crochet, like the 'shading' here.
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    its been a great week and reducing little balls left and right wtd + 19 ytd + 31
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    Such beautiful yarn and cute hats! Those are going to be so loved at the nursery.
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    I love getting yarn for a special project!!! Love the colors. How bright and cheerful!!!
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    23 beanies for the NICU. Used lightweight colorful yarn for some, called KAI.
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    Maybe this particular video will help. Moogly.com has some great instruction: C2C- Left Handed
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    Life is good! I used the toaster to make my usual peanut butter toast this morning. Started washing clothes. Wi-Fi and land line phone still aren't working and there's lots of clean up to do but having power back makes it all look manageable. LOL
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    Thank you so much everyone and hello to each and every one of you! I'm just wondering if any of you have actual face to face crochet groups around you? I have found that there is not actual physical crochet groups, or they are miles away from me. However, it is brilliant that I have found you all and crochetville. I am sure I shall be asking many of you for some help.
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    I've tried to learn how to crochet a few times before but only just really begun figuring it out. I want to be able to make simple clothes for my daughter's dolls and one or two things for around the house. I find it very relaxing. I hope I can also eventually give something back 😀
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    I love it. I would leave it the way it is just because it was grandma's.
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    I should mention that I am hoping to finish up some patterns I have on the go but I think it is time to hang up my designer's hat. It is just too difficult to type the patterns and to take and process pictures. I want to thank all the members here who have been so supportive of my stuff over the years. I started here a good many moons ago and it has been fun.
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