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    Hello Everyone! Here are few pictures of Silk Flowers arrangements I made for my home a while ago. Those flower arrangements are pretty big. I have no idea if you are interested looking at silk flowers or maybe not?. LOL Have a Great Weekend!, Krys
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    Just finished this lapghan, used up some left over yarn from other projects.
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    oh gosh i was going to ask, you bake a lot??about the sugar, lol thanks for clearing that up for us lol did the bees go away or whatever happened to them, without the bees, we wouldn't eat lol they pollinate most everything lol well krys, you inspired me to refresh a couple of my own silk flower arrangements lol i dusted off the containers and dusted off the flowers lol and re arranged them a bit and they look so much happier, thanks for spurring me into action lol i usually try to do that on a routine, but your pretties reminded me, that i hadn't yet lol
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    Hi ladies. After a couple of weeks of downright chilly weather we are back to hot and humid again. It’s been a busy few days here plus my sister in law’s dad died and that took an afternoon for visiting the funeral home, plus the funeral this morning. We went to lunch with dh’s sister and her hubby and mil afterwards. The first restaurant we went to had no electricity, so we had to choose someplace else. And traffic was awful for a Wednesday morning. Youngest Dd and I are going away this weekend with my sister, sisters in law and nieces to a spa. It’s about a four to five hour drive each way. Then on Monday we are leaving to go camping for the week. Luckily Dh doesn’t want to leave until after lunch. It’s not as rushed as it sounds. We have an RV and we keep everything we need in there all summer. We just pack our clothes and some food and we’re good to go. But now I have a dilemma....should I clean the house tomorrow,more leave it. It’s not like I’m going to be here to enjoy it for the next week or so.......:) So, nothing especially exciting going on here. I’ve been crocheting Barbie doll clothes. Our grand daughter is getting a Barbie for her birthday. Those little clothes don’t take long, but they are hard on the hands. Plus, they need to go on easily since she is just turning 5. So far I have a jacket and a dress. Most patterns call for size 10 thread, and I just can’t crochet with that. Too much old age in my fingers and hands I think. Not to mention the faltering vision.....
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    Good morning everyone! Not much to report on today, lol. It's a busy day at the office rewarded with yarn night tonight Yay! I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!
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    Good morning house! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy...I feel like they all are. Friday I didn't have patients, so I weeded the 2 sections of the yard that the previous owners have all sorts of plants through. They are really pretty and I don't know what much of it is, but something blooms at least every season. I do know that I have a few rose bushes and my MIL gets to prune those since she knows how lol Saturday I worked in the morning and then joined DH and my dad in sanding the decktop. Sunday we sanded more and thought we'd get the base coat of stain on after dinner, but it started to drizzle so we covered it up for the night. Yesterday I had a couple morning patients then met my parents at my house and got that base coat of stain down while my mom painted some spindles (we decided replacing the spindles was easier than sanding them all and not very expensive). Then was back at the office for more patients. Then met DH at the vet across the street with the turtles. One of them has been breathing through her mouth a lot and Google only scares you more saying it's a respiratory infection (none of the other symptoms present), which is apparently fatal to turtles! 😯 We brought the second one along just in case. The vet didn't think she has an RI, but did give her an injection of antibiotics and sent us home with an extra injection to give her on Saturday. If she doesn't improve, then he'll do blood work. But, he was fairly confident that there's not really much going on since there was no mucous and her mouth looked healthy. And now here we are today. I think I finally get a low key day! At the office now and I do have paperwork to get caught up from yesterday and banking to take care of as well in between patients. Oh, and DH got 2 job offers to compare He currently works at Bayer and after buying Monsanto they are closing the Pittsburgh location He actually likes working for them, so this is a bit hard for him. His director just went on a rant when DH filled him in. The director is super angry that Bayer wasn't offering any of their good employees the opportunity to continue working remotely. Oh well, their loss! It is what it is. At least he's very marketable since he's a computer IT guy. OK, I think that about covers it! Diana - Glad to hear that you dodged the worst of the storm and that your brother's house is on the mend from his issues! Love the eagles. Mary - Glad I could inspire your reorganization lol I think Knit the Bridge was about 6 years ago now! Wow, where does the time go??? Brenda - Great idea to take something out with you every time you leave. So much better than trying to do it all at once. Mona - I hope DH's appointments go well!
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    Good afternoon! We had a good weekend and of course it went by too quickly! BUT, the deck is FINISHED!!!! A year later and the neighbors no longer have to look at it covered in tarps! lol Brenda - Wow, you had a long day on your anniversary...Happy Anniversary! I hope your closing goes week on Thursday. Judy - I did have a good time and met new crafters at the LYS, and I didn't buy anything...although I felt bad NOT buying something! Kennywood is an amusement park Shani - Welcome back from vacay. I'm glad you had a great time! Wow, you surely did cover a lot of ground! I took DH's car in for an oil change this morning and am now at work until about 6. Tomorrow I am running around with my mom and sister for lunch and shopping. We are having a pig roast on Saturday at my parents house, so that's the theme of the shopping trip. lol Have a great Monday everyone!
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    Krys beautiful arrangements. You are so talented. Sat we went in to my sisters and took another load with us. Paver stones for my niece and 16 bags of sugar for my sis to use and distribute. She also found someone that needed my pressure cooker. Took some of TC'S things to other sis's cat and played with her for a bit. She is a very friendly cat. She loved hiding under the half round scratchers. We took 12 bags of sugar to church and stayed for the fish fry after church Sun. Then came home and hauled off more paver stones. FYI the reason we had 50 some bags of sugar on hand was because we used to have bees and in the fall you could easily go thru 50 bags feeding them getting them ready for winter. It depends on the summer. If it turns off hot and dry there is nothing out there for them to work. Dh will be mowing today and tomorrow. I am working on laundry and have been on the phone with title and insurance companies. Mary Jo since we were on the run yesterday I listened to the game on the radio but saw a few highlights. Hope your appointment goes well and that your backside is feeling better.
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    Good Morning. Up and off to another Dr. I am getting so tired of this. Today it is the Asthma Dr. Krys, love the flower arrangement. Have a fun day.
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    I've wanted to make this for years. I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach. Mary Maxim kit with pattern. I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat. Different color blanket. My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.
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    Two more scarves, one finished yesterday and one finished today. The dark red is done in moss stitch. The multi is done in the bean stitch.
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    Hi Everyone!, I just posted few pictures of my flower arrangements in "Show & Tell". You need to go there and give me some "applause"! Here is one picture for start, there is more... Krys
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    I made this a couple of years ago--and my gauge was also way off!! (Think maybe THEIR gauge may have been wrong????)
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    That is just precious. She is going to love this.
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    Good Morning. Up early, infact the sun is not up yet. Quite day today. Staying home today and working on my penguins. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi!
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    Cindy cute Barbie dress. Marisa sounds like deck will be finished soon. Made a 130 mile loop today with lots of stops---PO, bank, recycling place, nieces house, thrift store, and finally a special steak house for late lunch as today is our anniversary. Thurs morning we close at the senior place. Meanwhile we will take more paver stones and other things in to my niece and sisters Sat and Sun.
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    It's getting big. I've finished part 7--round 73.
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    I have to get on my soapbox . I can not believe some of these teachers anymore. They sure as heck are not like the teachers we had. They either want a room full of zombies. What happened to the compassionate teachers? My daughter has dyslexia, she had a teacher tell HER , that she did not want her in her class. They don't care anymore (sorry do not mean to insult any teacher on here), or at least the ones I have run into. When was the last time you saw a teacher stay after school was out? They are gone almost before the buses. When was the last time a teacher asked you to help by doing stuff with the child at home? No they just want them out of their room. Lea that is a shame and this is only preschool. Off the soapbox now. Yeah the spot is on the butt and boy is it hurting today. But it will get better. Daphane Love the stuff you made. Mona, the hat is the head. The gnome is the hat, the body, the nose and arms. That is it. It makes up quick and they are so cute. I think I may take the snowflake off the grey one and put a spider on him. Lea, have fun with the gnome kit. As soon as the penguins are done, I may make a couple more. Today we go and get the breaks fixed on the car and a oil change. DH is worried about the breaks if I have to drive. Hey Brenda, shock and surprise, the Bucs won last night. Of course it was a boring game till the end, but we won, so who cares. Sorry to hear about Tyreek Hill. Well, off to make breakfast. Have a fun day today
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    Wow! You have been busy! Those projects are great, I especially like the monster book.
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    Happy Thursday all! I work this entire weekend and it's going to be a Friday the 13th and a new moon on the 14th. We are probably going to see some crazy things. LOL. So far I have finished my Monster book of monsters, pygmy puff, witch shoes, spiderweb shawl, huge lobster, spiderweb hand cover. I should try and share some pictures. I will try to add some as soon as I post and I am typing on the desktop but the pictures are on my phone. LOL I've got like 20 other works in progress (WIP) to complete. I see so much fun stuff to make I want to make it all NOW. LOL. Slowly been downsizing my collections etc as we want to eventually move into a motorhome then a boathouse. Downsizing is HARD and getting rid of possessions is hard, but not buying more things is even harder. I don't know how the minimalists do it, I love having pretty things around the house that they would consider clutter. LOL We paint rocks to hide sometimes and i have a facebook group for the rocks. I havn't had a lot of time to put into it though so we haven't done anything with the group for a couple of years. There are other groups around my area that do this too, as I see them having the painting groups for kids at libraries. I have a few rocks I have painted, and more that Little Tribble has painted. I Painted Mr Tribble a Steelers one a few years ago for valentines day. Have a great night all
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    Lucky girl. I'm sure she'll be tickled when she sees it. Cindy, love seeing your Barbie doll clothes creations. Everybody, enjoyed reading your posts and life news. Feel like a toothache today, various parts are aching and burning=not talkative. Have a great rest of week and weekend.
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    Another Barbie dress. At least they are quick to finish. Dd specifically asked for non fussy, easy to put on clothes.
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    Hi peeps.... Sorry for not responding to each of you individually, but I read through everyone's posts. Beautiful! Beginning a butterfly graph gan for a little girl - I offered to make her a blanket and her stepmom told me her ratty butterfly blanket needs to be replaced! I happened to have the pattern on hand.... Take care, my friends - so good to see all the activity here💞
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    Hello, my name is Isabel. I’m from Spain but living in the UK since 2016. I grew up watching my grandma crocheting blankets that she used to sell to earn a bit of extra money. When I was around 10 years old my mum started to teach me how to crochet and knit and I used to make some clothes for my dolls but they weren’t really good I must admit lol. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I started crocheting more focused and learnt different techniques and I made crochet clothes, dolls and blankets for my son and nieces. Nowadays I crochet every single day, I think it helps me to cope with the stress of life and I’m trying to make a stock for my first craft fair which is making me feel very excited and a bit worried in the same time as I have a full time job plus a family to look after and not enough time to make all the projects that I have in mind...😅
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    Hello everyone, my name is Lex! I'm in my late twenties and have been crocheting since I was twelve (I started with cardboard looms we made in art class at school). To this day it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've only ever done smaller projects (berets, hats, and water bottle holders), but I'm constantly learning and discovering more advanced techniques. Most recently I taught myself the Russian Join for scrap yarn, and the basics of interlocking/reversible crochet! I suffer from a dissociative disorder and trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair), so crochet is a natural fit for me. It helps when I enter a dissociative state and can mindlessly count stitches, or when I feel the urge to pull and need something to occupy my hands. Completing a project and holding something tangible that I've created gives me a great sense of accomplishment on days I can scarcely do other things. I'm a very private and interior person, but I'm hoping to start here in developing a sense of community. In the future I want to volunteer my time and skills to help people who are similarly affected by mental illness. I'm hoping to learn here how to start my own local group or coordinate with the clinic I go to for therapy. I would also love to join a granny square mailing circle and help create a full afghan. I've never completed one on my own. (I'm a bit of a fusspot and usually frog my bigger projects halfway through.) I look forward to learning, sharing, and laughing with the rest of you! ✌️
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    You might be able to locate it here--> https://www.interweave.com/the-new-patternworks/ There's a phone number that you can try tocall and ask if they have that pattern number.
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    hi friends good that the storm has passed, good that you all are ok, and here, it is a sunny day, mild temps, and breezy lol rained a bit overnight, that i can handle lol i dont collect rocks, nor have any desire to paint them but a fun hobby for some of you keep it up, somebody's gotta do it lol my poor rocks are probably so sad they are not prettily painted lol did some cleaning today, just light ever y day stuff i guess, but then colored for a while i have no desire lately to crochet, i think my mojo went on a summer break lol I do intend to sort some things for either a charity here, or to send off to pine ridge, just dont have a box yet lo so with that said, well happy day to all and see ya soon l l
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    Sounds like there are a lot of rockhounds among us. We also enjoy going to the Rock and Gem show each spring. We have attended some neat lectures and seen many very interesting displays like this American Woman sculpture. The artist was there and I have a piece of autographed marble from the off fall making the sculpture. https://franciscosfineart.com/ Then another time they had a lecture on recreating Louis XIV’s Order of the Golden Fleece containing the French Blue (stolen and recut into Hope diamond) along with the replica of the Golden Fleece (scroll down almost to bottom for photo) https://www.thecultureconcept.com/french-blue-diamond-heart-of-the-earth-to-heartache-hope Sandra I hope you will post photos. It inspires me seeing everyone's projects.
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    Good morning! not a lot going on here. I will crochet some and eventually need to get some fabric out and make some hot pads, table runners and dogs for Christmas . I have it all planned out in my head and have the pattern all ready to go. Then I need to continue with pillow cases , hats and scarves for the homeless. I just finished up some scrunchies and mini octopuses for key chains and back packs. I also finished two hats last night . Not happy with one. But not tearing it out either . Someone will love it. I don't like furniture shopping period. And the prices can just be plain ridiculous !!
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    It was a nice trip to AR--good food, hot, visiting with numerous friends, hot, some crocheting time, little or no internet assess, did I mention it was hot? LOL I'm so ready for fall. Still tired today--it's about a six hour drive not counting stops. Tomorrow there's DH's regular oncology apts and then I keep the grands for several hours, and his CT apt Wednesday so more driving in store. We're back on the school schedule so I pick up the 4 year old from nursery school on Mondays and keep her about 3 hours. Luckily she fell asleep after lunch and I got a little nap too. Washing clothes and assorted little chores are all I accomplished today, but that was fine, too. Hope everyone has a good week!
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    We hauled concrete blocks to my niece last Wed along with some things for the thrift store. Thurs and Fri went thru the kitty litter buckets with all our soil components for bonsai and houseplants. Dumped some out, condensed some and transferred to newer buckets as the old buckets were cracking. Also pulled more things from the attic that sis wanted which we dropped off after bonsai. Sun more concrete blocks to my niece. The goal is to always haul stuff out of here any time we are going out anyway. Mona are you back yet? What AR state park do you go to. Do you rent a cabin or have a camper or RV? Just being nosey. You really should go to Crater of Diamonds State Park. I hope to make it there again. Oh that reminds me dh said we have a some buckets of sluiced gravel to go thru from there. Wouldnt it be the pits if we dump it out in the drive and the neighbors find a diamond in it? And then to decide if we should keep the sluice pan and screens. Diana the eagles look great. In my "spare" time I am repainting gnomes. I think we have finally found them all and carried them down by the house.
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    Hi Ladies. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Diana ~ So glad the worst of the storm missed you! Oh, I admire those of you who do thread work...those tiny hooks and I don't get along. Lol Mona ~ 'Hope your trip to Arkansas is wonderful! Brenda ~ Love the bonsai pictures! You all have been going non-stop - you deserve a vacation after you move! Marisa ~ Yarn night sounds so fun. I remember when you decorated the bridge with yarn! You've motivated me to start reorganizing my sewing room...thank you, I think! Our senior citizen center asks for yarn donations so I took 2 big bags this morning. It's all full skeins that I've had way too long and brands/colors that I won't use again. I'm just getting started! Collette ~ I'm so sorry about your accident. Hi to Judy, Cindy and anyone I've missed. September is supposed to be a little cooler than August...not this year! Heat index of 110* yesterday and no rain in the forecast!
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    Dorian is like the Halloween movies. It is the storm that will not die. Overslept this morning, as last night was a bad night for sleeping. The humidity is up so high, that they are giving a Heat Advisory for noon. It will be to hot and humid outside. Glad to hear everyone is ok Carol. It is always scary, when there is an accident. I had to laugh last night before the game. They had the whole family who own the Bears on, even the wee baby. So they all yelled let's go Bears. The littlest one started to cry. They scared him. Hey Brenda, Rogers looked like he did when he first started. The Bears defense was scary. If not for them, they would of lost a lot bigger. Ok, I am happy FOOTBALL has started. Have a great day.
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    Lyn hope your power holds. This thing is just moving too darn slow. Carol glad son in law is ok but I bet he is sore today. Glad your grand daughter was not in car. A snuggly little boy how wonderful. The paper plates and plastic utensils will be a big help. Its wonderful that meals are being provided. Cant believe her insurance helps with meals. Katy unfortuneately the house has not emptied out. What is noticeably missing is the outdoor stuff. It just seems so much easier to go work out there. Guess its more obvious and easier to let it go plus we had people wanting it. Yesterday I repotted another tree, painted a couple of concrete gnomes and went thru several cat litter buckets with garden/soil stuff stored in them. I have more gnomes to paint and need to condense bonsai soil mixing components into fewer buckets. Our bonsai stuff takes up a lot of room. I dont think dh is being realistic about what all is going to fit in the new place which is frustrating me to no end.
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    good morning its still over Carolina,we are getting the lighter outer bands right now,just down the street without power, our lines are underground they are predicting it will pick up here around 2:30
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    Good Morning Everyone. Brenda the baby is a boy and he is super snuggly. Mary Jo the gnomes are really cute. Lyn I hope you and everyone else in Dorian's path are safe. I slept better last night than I have in a week, so I felt pretty good when I woke up. My younger daughter and granddaughter had been here to visit yesterday and she text me that they were home safe and sound last night, she had put my granddaughter who was already asleep in bed. This morning she sent me a text that 5 minutes after she got home her husband called, he was in an accident, he's ok. So my daughter had to take the sleeping little one out of bed and put her back in the car to go get my son-in-law because the car had to be towed. My little granddaughter slept through the entire thing. Apparently the other driver failed to yield while making a left turn. I've discovered that no matter how old my kids (daughters, son-in-laws, grandkids) are there is always something to worry about. The new little guy has to go meet his pediatrician today, he saw the hospital pediatrician before he came home. I need to go to Walmart I thought I was buying swaddles for the baby the other day and bought the wrong thing so they are going back and I'll get the right thing this time. I also want to get a supply of paper plates, cups, plastic utensils so dishes are less work for a little while after I leave. People at the church have arranged to provide dinners for my daughter for several days and then her insurance is suppose to be sending some meals. My son-in-laws parents are coming to visit today too. Ok enough rambling. I hope you all have a wonderful day.
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    I've started making these for charity and discovered they needed a little change! So, I revised these booties for three reasons: 1. the sole ridge was hard for many beginners to do, so I left it as optional. 2. I felt the foot opening was too wide, so I made it smaller. 3. I designed a cute cuff that works for boys or girls. If you need to see a picture, look for the original thread titled "best ever booties". sorry there is no picture here as I am blind! BEST EVER BOOTIES Size: 3 inches long. Materials: Sport weight yarn, 2 oz; F crochet hook; yarn needle; 1 yd 1/4- inch ribbon. Back Post Sc (bpsc): Insert hook from back to front to back around st indicated, yo and draw up a lp (2 lps on hook), yo and pull through all 2 lps on hook. Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc) Yo, insert hook from front to back to front around vertical post of nt dc, yo and pull yarn through (3 loops on hook), (yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) twice. Starting at sole, ch 14. Rnd 1: 2 Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in nt 9 chs, 7 dc in last ch; working down opposite side of ch, dc in nt 9 chs, 2 dc in last ch, join with sl st in top of beg ch3: 30. Rnd 2: ch 1, sc in joining, 2 sc in nt 2 dc, sc in nt dc, hdc in nt 4 dc, dc in nt 4 dc, 2 dc in nt 7 dc, dc in nt 4 dc, hdc in nt 4 hdc, sc in nt dc, 2 sc in last 2 dc, join with sl st in first sc: 41. Optional Sole Ridge: (If you wish to skip this rnd, move on to Rnd 3. If you work this ridge, do not work next rnd in back lps, but in both lps.) Ch 1, bpsc in each st around, join. Rnd 3: ch 3, working in back lps only, dc in each sc around, join. Rnd 4: Ch 1, sc in joining and in nt 13 sts, (dc nt 2 sts together) 7 times, sc in last 13 sc, join: 34. Rnd 5: Ch 1, sc in joining and in nt 11 sc, (dc nt 2 sts together) twice, dc nt 3 sts together, (dc nt 2 sts together) twice, sc in last 11 sc, join: 28. Rnd 6: Ch 1, sc in joining and in nt 9 sc, (dc nt 2 sts together) twice, dc in nt dc, (dc nt 2 sts together) twice, sc in last 9 sc, join: 24 sts. Rnd 7: (eyelet rnd) Ch 4, (sk nt st, dc in nt st, ch 1) around, join with sl st in 3rd ch of beg ch4. Cuff: Rnd 1: Ch1 loosely, fpdc around joining ch3, hdc in nt ch1 sp, (fpdc around nt dc, hdc in ch1 sp) around, join with sl st in fpdc. Rnds 2 & 3: Ch1 loosely, fpdc around beg fpdc, hdc in nt hdc, (fpdc around fpdc, hdc in nt hdc) around, join. At end of last rnd, fasten off and weave in ends. Ties: (optional) Ch 70. Fasten off and weave in ends. Weave tie through eyelet rnd and tie in bow at center front. Note: Jolena added pictures in post 14. A big thanks to her!
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