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    I got this graph 2 weeks ago and found it would be perfect for my BIL. So I check out my stash and as usual I had to order some yarn. It is 230 stitches by 160 rows. I got started on the 7th of Sept. and finished it this morning. I am happy with the way it turned out and I am sure my BIL will also like it. I hope to get in into the mail in a couple of days. So for those of you who will enjoy and for those of you who won't like the sentiment, think of all the work done on it. Not political just a gift.
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    Do you have self-crocheting hook??? Wow, the ghan is huge and you made it so quickly! It would take me ages to finish something this size!
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    I know, I know it is early, but I had started these, stopped and made an afghan, then finished up the next day. They are from Knit a Miracle https://www.etsy.com/shop/KnitAmiracle They are normally done in ww yarn, but I did them in size 10 thread. They are 10 inches tall with a 6 inch tall tree. They were fun to make.
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    Here are Santa and Mrs. Claus. They are 10 inches tall and the tree is 6 inches tall.
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    It is telling you to sc in the next 12 stitches, then do 2 sc in the next stitch. Then sc in 12 stitches and decrease in the next two, which is pull up loop in next 2 stitches and crochet them as one sc. I hope this helps.
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    I was alking to a friend about this soap sack - she had to ask what it was at one point I said, "If, when I was 7 years old you had told me that when I was 70 years old I would not own a single bar of soap,,, I would have thought you were crazy but here we are
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    I’m still slogging away on The Weekender Sweater and the socks, but no skeins used up, so: Stashbuster Total: WTD 0 YTD -64
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    Finished another scarf and another skein...+2, so WTD +4 YTD -7 Getting close to even, but I ordered 3 skeins this week.
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    yes agreed krys, we as the new moderators have left that up to the square makers now, send them securly woven in or leave them out and we will do them either way we are happy to get the squares, either way i used to hate seaming and weaving in ends, but honestly it goes rather well now and i can usually weave in any ends i get in a little time as for seaming, takes longer but still going well lol thanks for the question Kyrs 💚💙💜
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    Good Morning. Love the afghan Katy. Oh thought I would tell you. They had the baby shower, that I made the Llama afghan for. I was told it was the ONLY homemade gift, but it went over big time. In fact, I was told the new mother cried. So I guess it was a hit. Not much planned for today. My team won last night, so they could win everything tonight and come home with the Stanley Cup. YEAH!!! Have a great day everyone.
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    Hi all, I`m Sally and new to Crochetville. I am a self taught beginner in crochet and looking forward to learning some new tricks :) At the moment i crochet octopals for charity, but really want expand my crochet knowledge to other things.
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    Hi everyone! I'm happy to share my latest free pattern/tutorial for this patchwork bag. Each bag takes 13 squares. I used 6" squares, but you could change the size of the square to get a larger or smaller bag. All of the squares used in the bag shown are free squares with video tutorials (links in the blog post), and there's a video tutorial showing how to assemble the bag! Cheers! https://kickincrochet.com/crochet-patchwork-bag-pattern/
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    This is an old one from Annie's Magazine's that's free Candle This one has roses Candle Nothing compares to Planet June. Her patterns are amazing.
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    Thanks BGS, somehow I read that beginning bracket in the wrong place (starting at 2 DC B, not at 1 DC B) , sorry for the confusion Sally-Ann. It does work out to 30, 12 B stitches, 6 H stitches, 12 F stitches, see revised diagram
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    Very nice VAMPIRE free pattern from "Amigurumi Today" I know kids would LOVE that Krys https://amigurumi.today/halloween-amigurumi-cuddle-me-vampire-crochet-pattern/?utm_source=newsletter-131&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Newsletter
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    [1 dc B in next stitch, 2 dc B in next stitch] 4 times means to do the following 1dc B, 2 dc B 1dc B, 2 dc B 1dc B, 2 dc B 1dc B, 2 dc B You do everything within the brackets 4 times.
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    I think it would take me longer than two weeks to crochet a baby blanket! LOL You are REALLY FAST!. I wish I could crochet that fast. Krys
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    im just throwing this out there, but would anyone be interested in seaming some squares into ghans?? you would get as many squares as you wanted to put together, until you said stop lol it will only cost a bit of postage to send them out if you decide to do it ok no pressure, not a problem if no one wants to tackle it seaming is a specified talent, and acquired taste you know lol thanks just asking if anyone is interested below is my number 6 enjoy used up all the 12 inchers i had left
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    BEAUTIFUL! Your BIL is a smart guy :). Krys
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    SHE DOS have that hook!!!!!
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    Well sounds like you get the important stuff done like crocheting and eating! Dont know if I have mentioned this but dh is in charge of dusting and keeping the floors clean here. I have to just laugh because now he is aware of every crumb almost as soon as it hits the floor. My dustbuster is almost permanently attached to his hand. Its funny when he finds his cereal in the floor because he knows he did it. Its too the point sometimes when he isnt looking I scoot my crumbs over under his stool. At old place he was totally oblivious to all the mess he tracked in.
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    Welcome to the 'ville and to crochet! The norm or convention is, as you said, make x foundation chains and if the first stitch is a DC, DC to the 4th ch from the hook. This leaves 3 chains that 'stand in for' a DC--conventionally. Also conventionally, at the end of a row of DC made into DCs you make the last stitch into the top of the turning chain. Then you chain 3, skip the first stitch, and DC into the next stitch. (the reason that you skip the first stitch as the turning ch-3 is functionally 'in' the first stitch, even tho it isn't literally in it). However, before the pattern starts the designer has decided to be Unconventional and NOT treat the DC as a stitch, instead she is treating it more like a SC where the turning chain does not count as a stitch - and using 2 as a turning chain, which is tall enough for turning purposes, and for not needing to DC into the turning chain later purposes. The designer possibly did this to avoid the little gap that usually happens when you chain 3, turn and skip the first stitch, and also to avoid stitching into the chain of the turning chain which some find annoying/difficult. Actually, I think this is pretty clever, I'm going to have to swatch this... But...did the pattern define what 'bo' is? Just curious, the only thing I can think of is 'bind off' since I also knit, but I can't think of what it means for crochet.
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    Hi peeps. Well...29 inches by 33 and my baby blanket I made to add to the pile is finished.
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    I would follow your pattern. The videos are showing samples of how to do a stitch, it's for teaching people how to do a treble, not to follow it literally in how they "set the stitch" up for you to see the treble is crocheted. Hope this helps. Toni
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    Hi ladies. It’s been beautiful fall like weather since Sunday. Last week was just plain cold. I’ve been entertaining myself with out door work, but I did manage to almost finish a pair of booties. Just need to do the sewing together part...... Mona, I’m glad to hear that your Dh is making progress. Judy, nice blankets. I ought to make some to donate and use up some yarn. Brenda, your stockings are very cute and your wreaths look so festive. Hope everyone is doing well.
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    Looks great and wow to the speed in finishing
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    Welcome to the 'ville! What sort of things do you like to make? Finding a pattern that uses a finer weight yarn and smaller hook (appropriate to the yarn size) might be one way to go. Shorter stitches are denser than taller ones, so if you like to make blankets maybe try a DC based pattern instead of SC or HDC. Using the same hook and yarn, if you make an x sized swatch in SC, then the same sized one in dc, the DC one will also use a bit less yarn. Yes, it will be less solid, but unless you are making a pot holder it probably won't matter--a DC blanket is still nice and warm.
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    My next project is Santa and Mrs. Clause in thread. No yarn till it cools off.
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    with the talk of knitted soap sacks I got to remembering this pattern I devised ages ago then I had a KAL Yahoo group. I could not find my pattern so I just redid the thing. it is quite interesting if I do say do myself. the PDF is here:K-Chevron Soap Sack.pdf
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    That is HUGE! From one grapgghan maker to another....WOW!👏
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    Reni I hope you enjoyed your day with your daughter. I am sure you did. This morning I finished my afghan and took pictures. You can find it here. Well I have not been able to just put in the link without the picture. This is for my BIL, and as you go to the link, you will see it took me 2 weeks to make. Not much going on here. Just waiting for them the bring the replacement TV. Have a fun day.
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    I was inspired for this by a 16 point RR I saw on FB. Mine is a 12 point and took about 3.5 ounces each of 12 colors. I didn't measure it before I gave it away but it covers a love seat! So many color combinations going through my head right now!!
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    Ok I think I know. Go down to illustration 40 and I think you will see it. I think the side bar is the horizontal bar below where they are inserting the hook to make hdc. https://www.anniescatalog.com/crochet/content.html?content_id=67
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    Not much going on in this neck of the woods. I finished the cat toys (except for one pair of eyes) for my GS's 2 kittens. The 2 pair that I embroidered on makes them look like zombie mice- LOL. I may just glue on some little plastic eyes on the 3rd one. Last night I finally started on the drawstring bag for my Grt-GD to go in the Treasure Box. I couldn't find the scrap colors I wanted so I'm using a variegated and a lavender. Hope it works. Today when my daughter comes over, I'm teaching her some techniques with acrylic paints. I'm looking forward to it as I haven't painted in a couple of years and it should be fun as my GD is joining us. Lots of clouds, but no rain here. Dry as the desert can get and then some. Even my ocotillos look stressed, and they're used to draught! Have a lovely day as much as possible. See ya!
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    That's definitely special!
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    I had the grands for a couple of hours this afternoon. Before they got here and a little while they were here, I worked on a scarf and finished a skein...+2.
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    Some yarn came in and equals amounts went out, so still at.... WTD +1
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    I managed to use up a skein this week! WTD = +2
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    After 8 days my 2 day priority package with doll clothes and blankets finally made it to Chris. I hope the school gets to do their project with the toys this year as I think its going to be a tough Christmas for many. All the shoes, the shawl with the blue dress, and the yellow purse are from darski's patterns. The dress bodices are from the Flamenco dress and then I winged the skirts of the dresses, other shawls and purses.
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    Homespun: I made this for my friend that passed from cancer. Her daughter told me she loved it used this throw exclusively because it was so soft. The color is Tudor. (Sorry, it's not one of my best photos)
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    Reni that is great that you have someone to check on you. I miss a homemade Chicken Pot Pie. I could never get the hang of that. Oh Lea, Take the time and rest and relax. No stress. Anyway DH can go somewhere for the week.? Only kidding. Off to the Dr. today and see what he has to say. Lots of rain and clouds today. Praying for those in the Pan Handle, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Take care, the hurricane has slowed down to 2 miles an hour. They expect to stick around for several days. Be careful and we are all watching.
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    Aryn, I just answered your question in your other thread. NCcountrygal mentioned foundation stitches, these are something very different and IMO not a beginner 'thing', not that they are horribly difficult but that you have to know when it makes sense to use them, and know when they won't be practical. Your pattern is starting with a foundation chain which works for anything worked in rows. Your pattern (apparently) does not call out not foundation stitches since you have foundation chains (a foundation is normally one or the other, not both, ). Foundation stitches make sense when row 1 is a plain stitch, in straight rows. Your baby shirt may very well be this, but if it isn't, foundation HDCs are probably not the best idea and would (probably) be more frustrating if you are a very beginner crocheter. Many lace stitch patterns, for example, worn't work with foundation stitches; sometimes the row after the foundation chain of lace patterns incorporates the foundation chain in a different way, pulling the chain up vertically as part of a compound stitch, and that needs to be a skinny chain not a chunky foundation SC or DC. There is no occasion (working flat) where foundation chains won't work; I have been crocheting for decades and reserve foundation stitches only for 'working into the air', example for things with side shaping where more than a couple of stitches need to 'stick out of the end of a row all of a sudden'. Caveat: I think foundation stitches are more annoying than working into a chain, and working into a chain IMO looks better so I only use foundation stitches when I 'have', to, which means when the alternative is even more annoying. Not everyone agrees with me, but that's what makes the world go around... So I'm not saying foundation stitches are bad, or not to ever use them - give them a try on a swatch, or for your next project look for a pattern that calls for their use. But if you are really are a beginner, it's a good idea to follow a few patterns 'as is' first to learn cause and effect, before tinkering with it.
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    Does it mention foundation stitch? eta. I saw the other post and has been answered.
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    The third and final installment for the Mug Rug trio is live, the diagonal mug rug. This one's a little trickier than the other two, but it does include a step by step youtube video tutorial. https://kickincrochet.com/diagonal-mug-rug-pattern/
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    If you have not already, try wearing a longsleeve, washed, cotton shirt (men's sizes are more readily available and comfortable). Also, as a suggestion ,there are lotions that can be applied to protect your skin, not just moisturize. Some mechanics and gardeners use them to protect their hands while working and are greaseless. It might be that you will need to use the suggestions from others to launder your yarn before use. Use gentle/knit cycles on the washers and dryers though to prevent shrinkage.
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    Could it be where you keep your skein as your crocheting? If you have it so it rubs on your arms as you unwind it...over an extended period it may be some kind of friction rash?
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    Gee, that does seem strange. Try crocheting with cotton yarns and see if the problem still persists. If it does, then it is something else and not the yarn. This may sound weird, but maybe it is the activity/movement of the arms that is triggering some allergic reaction in your body.
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