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    I have made quite a few new Gütermann sewing thread doilies in variouse colors lately.
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    Hi everyone!!! I started out the week needing to buy yarn for a commission piece (Lost Souls shawl but need to make 4 & join them together to make a baby blanket), so I bought 6 skeins (-12). But I've been hooking up a storm this week!! I've made a guitar stuffy, 2 pairs of baby boots and a matching hat, 2 Angel's, a pair of baby sneakers, and the first of the 4 Lost Souls pieces! All told, I've used up 1 skein and 9 balls (+11). I'll attach pictures of everything lol. WTD :-1 YTD :-87
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    Thanks for the compliments everyone! Here's firetruck. It's crib size.
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    Lea dont you do most of the mowing? Hope he bought a nice one for you-----larger deck so you get done faster and with a cab and ac. If not send it back. No experience with meal delivery plans. Ratdog nice pen case. Mary Jo hope your team looks good tonight. Today has felt like Sat because we took sis and niece out for lunch for niece's birthday. Waiting for things to proces and trying to get everything timed just right is hard. There is a time limit as to how long they will hold the place we want to move to. I think we should be ok. We have to watch what date we close there so we dont lose out on our dining credit for that cycle. Daphne sounds like a wonderful breed. My guess is the little booger is really smart and needs lots of mental stimulation. Cant believe Halloween isnt far off.
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    I finished another skein on the planet earth blanket and one on a lap throw...+4 = +6.
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    good morning heading across the river today to do The Mariner's museum with NY relatives
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    Found this pattern and loved it, maternity present for a colleague ❤️
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    Beautiful shawl! The colors are great!
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    I started this easy shawl on a road trip a couple of weekends ago. The pattern is “Secret Paths” by Johanna Lindahl. It’s a wonderfully well written pattern with an easy to remember stitch pattern. Perfect for travel.Quite frankly, the Lion Brand Mandala yarn made the project really special. It’s also very easy to work with. This colorway is “Spirit”. Visit my Trello Card for more information about this project. https://trello.com/c/CpCcptmg/77-secret-paths
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    I don't think you are doing anything wrong, you are comparing 2 very different stitches, why should they both be the same proportion?. Not trying to be obnoxious, honest, but if SC is a better proportioned stitch for you for colorwork (that is probably designed for sc ), stick with that stitch and leave Tunisian for monochrome or striped projects. The late great Jean Lienhauser used to be active here, and she would talk about the golden loop to control the height of one's stitches, but I'm not certain that applies to Tunisian (the idea was to control stitch height with the initial yarn over of a stitch, lift it up higher or snug it down lower). Or this Doris Chan article might be an interesting read about stitch heights https://dorischancrochet.com/2009/01/05/confessions-of-a-lifter/
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    Hate those scam calls! I have caller ID on my landline answering machine. I have actually gotten multiple calls from MY OWN UNLISTED PHONE NUMBER! Got one on my call amd the voicemail said I needed to respond or I would be arrested. Told my boss "cant come to work tomorrow, im getting arrested"
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    Ellie, the green beans sound so good. My mother used to can green beans and they were the best. I used up a skein on the planet earth blanket...+2.
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    I made a few more squares, but still not enough used. I got an e-mail from my brother, he asked me to design an ID/passport holder that you hang around your neck (sent pic of store bought one). He wants non itchy, maybe cotton, so I might have to get more Sugar & Cream. This will give something other than squares and potholders to work on. My score this week will most likely stay at + 4. Ellie 13
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    Where you underlined 4 times means to work the stitch sequence within the [ ] 4 times. Where it says rep from [ to ] 4 times it is telling you to go back up to those brackets and work the stitch sequence within them another 4 times. This is going to be fun as I see it has you going back to the * and work that sequence 3 times and it has you working the part in ( ) 3 times. I would have to rewrite this pattern writing it out long hand and putting fewer steps per line so I didnt get lost.
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    I made some more squares for the afghan (11 more to go), got bored and made another potholder. I used 2 balls cotton and rolled 2 more down (+4) . I think the people who do the craft table at the church fair are going to like the smilie potholders. I made 2 batches of pickles and I had enough green beans to make a green bean casserole. WTD: + 4 YTD: + 81 Ellie 13
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    Dh got several of mom's garden statues re-painted. (white) Still waiting for the HL paint order to arrive. Then, will add some color to the angels, eagles and lions. I've started on a pineapple doily pattern(housewarming gift), worked a bit on the corner-corner blanket, started a trial run on one of the paisley swirl patterns. (awaiting the colors I want to use in the living room pillow to arrive from JoAnn's). Learning about mobile phone stuff and trying to get J to start eating dog food again. Hope everybody is doing well. Crochet-away....
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    Sorry----the granny square ghan is simple and public. I made 7 rounds , turning after each round to avoid a wonky look,, and working from the corner so the chain 3 isn't obvious, as you go to the next round. I didn't chain between granny clusters (3 stitches) only used a chain 1 at the corners.
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    Great gifts! It's so nice when they are really appreciated!
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    I made these for Project Linus. https://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/granny-stripe.html
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    Sandra, it was a new color that P&C came out with, just before they sold the company. Time to shut down for the night. Time to get the pills out and such. Have a good night, see you tomorrow.
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    Thank you Mary Jo I did post and hopefully someone has some. If not I'll have to rethink my gift and Look for a different yarn. Unfortunately it is what it is... I do love the color. Not one I ever seen..
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    Love Mickey!! Minnie is very cute too!
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    But at least you have lots of material for rainy days/hard times or whatever. LOL And so much of it has been gifts. Can't beat that. I made pretty good progress on the phoenix blanket this weekend. I would have had crochet time (and time to post the scores) this morning before we headed home but I had to rearrange my plans so DH wouldn't whine about me not going with him to the hamfest. Hope everyone has lots of crochet time this week!
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    Oh yeah, I am always thrilled to watch the Cowboys.😝 I got to watch the game this afternoon, before they showed the Cowboys again. It is interesting to see what Andy is doing. Can't wait for the season. Kathy when I could eat ice cream, we use to get Blue Bunny no sugar added. Dh eats Haagen Dazs non dairy frozen dessert. That and So Lo and Lactaide ice cream. But the I do miss the Blue Bunny. Well, it is late and I have to get everything ready for tomorrow. Have a great night everyone and we shall see you tomorrow.
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    Sigh... I've spent so much time on the moon this year I may as well buy a condo there. So much yarn, not enough stitch time in the day! Have a happy week everyone!
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    Round 1 will have 6 stitches Round 2 will have 12 stitches Round 3 will have 18 stitches Round 4 will have 27 stitches Round 5 will have 36 stitches Round 6 will have 48 stitches
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    Scores for the week ending 8/17/19: Gold Medal Winner: pineknott +3 Silver Medal Winner: Ellie 13 +2 Inkked0317 -1 greyhoundgrandma -6 PBLKNP -10 Shoot the Moon Winner: TexasPurl -167
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    Great crocheting as usual. It's so enjoyable to view all your crochet projects.
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    Beautiful shawl Debbie! I really like the way your colors blended. I too have this pattern printed and on my "To-Do stack". In fact, I was looking at this yarn the other day at Walmart for this pattern, but, they only had a few colors to choose from. When it cools off here, I'm going to make a trip to the Hobby Lobby and Joann's. It's 30 miles away which isn't a lot but, it is running 117-120 degrees there. 😲 Also, I thoroughly enjoy seeing your projects. They're gorgeous and great incentive.
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    Very pretty and cool. I love Mickey and Minnie. They look great decked out for Christmas.
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    Oh and just in case anyone wanted to see the set of nursing boobs I made for my doula friend lol...
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    I used another skein in the Phoenix blanket...+2 = WTD -6
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    Looks really nice:). You did a great job on those pillows! Krys
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    It is beautiful!. I love that color Krys
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    I bought my Air Fryer over 2 years ago, never tried that. I think is time I should! . For some unknown reason I do not like to try new things. I do buy them, keep them for a while.. than give to my daughter to put them up for sale on Greg's list LOL. Krys
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    I've picked so many green beans, cucumbers and some of my big tomatoes have turned red. I'm eating a lot of salads and beans, am also making a 2nd batch of pickles. I made 13 more smilie squares (17 more to go), used 1 skein of white but not enough of orange, yellow or green to count (+ 2). I hope that 2 more skeins of white will be enough to finish the afghan. WTD: + 2 YTD: + 77 Ellie 13
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    Yeah, but I have had to cut so many recipes down. All recipes is great, cause they do not use a lot of ingredients and they are easy to follow. Hey Brenda, we get the KC game tonight. Last night was the Bucs and shock and surprise they won. Dinner is over and now we are waiting till 7. Krys, I saw the pictures and they look great. Lea, glad you liked the one book. Yeah it just reinforces that there are nice people in this world. You should like your next book. I love history and that was one unbelievable raid. It is still hard to believe they flew those bombers off the carriers, just amazing. As you can tell, I am addicted to the History channel and books about historical events, especially WWII. Well, I better shut for the night. Still lots of rain today. We are still waiting for the sun.
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    Just beautiful. The blue is so perfect for it, but I am partial.
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    Debbie, what a great gift! Certainly worth a trip to the moon.
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    A good, family friend is having a baby girl in September, her shower is Sunday and I finished her blanket early this morning. I loved the Snapdragon Stitch and thought it was perfect for the look I wanted in this blanket. You can find my "recipe" for this blanket here.
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    Love the washcloth Sandra. I wish I could remember the color, but that was the last of it. I checked out what I had in my room, but nope, nada on anymore. No Brenda, I made the sweet and sour in my frying pan. I found this place called Allrecipies. I cut it in 1/2 for just the 2 of us. Simple, easy and delicious. Did not get to the Dr. yesterday, the rain was to bad. More rain today, so much for the weekend being sunny. Oh I heard from my SIL. If you remember you all helped me with kitchen basket for the American Legion auction. They did not have this last year, so they had it this year. I gave them addresses, I hope they send thank you notes, but my SIL and myself want to thank you all. The auction was a success. After all the expenses paid they came out with almost $5,000.00. Thank you all for helping. Well, off to see what the world is offering. Have a great day.
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    I love the fire truck blanket!
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    I finished a spa washcloth. I just love the colors in this one. Mary Jo do you know the color name of this cotton yarn.? It's a scrap ball you sent me. I would love to get more , but haven't any color close to it.
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    Oh, that's so clever! Bright and cheery. The dark pillow insert looks good in it.
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    I'd love to buy this pattern from craftsy.com, but they don't have it anymore. Is there anywhere else I can get it? I love the round ripple without holes and also want to add ladders to the valleys like this afghan:
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    It's done! 24" from peak to peak and 20" from valley to valley. I checked the Charity Drive and round blankets are usually 24-26". Thank you so much for your help - I still had to mess with the beginnings of Row 2 and 3 (replaced shell with 5dc, but that meant I had to ch3 and do 4dc in the same st so the 5dc cluster would match the rest). After Row 3, it was smooth sailing. Quick question - if I did this all in white, would it be okay for a bereavement afghan? Or should I stick with rectangular white afghans?
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    ^ What she said. If it tells you to do a number of stitches and doesn't specifically say where to put them, it normally means 1 stitch into 1 stitch. This site is a good one for beginners, it has all sorts of useful info. https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards See main menu on the right, "crochet patterns, how to read" and lots of other good stuff. ...and welcome to the 'ville!
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    I haven't really analyzed this, and have never done a honeycomb pattern but what caught my eye was that the row numbering started over. Row 1-7 was ribbing, then row 8 changed color but continued with the ribbing stitch pattern, then the next row is row 1 again. So the pattern is right saying repeat from the SECOND row 2 to 25 (and the second row 2 would be row 10 if it hadn't started renumbering) The cable repeat is way more than 5 rounds. Look at the middle photo on the pattern page hit the + button to blow up the pic and count the rows. A repeat is really 2 rows of 'bubbles', because they are offset from each other. A 15 row repeat looks about right. BUT, I think I see what you mean, the repeat in the photo looks like 2.5 repeats, not 3. There are 5 rows of bubbles, not 6. I guess what I'd do to make it look like the photo is 'eyeball' it and stop in approximately the the same row, by that time the pattern is established you can see within a row or 2 where to stop to have it look the same as where the first row of bubbles meet the ribbing (but it will be offset). The only other thing to watch for is when you start the final ribbing (and again this should be apparent) is that it matches up to the bubble outline.
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