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    Happy Thanksgiving I have been waiting to post this, but decided to post it early. Thanksgiving growing up was always full of fun, family and food. Either my Dad's side or my Mom's side came. Mostly my Dad's. We usually set the table for the kids up in the basement, as the dining room and Livingroom were reserved for Adults. There was always, Turkey with all the fixings, Ham with all the fixings and Duck with duck soup. Dad loved his Duck Soup. Polish name czarnina (char-NEE-nah) Only my Dad and little sister ate it. I always remember this holiday with warm and fond feelings. Enjoy the table.
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    For the Week Ending on 11/16/2019: Gold Medal Winner! owlvamp +12 Silver Medal Winner! Greyhoundgrandma +4 Bronze Medal WInner! PBLKNP +2 Using up that Stash! pineknott +1 Holding Steady! howieann 0 TexasPurl 0 NO SHOOT THE MOON!!! Thanks all!
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    How lovely and they fit right in. I miss having a fireplace to decorate for the holidays.
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    Very nice!. I like those snowflakes. Krys
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    I managed to use up a skein yesterday, so I'm at: WTD = +2 I'll be doing the scores probably after 1:00 pm tomorrow.
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    Ooh, Debbie, what fun! And what a special friend! No more progress this week. I got myself in the right frame of mind yesterday to make stems and assemble pumpkins but almost immediately got interrupted with the news of company for the weekend. Couldn't face them today (I really dislike putting things together), instead started a new scarf pattern that I'll work on Tuesday at DH's dr apt. Then started on a snowman basket to work on at home. WTD +4
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    Very pretty. Love the outfits on the dolls and the gnomes in the back.
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    Those are beautiful projects. I love the colors in the C2C.
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    Gee,I wish someone would send me a mystery box of yarn not much in the way of yarning this week + 1
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    good afternoon if I had white stucco walls,I'd love those hand drawn motifs
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    They will look pretty as decoration!
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    Hello from Mississippi! You have a lot of company here with your disorders.
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    Hello and Welcome! Very nice granny square. Krys
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    Christmas is over a month away but my friends have been talking about it already! So, I designed these mason jar cozies and they have found a place in my kitchen and it feels like Christmas is almost here! This pattern comes in 3 sizes. The smallest one with hearts, the middle one with trees and the largest one with snowflakes. The cozies are made in a continuous round using the Waistcoat Stitch.I have included pattern charts that are easy to follow along with written instructions and (left and right handed) video tutorials for the stitches and techniques used in this pattern! https://knitterknotter.com/the-heart-of-christmas-mason-jar-cozies-free-pattern/
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    Very pretty. They just dress up the jars perfectly.
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    Hi, peeps! It took me years to decide what worked for me -involves no bobbins, just small balls of yarn. Or skeins. Then it involves either untangling the mess or just cutting it all and starting again. Mine is not a neat process, to put it mildly🤣 Carry no more than three stitches. I did more sometimes in this case and actually went back to correct, by weaving in the right color to cover the offending sections. My husband actually saw one of the worse offenders! I'm thankful for his honesty, because after mulling it over I figured out an easy fix. See my comment up above re tangling😂 Beautiful work! I hope you feel better❤️
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    Just beautiful, May Jo. I love the yellow/orange doily.
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    I finished a greyhound sweater for DS's smaller than usual hound and rolled two skeins into balls....+2 = +4.
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    Wonderful visit to your house as always!
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    Mary Jo your table and tree look beautiful as always.
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    Super! I'll bet anyone that walks into your Holiday Room is overwhelmed with joy just looking around. I know I would be.
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    Congratulations on finishing your first project! I like the colors and it looks really warm.
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    Nice color combo, and it fits nicely!
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    Welcome to the 'ville! Since you have only been crocheting a couple of days, I totally understand that you don't have the experience to appreciate that this wasn't going to be practical, unless you were making a wall decoration maybe that would never be washed or worn. 1) Yes, some yarn is 'slicker' than others, and yours looks shiny from the photo and looks slippery. 2) Never tie knots in crochet. Really. No, I'm serious. They WILL come undone. The way to secure the ends in crocheted fabric is to leave at least 6" to weave in the end invisibly with a needle, you don't even want to crochet over ends as that isn't very secure. 3) Glue? No. 4) If you are going to make fringe, you want to cut the yarn no less than 10" long, so your fringe ends up about 5" long. This is really on the short side, the longer the better for staying put and not coming undone and falling off. Normally you'd only put fringe on the very edge of something, not overall. There are 'eyelash' (hairy looking) yarns for a shaggy look to make something from scratch, or to add to an existing item for an edging. 5) You don't 'knot' fringe. You fold the yarn in half, put the hook in the fold, stick the hook in the loop of the thing you are attaching the fringe to, and pull the ends thru the loop in the fringe and the 'thing'. Like a latch hook rug, if you have ever done that. And if you have, you'd realize how HEAVY and unwearable that would be--great for rugs, bad for garments. Looking closer at your photos, I am assuming that you are past the point of no return from what I can see of the fabric underneath (meaning, the fabric will be ruined if you take the yarn out now). The only thing I can think of, and this will be horribly tedious, is to go back and darn every knot with sewing thread that matches the background fabric. Another way to get a shaggy look making an item from scratch would be to make it with a loop stitch. It is a little tricky, and maybe not for beginners - it is a little odd even for experienced crocheters as there is a non-intuitive detail in the 'hook motion' that is essential to secure the loop. I know I'm sounding lecture-y, but it's too bad you didn't come here before starting your project. Crochet is about creating fabric from scratch. It can be crocheted onto to a garment at an edge like a collar, cuffs, hem, or crocheted separately and sewn on (like a lace bodice over a little black dress, or an applique), but really it isn't normally created on a substrate of fabric--I've never seen anything done that way in the decades I've been crocheting. I've seen freeform items where fabric is 'patched in', but that's attaching at the edge.
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    Brenda you are are one "Hot Chick"! LOL. You setting your thermostat on 60-65??, I would die from cold & shivering if I would do that :(. I need to have my thermostat set at least on 72. I just LOVE those small Bonsai trees. They are so cute, they look like fully grown trees but they are tiny like midgets :). I do not like them that much when they are bigger. Do you use only copper wire to shape those branches?. I know as far as I will ever get to own one of those is to crochet one LOL. I might just do that I have that crochet Bonsai tree picture (no pattern) for many years. I think I know why I newer made that tree, it was because I do not know what type of wire I would need to buy for that project..??. I probably would need to go to store & feel those different wires with my fingers and see what might work..?. About your porch. You will get for sure more day light thru glass than screens. I know you said that you do not have much sun light there. Well, that will not change but it will be much lighter there in a day time. Living by a golf course I think is great :). About 8 or9 years ago I was ready to buy a beautiful brand new house in Wisconsin (my daughter lives there). That house was sooo beautiful and it was next to a golf course. In master bedroom one of the walls was round, glass from top to bottom on that whole wall looking at that golf course. Just lying down on a bed with remote control you could open or close those huge blinds on that wall. From outside no one could see anything inside that house. It was a special glass on those windows. I guess all those blinds were there just to block the sun light when needed. On the end I decided not to move there because I could not trust my daughter & my son in law that they will STOP moving constantly. They were moving almost every year even to different States. I just did not wanted to be left alone in Wisconsin. There is nothing to do in that place, I would feel lost there. Here I am about 30-40 min. from Chicago. We have a lot to do do, and many places to go to have some fun. You just need more time to figure it out everything what you will need to do there in your new home to be comfortable. It is like everyone else who ever moved to new place, it takes time..:). I know I showed you that picture of that crochet Bonsai tree that I never got around to make. I will post that picture here so others can see that. I know the more I am talking to you about those bonsai the more I am thinking of making that tree! LOL Krys
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