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    Moses Basket for the 8" Doll I love it when I can add accessories for the donation dolls!!!
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    Think back to algebra class, where (6x1) + (6x2) = 18 You start with 12. Into 6 of those 12 you put 1 stitch each (6 stitches). Into the remaining 6 you put 2 stitches each (12 stitches).
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    I've been crocheting like it's going out of style!! In the past two weeks, I've made 17 little thread butterflies, 16 yarn can cozies, 3 Chemo Hats, 2 Flower earrings, 3 thread Granny Square bookmarks, 5 lacy thread bookmarks, 5 lip balm key chains, 1 ponytail hat, 2 slouchy hats, 3 baby hats, 4 cobweb catchers, and put thread lace edgings on 3 pairs of gloves!! These will be sold at our yearly Craft Shows in November and December. (I HOPE!!!) I keep thinking: "That's enough, girl!!" Then my fingers get to itching again--and there I go, making something else!!! (HELP ME!!! I CAN'T STOP!!!!) Maybe I can get some afghans done for the Veterans and some prayers shawls for our local Hospice, now!! The funny thing is, I've been retired for years now, and I've never been this "obsessed" before!!! I think I must have the feeling that I CAN'T get outside now, so I HAVE to do SOMETHING!!! (My hubby and I get out almost every day and ride down to the river, and about town, so it isn't like we're locked in!!!)
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    Round ripples I made over the last few months. I used an size H hook. Thanks for looking. 🙂
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    Some Hats I made from yarn I had odd and ends of and left overs from afghans I've made. Plus I figured I get a pic of me trying on one. They're fun to make. Thanks for looking
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    Here's my first attempt at your new pattern Darski I Feel Pretty Baby Doll Dress
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    Welcome to the 'ville! Do you mean that your stitches aren't lining up on top of each other, so the color is drifting to the right? Or the stitches are physically looking weird? If it's the drifting thing, that's what crochet does in the round, because unlike knit stitches, crochet stitches don't sit directly on top of each other. I know of 2 ways to fix that, well 3 but one makes a 'seam' that would be OK for a garment but not a TRex. From worst to best solution: 1) The seam version: chain up, turn every row. 2) Work in the back loop only (BLO) of the stitch , not both loops. See below ugly swatch, made in the round: bottom half with grey line is stitched into both loops, top half with red line is stitched into back loop only. Pro--stitches line up, con, stitches look a little different and have a ridge. The ridge and different look might sort of look like scales tho, so might work great with your lizard. 3) I have not had a chance to try this yet, but it combines BLO and a different way of putting your yarn around the hook, 'yarn under'. http://alltapestrycrochet.com/creating-straight-vertical-lines-with-a-modified-sc/ This is discussed with doing tapestry style colorwork (where you work over the unused color), but it should work with other ways of changing color. I am not sure if 'yarn under' without BLO also works, you might try that -- report back if you do and let us know!
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    My aunt sent a pattern book to me that she said was beyond her abilities but thought I would like a pattern or two especially the music one. Well, the afghan pattern was beyond my abilities (or rather it had a confusing section that really wasn't begging me to work it up) but I loved the treble clef panel and one of the note panels. I had been wanting to make a cover to lay over my piano bench since my cats have picked it with their claws jumping up on it so I modified the pattern a bit to see if I could make it work. Here's the result!
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    you folks are all amazing!! I so appreciate your efforts and commitment to beating this scourge on humanity
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    I made Pooh for my daughter and she was shocked at how big he was. So I decided to try it in thread. I did not have the right color in thread, so I had to send for it. While I have been waiting, I made TIGGER. He was fun, I did not follow the pattern for the head, as it made not sense, because it had you attaching the face, on one row and then sewing the rest of the face at the end. Not this girl. The same with the ears. So here's Tigger.
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    Here is my big blue cat. Well, he is very big - almost 50cm tall. It will be donated to the auction to raise money for friend's brother's fight against cancer. The pattern is free from Amigurumi Today - it's called Large A i Cat crochet pattern.
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    I finished this awesome piece last night!!! This is The Spice Market by Mark Roseboom with "the guy with a hook" blog. It took 12 weeks, but I finished a couple other projects in that time frame as well. I used #10 cotton thread with 1.6mm hook. Final measurement is 31" square (78cm) https://theguywiththehook.com/the-spice-market-cal-2020/ I plan on hanging it but have to wait for the frame shop to re-open. I had a lady tell me it would be a perfect table cover in her Tarot Card Reading business. Which I thought was kinda cool!
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    Great ideas. I just might make some. Ravelry has a pattern.
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    you 'go back' to the stitch you skipped, put the stitch there. it creates a "crossed" stitch. it's used to create texture. it is usually called Crossed or Cross single crochet, there are online tutorials if you need one.
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    For me sewing the parts is the worst part of making amis. You were very smart 🐅 The Tiger is very cute!
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    Stunning! You did a fine job on this.
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    Mary Jo looks like you nailed it. He looks grrrrrreat to quote another tiger.
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    Bailey4 I love that garland. Well, Tigger is done. I did not follow the head with regards to placing the nose and eye area. They had you only attaching the first round of the face, then pretty far up adding the eye area. When you are done, you are suppose to SEW the other areas on. The same with the ears, you only attach one stitch, then sew the rest, when the head is done. I kept attaching the face and ears as I did the rounds. He looks good to me and I am happy with the face.
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    Lea love the mask. What a cool way to put a smile on someone's face. I am curious. How many of you would of gotten a shot, if it had of been available before hand? Now think, how many of you get a flu shot every year? How many of you have gotten the Penomonia (sp sucks) shot? See everyone yells, yet when it comes right down to it, they don't get the shots necessary, unless it is in short supply. I know I will get a lecture on this, but when you think of it, it is true. We have all our shots (sound like puppies) and will be the first in line if they come up with one for this virus. As the weather warms, it is going to be harder and harder to keep people indoors. I turn on the local news and there always seems like there is an accident on the roadways somewhere. So much for stay at home. Well, I have finished Tigger and posted him in Show and Tell. Beautiful day here, suppose to get some clouds maybe some rain 🤞
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    What a gorgeous doily, actually this was on my lengthy list of doily favorites I've tagged on Ravelry. I'm going to post a link where one can download the pattern, you should delete the pdf from your post as it violates forum rules, even tho it's a free pattern. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lilla-7 I was expecting a diagrammed pattern, I think all of the Russian patterns I've seen are diagrammed (and diagrams are so easy to follow versus written ones!). It's OK to post a row or 2 of a pattern tho, so: Row 18: (SLST, CH 1, 3 SC) in first space, (SC, Beginning SPLIT-DTR, SC) in next space, *3 SC in next space, (SC, SPLIT-DTR, SC) in next space* around. Join. [28 SPLIT-DTR, 140 SC] Stitch definitions for stitches that are a bit uncommon from the above: Beginning SPLIT-DTR: Holding back the last loop of both stitches, DTR from top to bottom through center of marked FP-SPLIT-DC, skip 1 FP-SPLIT-DC, DTR from bottom to top through center of next FP-SPLIT-DC, yarn over, pull through all three loops on hook. SPLIT-DTR: Holding back the last loop of both stitches, DTR from top to bottom through center of the same FP-SPLIT-DC as the second leg of last SPLIT-DTR, skip 1 FP-SPLIT-DC, DTR from bottom to top through center of next FP-SPLIT-DC, yarn over, pull through all three loops on hook. FP-SPLIT-DC: Holding back the last loop of both stitches, FP-DC around the same TR as the second leg of the last FP-SPLIT-DC made, then FP-DC around next TR, yarn over, pull through all three loops on hook. FPDC: Front post DC Just in general, a normal cluster is made into 1 stitch, by partially completing some number of stitches, and then completing all the stitches in 1 final yarn over and pull-thru. A 'split' anything is a cluster of at least 2 stitches, made into 2 different stitches, like this /.\ * where you make the first part of the cluster into (usually) 1 stitch, possibly skipping some stitches, and make the second part of the cluster in a second stitch and then connect the 2 halves of the cluster. The 'split' and 'FP' was the only things that stood out to me as possibly out of the ordinary. I don't have a way of making a video, but both front post and back post stitches, as well as split clusters, have videos on Youtube that might not be 100% identical to this pattern, but hopefully help with the concept. *my 'diagram' skipped 1 stitch, but the pattern skips more - I did that so the 2 stitches would sort of look joined at the top)
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    How to make a Face Mask for the whole family... EASY - sew & no sew https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL-Wznh_zZEy9VhQf21UF8UMnvqyhKHPUf&v=j4G01s4ClIE
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    I hope it works out and you get the pattern. Happy Easter!
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    A v stitch is really simple: you make a stitch, chain 1 or in this case 2, then make another stitch into the same spot. There are numerous online guides to making a v stitch that you can view. Most will probably only have 1 chain between the two stitches that form the V, but the principle is the same. Here's one https://www.dummies.com/crafts/crocheting/stitches/how-to-crochet-the-v-stitch-and-shell-stitch/
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    Well, this year just keeps getting funner and funner! DH fell this afternoon going out the door and hurt his knee. Our clinic's nurse practitioner lives down the street. She brought ace bandages and crutches and said he needed to go to the hospital to have it xrayed and maybe an MRI. He refuses to go anywhere close to a hospital. Her husband (who works with our son) and son helped DS get him back in the house and move a recliner to the living room. Ice, no weight on in, and bandage until Monday. If it's not better she'll try to get him an apt at the diagnostic center that's in the same building as the cancer center, hopefully on Tuesday when we're already over there. Praying that it's better tomorrow and just a sprain/strain and not something torn! It sometimes has its disadvantages, but today proved that small towns are great to live in. Plus having family close.
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    I am spending today looking thru boxes for what fabric I kept. Dont think I have much if any 100% cotton. Its pretty much all going to be a cotton poly blend. I did fix up a couple of cotton bandanas with hair elastics and it really doesnt seem too bad. Always hated masks because my glasses fogged up. http://blog.japanesecreations.com/no-sew-face-mask-with-handkerchief-and-hair-tie
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    Hi and welcome to the 'ville! Confession: I am not the best at figuring out stitch multiples, I just make a chain that I know is a bit too long, turn and work back, and pick out the extra chains later - it won't unravel from the knot end. I also do the same thing if a pattern says to chain eleventy dozen, I do count BUT have gotten distracted and miscounted often enough and found myself short a couple of chains, so I count to eleventy dozen and add a few extra. The pattern sounds like it is going to look like this |||°|||°|||°|||°|||, correct? Where | is a DC and ° is a chain. Looking at |||°|||°|||°|||°|||, there are 15 DC and 4 chains in this mini-version of 19 stitches. To make any pattern that is 1 stitch into 1 stitch* (like this one), and the first 2 stitches after the chain are DCs, you'll want to chain 2 more than the number of stitches, turn, and make the first DC in the 4th chain from the hook. The 3 skipped chains=the first DC. To test this, in your head: chain 4, DC in the 4th chain from the hook. How many DCs are there? Two, because the skipped 3 chains are the 'turning chain' and stand in for a DC--therefore 2 more DCs than the number of chains. So, back to this |||°|||°|||°|||°|||. 19 stitches, so chain 21 by my reasoning. Multiple of 4, plus 5 does not work. I get the logic of it tho, which is probably why I am bad at figuring out stitch multiples in the first place. * the chain between DC groups doesn't go INTO a stitch, but you skip a stitch to make room for it, so the count is the same.
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    I can see all you Handy people like the idea of all the hardware places being open. I watched the people across the street get sod?????? People down here were told Walmart and Target and such can stay open, just make sure the areas with crafts is roped off. I guess next will be Michael s and Joann's. Those of us who are not handy, like the craft stores. So it is a matter of what you are Handy or not. Luckily I could get some thread I needed, or you would hear me all over the US because they closed the store. If I have to sit and listen to Cuomo every day, I need yarn and thread!!!!!! Enough of that rant. Started out quite cool here 67 and is now warming up 82. Just finished dinner of Salmon, Spanish Rice, coleslaw and Ice tea. Have fun everyone.
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    As I said our problem is we are just too calm with our yarn. Nobody is worried about us starting a black market or acting up when denied our calming influence.
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    I'm honored Darski and I will definitely work on this. I have to see what I have for yarn on hand as I'm clearly not getting yarn any time soon.
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    a special favour please Chris... I have finally finished this pattern - the original copyright was 2018 and I couldn't take pics until I finished 2 rows of dc around each leg Would you be willing to try this pattern to see if it fits your baby dolls? it fits Baby Born but I find him to be bigger than other 16" babies. it is also a generous fit <<sigh>> PDF is here:feel pretty.pdf
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    Samaritan's Purse is in Central Park in NY. I think it's a blessing they have the facilities to work in a crisis like this when others aren't equipped to move in and set up this quickly. The hospital ship is also a blessing. We often send aid around the world in times of crisis. There is a time when we need help and we are blessed we have resources to come to our aid. MA just sent masks from the Patriots air lift from China to NY in a Patriot's truck. Even in time's like these yes I can find a little levity in imagining a Patriot's truck driving through the heart of NY Jets and Giants country bringing aid to Gov. Coumo. The state will receive a million masks but they will arrive in a New England Patriots truck. Hey we New Englanders are entitled to a little laugh at a time like this. You know Kraft could have found a basic box truck to send them to NY. The rain is wearing on us here. It is better on days when we can get out back with the girls and feel the sun on our faces and walk around the yard. We are thinking about a garden redo when this is all over and that is helping a bit to focus our minds on something other than this which we can do nothing to control. I'm trying to focus on the stories of hope. People can be ugly but they can be truly amazing too and I do think ultimately that is what will beat this virus. It will be people who find solutions who may not have been working on the problem until they were moved from other projects to this one. Even now there are amazing stories of logistical solutions that were unthinkable when this problem started of companies working together to manufacture products that are well outside what they normally make. Who knows what this may mean for opportunities for manufacturing and production in the future. Have hope. It is dark now but there will be light.
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    hi all hows it going everyone? rather overcast today, but not raining yet so i can handle it lol dont have any project going, just biding time lol daughter is back at work as of Monday, and doing fine, hubbystill has about a week more to go before he feels 100% again we are looking at the store tomorrow for groceries, so the masks wil lget used best thing about them they are washable, handy used his this am to go to the Rotella bread store, and said everyonethere ws wearing masks, so, there ya go.. when he got in, he threw his in the sink. hot water and a bit of chlorox , and hung to dry so it is clean for tomorrows outing our ham last night was delish, and the gravy even turned out excellent with gravy sometimes, its hit or miss, lol this was a hit lol daughters boss's wife conducts a sewing circle i guess and her and her people, made all daughters people masks, worked on them really hard, and they are nice too..I think i will go and find something to do, i never have the tv on in the day cause it distracts me from doing other things lol handy has the living room one on though unless hes not here all for now, stay in, stay safe, take care
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    Something to bring a smile to your day 😃 pictures from FB
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    Mississippi has a shelter in place order starting Friday at 5 pm until April 20. Not that it will make any difference in our current schedules. Post office, drug store, dr apt and groceries are our only outings already. I finished the tax stuff this afternoon. I'll take it to the accountant tomorrow. The girls are coming for a sleep over tonight. Hope everyone is doing well!
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    This is the first morning I've been up at a normal time. I've been escaping into my Kindle in the morning to read either Overdrive Library books or books I've purchased and haven't had the chance to read. This morning I got up and got my exercise out of the way early though. Practice for Thurs as I have a tele appt for the nutritionist at 10. This is actually a practical way to handle this appt as we don't need any testing, etc. We can easily handle this with an tele confrence appt.
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    Good morning, everyone! Awake early today. Spent too much time on the kindle. Between the sinus/allergy issues, the rain, and staying in, I'm having a hard time finding my happy pants today. I think I'll crochet a little before DH gets up.
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    So pretty, Judy! I love the colors. Glad the yarn didn't run out. LOL Hope your friend gets her sense of taste back; it would be horrible for that to be permanent. We had some scary weather come thru last night, but missed the worst of it, thank goodness. Sun again today was a treat. More rain Mon and Tues. I have been seriously procrastinating on our taxes, but finally worked on it some this afternoon. I really want to get everything to the accountant before the end of the week. Of course, I've moved that deadline at least three times already. LOL Nothing particular on our calendar this week, but lots of things in general to do. Off to crochet and watch a show.
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    The blanket brings some sunshine to what was a dark and rainy day.
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    Thank you Terri. You lot certainly seem to be a friendly bunch 😘 By the way, my avitar is one of the better photos of me 🙃
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    i like them both, the one in blue just looks so elegant though lol
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    I love making tissue box covers and managed to do this one. I used a pattern stitch I found on line and made my own edging around the opening and it is cute!!! Thanks for looking!!!
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