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    Hello! We're so glad you've decided to join Crochetville. We're always thrilled to meet new crocheters and share in the fun of our craft with each of you. Please do tell us a little bit about yourself here in the Introduce Yourself forum so we can welcome you and start to get to know you! Then, you may want to ask a question in Crochet Help or show us something you've made in the Show-and-Tell forums. Or just explore Crochetville... we hope you like it here and you keep coming back! By using Crochetville, you agree to our Crochetville Community Policies and Terms of Use.
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    Crochetville Community Policies Revised: July 19, 2019 (previous version: April 7, 2013) Crochetville: a cozy little village for crocheters everywhere! Amy and Donna are happy to welcome you to Crochetville. If this is your first time here, you've found a wonderful, friendly place to talk about crochet. If you've been around for a while, thanks for stopping by for a refresher on our policies and our vision for Crochetville. Crochetville Vision Crochetville is a warm, welcoming, friendly community for people everywhere who are interested in crochet. Our policies are designed to help keep our large, ever-growing community happy and healthy. By participating on this forum, you agree to abide by these policies and our Terms of Use (via any service provided through our site). Posting Etiquette Please treat Crochetville owners, volunteer staff, and each other with respect at all times. Remember that we have members from all around the world. Be respectful of cultural differences and the fact that English is not the primary language of all members. Flames (personal attacks), threats, harassment, and hate speech are not allowed. Respect the privacy of others. Please do not post emails, private messages, or any personal information about another member that they haven't included in their Crochetville user profile. Please do not link to or discuss any off-site information about another member without their permission. No political discussion nor religious debate/argument/evangelism allowed as those subjects frequently cause drama. Help us keep Crochetville a positive place! Remember Our Younger Visitors The Crochetville forum is a family-friendly zone. We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and we do not accept registrations from children under the age of 13 although they may visit the site. Please refrain from using profanity. No sexual/adult language in usernames, avatars, profile pictures. Nudity and provocative photos are not allowed in any image posted on Crochetville. Please remember the presence of young visitors and write your posts accordingly. Advertising and Spam Management Indie businesses may post about their business on Crochetville following our Free Advertising for Indie Business Policies. Members may list personal (non-business-related) stash items they no longer need in the Destashing forum. Please do not PM or email other members with unsolicited business information or offers for any reason. Spammers (post, signature, profile, PM, etc.) are banned and messages are deleted with no notice. Copyright and Trademark You are welcome to post patterns (complete instructions) that you have designed yourself in our Free Original Patterns forum. Patterns you post should not infringe on another party's copyright or trademark. You may not post patterns that heavily incorporate or reference another person's design. If the intent was to copy or duplicate someone else's work, you shouldn't post your version here (in Free Original Patterns) or link to it elsewhere on Crochetville. If you post a pattern, you retain full rights to your design. If we wish to use your design in any way beyond sharing photos and a link to the thread on other areas of Crochetville's web presence or on other social media sites, we will request permission first. When asking for help with a pattern, please do not post the entire pattern. You may post the one line of instructions with which you need help, although we encourage you to post a link to the pattern or provide information about where it was published whenever possible. Patterns and posts found to be infringing upon another's copyright or trademark are subject to removal. Click here for instructions on reporting copyright and trademark infringement. We act on reports as quickly as possible in compliance with the DMCA. Do not provide information on how to obtain copies of copyrighted patterns without permission of the copyright owner. Links to sites that encourage or allow posting of infringing material are not allowed and are subject to removal. Please only post photos to which you own the copyright or which you've been given permission to post by the copyright owner. If the photo copyright belongs to someone else, please credit the original photographer and post a disclaimer such as "Used with permission." If you post a pattern or a link to a pattern you have designed that features a popular game, TV, or movie character, sports team or corporate logo, etc., without stating that you have received proper permission from the intellectual property owner, your thread will be archived without notice (although we may choose to notify you) and further action may be taken as necessary on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for understanding our need to keep our site free from legal troubles related to contributory trademark and/or copyright infringement. Social Media Sharing In an effort to promote Crochetville and discussions taking place on the forum, we may share some of the contributions you've made to our community in other areas of Crochetville's web presence or on other social media sites. By posting any content on Crochetville, you agree that Crochetville, our members, and forum visitors may share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other similar social media outlets that may come into existence. Any member or visitor who shares Crochetville content on another social media outlet should provide a link back to the original Crochetville thread and give proper credit to the original poster. Complete patterns posted by a Crochetville member are not to be shared in their entirety or posted in their entirety outside of Crochetville without that member's express written permission. Obviously, you may post links to the pattern. Customer Service Disputes with Other Businesses Please do not use Crochetville to attempt to resolve customer service disputes with other businesses. The proper thing to do is contact the business owner first. Please be respectful when discussing crochet- and fiber-related small businesses. Remember that what you write here is public and that the owner or employees of the business may be reading your posts. If you must post a review that contains negative feedback, please remember that you may be affecting someone's livelihood. Please post appropriately and constructively. Libelous comments are not allowed, and could result in legal action being taken against you by a business owner. Factual statements that you can back up with evidence are not libelous. If you are mad at a business, its owner, or an employee for some reason, you may not use Crochetville to attempt to do harm. Attempts at doing so (our call) will result in deletion of posts, possible loss of posting privileges, and potentially being banned from the site. Financial and Safety Information Fundraising is allowed only with prior approval. Please Contact Us before posting about any fundraising efforts. Financial transactions: Crochetville is not responsible for any trade/sell/purchase arrangements members make with other members. Enter into such arrangements at your own risk. Exchanging personal information: We encourage all members to use caution when exchanging personal contact information with other members. Miscellaneous Signatures are limited to a maximum of 10 lines. No content that is sexual, political, or designed to be controversial is allowed in signatures. 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We regret that we cannot respond individually to each person who reports an issue, but please be assured that we read each message and will take whatever action we deem appropriate. Repeated and/or blatant violation of Crochetville's policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of various forum privileges or in being banned from Crochetville, with or without notice. Such actions are always a last resort to enable us to maintain a pleasant forum experience for the vast majority of our members. We prefer to talk things out with members and come to a mutually agreeable solution to any issues that may arise. We can't predict every situation that might occur. We reserve the right to handle some situations on an individual basis. Questions/Concerns about our community policies? If you have general questions or concerns about any of our policies, please post a message in Forum Help & Suggestions. If you have questions or concerns about a specific situation related to our policies, please use the Contact Us form, although member privacy concerns may prevent us from discussing certain details. Discussion of specific situations or administrator actions does not take place on the forum. Such posts will be removed and a member's ability to participate on the site may be affected. ------------- Thank your for helping us keep Crochetville a positive place full of sunshine and rainbows!
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    Dog days of Summer. That is what my Mom always called August. This was the month before School started. We always went back the day after Labor Day. We always went to the shore in August. Our neighbor use to go to Ocean City and help her friend run her boarding house and we use to go also. So one week in August we would pack the car and spend the days on the beach and boardwalks and just have fun. I think this was also a vacation for Dad, as he had the house all to himself for a week. Once we got home, it was time to buy school cloths and supplies. I always like the idea of a new notebook, paper, pencils and as I got older pens. The little case that clipped into the notebook to hold our pens, pencils, pencil sharpener and erasers. Let’s not forget the erasers. One thing I also remember is popsicles. They were called twin pops. Don’t know if they still have them. We use to be able to break this popsicle in half and share it with family and friends. This tote reminds me of popsicles. Lemon, Lime, Pineapple, and Lemon. The pocket and rose remind me of Grape. The tote is made of Peaches N Cream Pink Lemonade, sides Lime Green and handles Yellow. The pocket is made with America’s Best Dark Purple with yellow writing and hook. Tote #137 Twin Pops. Close-up
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    I wasn't sure where to put this guy, but since he is for St. Patrick's Day, I figured what the heck. This was a free pattern for the leprechaun outfit. If you don't have the Santa, it is hard to make this one. He was fun and the hair was a challenge. All that orange. I thought he looked like Cousin IT from the Adams family, Tampa Guy thought he looked like Haggred from Harry Potter. That is before his haircut. He got a nice haircut and his had with a shamrock on the side.
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    I finally took the pictures of my Nativity. Some of the figures were parts of the Advent calendar for my kids. My first task for 2018: animals! I need sheep and an ox - I have one but it is bigger then Joseph I posted more pictures here https://forum.crochetville.com/topic/159969-nativity/
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    Hello, I will show you some pictures of my latest project, the dragon lamp. This is my version of the pattern found on www.dinegurumi.com. The color of the lamp can be adjusted.
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    After much hand-holding and very good advice, I finished my first afghan for the Crochetville Charity Drive! It's 24" from peak to peak, makes my eyes go a little wonky with all the contrast, and doesn't have the holes in the peaks that I dislike so much. I'm starting on my next one, maybe with only 2 colors and bigger stripes. I used Michael's Soft n Shiny (https://www.michaels.com/soft-and-shiny-yarn-loops-and-threads/M10273080.html) in Aqua/White/Black and some gray acrylic worsted weight from my stash. Oh, and I used an H hook. It's CroJulee's Jacobs Ladder Round Ripple Afghan Pattern, but with a few changes. 1. Magic Circle with 16dcs to start. 2. Replaced the shell (Dc, Ch2, 2Dc) with 5Dc to get rid of the hole in the peaks.
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    Dear Crochetville Members, I'm back. I'm sorry I was gone so long. I hope you'll join me in rejuvenating Crochetville into the buzzing hive of crochet goodness that it once was. Now that I'm back, I cannot believe how much I missed this place and didn't realize it. I love the sense of community here and I love that a handful of dedicated members kept this place alive when I was lost. To those of you⁠—and you know who you are⁠—I owe so much. As for Amy and I, our paths diverged and we got involved in other projects. For Amy, it was Sparkle Studio, her studio/shop in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. For me, it was school volunteering, PTO, and family life. Crochetville had gotten complicated and was taking an inordinate amount of time to manage. We weren't fully utilizing the power of our members to help us moderate and maintain this community. And we were making ends meet, but not much more. To new members, welcome. To dedicated members who've stayed on, thank you. To old members who drifted away, I hope you'll come back. We hope to be the place you come to again for crochet motivation, inspiration, and support. Please join me in making Crochetville alive again. Post your projects in the Show-and-Tell forums. Jump in on a CAL (crochet-along) or start one of your own. Help us give a warm welcome to new members. Ask a question in Crochet Help. Join us in crocheting something for charity. Or just peruse the Crochetville forums and find your niche. Please bear with me as I assess Crochetville and what needs tidying up here. There's some outdated information and rules, although the basics (like Crochetville Community Policies) are current. Updating broken links has proved challenging, but I am still working on it. I haven't yet addressed reported posts, but that is coming. To everyone here, your projects⁠—no matter how small⁠—are show-and-tell worthy. Your crochet matters. Let's celebrate appreciating each other's stitching, no matter the simplicity or complexity. Crochetville remains a keep-it-nice place, as has always been our philosophy. Politics, religion, and controversy are left at the door when you enter. We are all here to celebrate our hobby of crochet, which is what unites us. I look forward to seeing you around the forum. Donna
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    This is the 3rd of my four seasons wedding gowns. it is fussy and a bit challenging but very pretty when done. I'm sorry I can't get better pics. A balcony is nice but it cuts out most of the sunlight. The PDF is Here: SpringWedding.pdf Here are a couple of pics of the hat for better viewing. they are not in the PDF though
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    Here it is the end of July and it has been a while since I made a tote. I have been combing the Ville and finally found a reason to make one. Believe it or not, I had to get the pattern out to refresh my mind. I needed a project that would be easy to work on and I would not have to think too much to make while I waited for Tampa Guy to finish his stress test. It was a 2 day test, so perfect for the tote. I am adding 2 scrubby’s that are done in white with purple edging and yellow with white edging. They are made with Mary Maxim Scrubby yarn. The Peaches and cream colors are Freshly Pressed Ombre, Peacock (old PNC) and Purple. I did not name it as I could not think of one, so I just thought I would call it Tote #142. I hope to get it out tomorrow or Wednesday. Have fun and clues to come soon.
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    I have a neighbor who is a big baseball fan and his team is the Tampa Bay Rays. He was a big help during and after the hurricane. I wanted to give him a little thank you. The colors are Navy and Royal blue with white and a yellow star. I got the graph on Free Graphs on FB. The edging is 6 rows of dc. 2 rows of each color, except the yellow.
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    I finished another panel for the Princess afghan. I will work on the last one today. Here is Rapunzel.
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    Gifts for my 10yo niece's birthday next month!
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    Ah my favorite month of the year. Bright lights, carols, children laughing and the smells of the spices and cookies being made. December was always special in our house growing up. We would start on Dec. 1st with the decorating and no matter how war it was the week before, the day we went to put up the lights outside, it was cold and either snowy or rainy. Mom always had hot chocolate ready for us when we were done. I love the sparkling lights on the trees and the homes all around. Even with all the shopping and traffic and other stuff, there was always a feeling of love and friendship around. I could go on and on about what we did during the holidays and the funny stories of what went on, and remembering them always puts a smile on my face. Our big dinner was always Christmas Eve, so Mom got to rest on Christmas Day. She called it fend for yourself day. Best part was, no restrictions on what we could eat. This tote is made with dark green and red with gold sides and outline. The handles are the last of my Victorian Christmas yarn and all is made by the old Peaches and Cream. The pocket is white with a green hook and red writing by Aunt Lydia. I have added a Christmas tree potholder, a Christmas Pickle and some stitch holders/errings. So as this is the last bag for a while, was to be name Christmas Colors, but decided to name it The Last Bag Lady 2017. Hope you like tote #141 The Last Bag Lady 2017. See the extras Anyone interested in seeing all the totes, look here.
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    Here is a little giggle you might like. Make sure your read the bottom on the picture.
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    Summer is now in full swing. Hot and humid in some places and just hot in others. July, well there is nothing like July 4th. Growing up it was cap guns and cap sticks, sparklers and firecrackers. In our neighborhood, the grills would come out in the front, along with lots of corn on the cob, and lots of melons, especially watermelon. My Mom use to take the seeds out of the watermelons, as girls do not spit out seeds. Boy she tried to make ladies out of us. We would go down to the corner, play stick ball, half ball and tag along with a lot of other games. My Dad always put the hose on the flag pole, but it did not touch the flag that was on the pole. In the morning, we would go to the town square for the 4th of July parade, with floats and decorated bicycles and at night we would all go to the bridge to see fireworks from 4 different places. This was a time of fun and games. We were free to run and play and we did a lot of walking. The tote is red/white with blue handles and red sides. The rose is red/white/blue. The pocket is white with a blue hook and red writing. I have added a piece of watermelon with a Little Miss Liberty. So, tote #136 is called Happy 4th. Let’s not forget that the 4th is the day to celebrate our freedoms, that were and are still being fought for. Check me out.
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    June is here and so is Summer. This has been one crazy year for weather, so it should be exciting to see what is in store for us. June is the month for Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays and of course Father’s Day. It is also the one month that our gardens are in full bloom, be they vegetable or flower. The main color that reminds me June the most is Green. There are so many shades around us, from deep dark green to new green. I always looked forward to June, as a full summer to stay out and play, not having to go to school, until High School. Summer meant BBQ’s and lots of fresh fruit and cold drinks. Snow cones and the Ice Cream man coming around on his truck. We never miss him, as our dog loved ice cream and would let us know when he was coming. Mom always bought him a dish of vanilla just for himself. Can we say spoiled? We did not have pools then, but Dad would hook the garden hose to the top our out 6’ flag pool and put a spray nozzle on the end, so us kids could run under it to keep cool. It faced the alley, so we did not have to worry about cars. No air back then either. It was windows open with screens and window fans. During the day, the upstairs windows were closed with the fans pulling out the hot air and the downstairs windows were open with the fans pulling the air in. We lived in a row home, or what is now called a townhouse. This month’s tote is called Summer Flowers. The tote is Peaches and Cream in green Ombre’ with green sides and cream handles for the leaves. The pocket is yellow (sun), brown hook (earth) and French Rose (flowers). The rose at the top is pink. As usual a couple of surprises are added. Let’s say Hello to tote #135 Summer Flowers. GIF
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    I have some very exciting news to share with everyone. I will be opening studio space in Huntsville, AL with a friend of mine, Roo Kline. We will be moving in on June 1. Our grand opening celebration is scheduled for Saturday, June 17, at 2:00 PM. I'd love it if some of our forum members could join us! SPARKLE Studio will be a working / teaching studio, featuring me of Crochetville and Roo of Moonwood Farm. We will be focusing on fiber arts and mixed media, including crochet, weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, fiber prep, and more. Our goal is to help everyone find that spark of creativity hiding inside them and bring it fully to life. All of the inventory we have available to purchase at shows will now be available at SPARKLE Studio. We eventually hope to have an online store for some of our items as well. Website: http://thatsparklestudio.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/thatsparkslestudio Location: Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment 2211 Seminole Drive, Studio 103 Huntsville, AL 35805 Hours: W-TH: 12-6 pm Fri: 12-8 pm Sat: 10-6 pm Sun-TU: CLOSED
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    My SIL's youngest granddaughter is having a baby. The theme is Llama's or Alpaca. I made a blanket and a stuffy for her. The blanket is 3 by 2 panels. Each panel is 13 1/2 by 14 inches, that is 70 stitches by 80 rows. With the edging the blanket comes out to be 28 by 43 1/2. The stuffy is 12 inches from the toes to the top of the ears. Each panel can be an afghan in itself, if you use c2c instead of single crochet.
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    This isn't a gift...thought it IS for me...lol. My quarantine blanket, using up odds and ends. It measures 48 by 66.
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    Just a collection of tops for our girls The PDF is here: you'retheTops.pdf
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    This afghan pattern I got from Annie's Attic. C2C lap throws It was fun and easy to make, even if you are new to C2C. The making of the afghan each panel.
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    I had several older skeins of Fun Fur in my stash and when I came across this pattern, decided to make one for each of my great grands for Christmas. The eyes, claws and body shape are just a tad different, but all in all, I think they will like them. Fur Bird pattern
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    Here is my latest batch of bears for the Mother Bear Project. These are always so fun to crochet and send off for children in far away lands. My bears are crocheted seamless in the BLO and are about 11 inches tall.
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    My 2 year old Alaskan grandbaby gets so excited when a moose is in their yard. Now she can have her own.
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    I crochet chemo blankets and then donate them to the chemo patients so they can wrap up while they are taking their treatments. These are some examples:
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    It is the dog days of August. As I sit here in my AC and listen to the cicada bugs, I know it is very hot and humid out there. Can you imagine wearing these cloths in August? Even the thought of it makes me hot. I love the movie Gone With the Wind. Several characters are my favorite. Starting with Mammy in her red petticoat, Prissy along with her "I don't know nothing about birthin no babies". Then the always sweat Melonie with her baeu Ashley. Let's not forget Scarlette and little Bonnie Blue. All these Southerners are fun, but lets put a couple Yankee's in. Namely Rhett and Belle. I have added a few Southern Bells in their fancy dresses, along with a couple in their riding outfits with their horses.
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    I have finished the last doll, monster to go to the kids in AZ. Here is Monty the Monkey. He and his friends are all packed up and ready to be picked up by USPS. Oh the sock monkey in the back is knitted.
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    Happy Easter. The table is done and ready for the Holiday. It sure has crept up on us. I have also added pictures of Ami Ville and the Tree.
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    Here's a baby RR that was set aside, unfinished, for a while. Finally done! And the first baby hat I've made for a long time. Going to a big NICU in NYC.
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    I made this small mat with the remaining skein of the RHSS Stripes from the unicorn I made for my niece. I figure she can use it with her dolls. But wow! I may need to go against my no yarn buying pledge except to finish WIPs and make a full size blanket. This just makes me smile.
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    I finished my son's hat and scarf. They were both so much fun. Now, on to my dad's hat.
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    Drop in to say Hi and show you a 12 x 12 c2c square I have just finished. This is Ariel and I plan on doing all the Disney Princesses or Princesses and their Villains.
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    Hey everyone. I am feeling better. Sorry that I been out so long. Well I got well. Then husband had to go to hospital for week. Have been taking of my husband. He is doing better. But still not well, completely. He has to take antibiotics for 6 months to a year. They make him very tired. Just need prayers. I will get on here when I can. I miss chatting with everyone. I got a lot of catching up to do. Well take care everyone. Will check in from time to time. Arlene
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    Copyright Notice Copyright 2004-2012, Crochetville LLC (“Crochetville”). All Rights Reserved. All site content copyright and other rights reserved by its respective owner(s). No site content may be copied or distributed by any means without the express written permission of the copyright owner(s). Any content, trademark(s), or other material that may be found or posted on the Crochetville website that is not Crochetville’s property remains the intellectual property of its respective owner(s). In no way does Crochetville claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Digital Millennium Copyright Act Designated Agent In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Crochetville has a designated Copyright Agent to receive notifications of claimed infringement and notices of non-infringement: Copyright Agent: Amy Shelton By the Contact Us form: https://forum.crochetville.com/contact/ By snail mail: Crochetville LLC ATTN: Amy Shelton, Copyright Agent 103 Scarlet Oak Circle Harvest, AL 35749 Reporting Issues of Copyright Infringement: Notice of Infringement (Takedown Notice) Crochetville respects the copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights of others, and we expect all of our members to do the same with all aspects of the Crochetville service (posts, private messages, and email to other members). When necessary and at its discretion, Crochetville may deactivate and/or terminate the accounts of users who we believe are infringing upon the intellectual property rights of other parties. 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