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    Well, I got this kit from Mary Maxim, cause I thought it was cute. Baby penguins and baby dolls dressed as penguins. Now I have to say, they are knitted, but still cute.
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    the giant granny blanket is finished at 54 inches.
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    Thank you I've been crocheting a LONG time! And learned from a LOT of mistakes along the way. I learned to crochet as a teen ager, way pre-internet, had 1 evening of lessons (school chum's mom) and then was on my own. And was given a pile of vintage doily pattern books and had to solve problems by trial and error as vintage patterns are more 'terse' than modern patterns. And, I'm still discovering so many new things. I try to answer questions in a way that would have made me go when I first encountered the same problem. Or not just say "do this", I try to explain the steps of my thought process of how to figure out the answer (especially if an instruction is really vague) to hopefully help the poster to be able to solve the next dilemma on their own. It's mostly "what are the things it could mean; what would happen if I did each one of the things I can think of, would the stitch count be right, would it look like the pattern photo, etc".
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    Diana: Very cute . I like your photo too with him guarding the candle. LOL Krys: Yours is a cutie also. Good idea on weighting him on his bottom. Slipping off the shelf would make everyone think he had one too many wódka! LOL 😄
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    Voila! Lapghan size or so... little girl is almost 6
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    oh gosh i was going to ask, you bake a lot??about the sugar, lol thanks for clearing that up for us lol did the bees go away or whatever happened to them, without the bees, we wouldn't eat lol they pollinate most everything lol well krys, you inspired me to refresh a couple of my own silk flower arrangements lol i dusted off the containers and dusted off the flowers lol and re arranged them a bit and they look so much happier, thanks for spurring me into action lol i usually try to do that on a routine, but your pretties reminded me, that i hadn't yet lol
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    Hi everyone! This week I made a double strand blanket for a Christmas gift and used 13 skeins!! I also pulled yarn and started on the new Rozeta CAL....4 different versions ♡♡♡♡ by the time the CAL is done, I'll have 3 more Christmas gifts done and one for myself....and all 100% from my stash!!! WTD: +26 YTD: -7 I'm so close to being out of the negatives for the year!!!!
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    Super cute and I just love seeing your creations!
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    I am very happy to let you know that my book "fadenkunst" will be published by mid November. If there will be a demand for English, I hope to be able to translate it by summer next year. The title will be "thread art" and much of my work is shown inside as well as my graphed pattern of the cover doily. COVER-rohrhofer-2018.pdf
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    I always just fill the gaps with the ends of the thread from joining. Same with mitten thumbs. Good luck!
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    Hello, I'm Julia. I have been a very basic crocheter for about 5 years. I have done easy chunky beanies, dishcloths, scarves, and a blanket. I have recently found myself with some extra time on my hands and would really like to start exploring some more advanced things.
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    I think you just hdc in each stitch whether it is a BPsc or a sc.
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    hi all yea lyn i am like that with bug sprays, inside or out so i know about that lol i dunno then mj, maybe put in a note to please dont break up the baskets they are meant to go together thank you thats what i would do lol we are having pulled pork bbq sandwiches for supper, umm umm good with toasted buns!! had bit of a power thing earlier, my stuff in one strip didnt work so i unplugged it all, and the re plugged them tight, and flipped the power strip on and off a couple times well whatever it was worked i guess so i survived it but was worried 1. about my coffee warmer, 2. about my pencil sharpener, and 3. my ott light lol 3 main things i need you know lol in order to get through my morning lol handy brought his and neighbors pencils in to have me sharpen them all lol tis done which is why i needed the sharpener early this day lol what do you do for an ear infection, heat or cold?? i felt one coming on as i can usually tell, so i slept with a warming pad it is a bit better, but started to take some of those very potent antibiotics from when i was sick and i think they are doing the job as i can hear a little bit now lol sheesh huh always something oh paid my bills this am too, i just pay them all at once but i have one not due till the mid month, but if i wait that long ill forget it so i always just pay them all at the same time that way, no surprises at the end of the month lol i learned that lesson, the hard way lol also, i learned i really always hold the phone to my left ear,so my right hand is free, but couldnt this time, it was a bit awkward lol just say'n thats about it this time around folks you all take care now keep on keeping on ok! has anyone ever watched an older movie, called Inherit the Wind?? I heard from a friend it was good but haven't looked it up yet on hulu or netflix or now prime, free with my membership lol I love prime, saves me a lot i tell ya, ans is always on time !!
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    I've posted the second blanket I finished. Baby doll blankets have become my quick travel projects. I just started one the other day that was part of a doll set. When I finish it I'll add it to the donation too. The repetition is much easier when I don't have time to do a great deal of thinking and it is relaxing. Post Stitch Baby Doll Blanket
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    Talking about Monkey's.. I made that Monkey Lovey for my friend granddaughter. I call that " Colorful Monkey Lovey" That is my picture Krys
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    I guess that means I have to remember to count and post next time? eek. I'll do my best.
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    Love those monkeys, those eyes are so expressive (just a dot of white makes a big difference!) and I want to squish that yarn too. Is the tail stuffed too, to get the curved shape.
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    Good morning house! Brenda - It sounds like things are coming along. It is quite a process to get settled! Just keep taking one thing at a time so you don't overwhelm yourself too much Cindy - My parents always say "I don't know how people get bored" They are busier now that they're retired than they were while they were working! My dad jokes that he needs to go back to work just to get a vacation! LOL Mona - I hope today is more relaxing for you! Judy - We are hot and humid today too But, I think it should start to cool down again on the weekend! Troy is loving his new job, but it's only his 3rd day....we'll see how he feels next month. It is definitely a change of pace for him, but I think it's going to be a great fit for him once he's settled and past all the onboarding and HR stuff that he has to take care of this week. As for me, all's well...not much to report on myself! lol
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    I would have to leave the kitchenaide on the counter. I have always wanted one, but I only made cookies once a year and then it would sit and gather dust. Yeah this is the American Legion. They did not have the auction last year, as they insulted the person who ran the auction. So she came back this year and ran the auction. I really think she was trying to show them how they messed up last year. My question is, do you break up sets just to make more money? Sorry, I am still a little sore with this.
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    Mary Jo when sis and I were living together dad gave us his older kitchenaid when he got a bigger model. I dont think sis really wanted it but I did. She grumbled that it was so heavy and took up too much room but when I moved out she would not let me take it. If you make cookies or bread it is a must. (I cant imagine mixing those by hand anymore.) If not they take up counterspace and are so heavy you dont want to lift them in and out of a cabinet. Were these the baskets you made a year ago and then they did not do the sale because of different person in charge or was that another thing? Yesterday we hauled more pavers to my niece, hauled a lot of things to the thrift store, and had several big bags of trash ready to go. Dh had an appointment to get suv serviced this morning. The garage is less than 5 minutes from new place so we unloaded things and he went on over while I am doing laundry at new place. Will have lunch at the grill here-----gotta use that dining credit.
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    Crazy weekend with helping out with local library book sale. So glad it is packed and done. Baby doll sundress and hat
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    The answer is: probably you'll need to frog the 6 rows. This is something I run into a lot, as ruffling /cupping happen when working in the round and I make a lot of doilies; in fact I'm working on a potholder set right now (in the round) that I'm having to tweak, fortunately I caught a slight cupping within a couple of rounds and made adjustments. Also, designing something from scratch - you are going to need to expect to do a LOT of ripping, and a lot of stopping and examining whether your fabric is starting to misbehave so you may only have to rip back a row or 2 to fix it right then, if it's starting to go slightly astray it's not likely to heal itself 6 rows later. Everybody has their own stitch tension, height and with, including designers, and height tension is important in the round (the whole pi times diameter thing). I have found that ruffling will usually block out, I have only been defeated by one item that was too extreme and had to rip almost completely back. Cupping, on the other hand, is tougher. Ruffling you can 'yank the tarnation' out of it to get flat, most of the time. Cupping, you'd have to do the opposite - shove stitches toward the middle, which is usually sort of impossible, although I've managed to block out mild cupping on something very lacy but not solid fabric. Ruffling: circumference is too big for the diameter. Fix: taller stitches, or throw in a row without increases, or remove some increases to decrease circumference ratio. Cupping: circumference is too small for the diameter. Fix: shorter stitches, add stitches to increase circumference ratio.
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    Hi and welcome to the 'ville! You also posted this question on another very old thread with the same topic, and there were a lot of good tips there. I think the least harmful to the blanket would be the suggestion to put it between 2 sheets of pexiglass, but that's probably not inexpensive. But the only other practical way to do it would be to 'quilt it' to something sturdy every few inches but it's still going to be hard on the stitching with all that weight. The more points of contact to the stiff backing, the less stretching theoretically .
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    Good morning housemates! Another busy week! Troy ended up off this week and is starting his new job next week now. He is excited and nervous, but I know he'll be great! Monday he has orientation, which will be remotely from home. The convenience of working in the tech field! Last night was our high schools homecoming game and my niece was nominated, so we went to that. She got first runner up and was super excited since she didn't expect it at all. Our school does it really strangely...there were 55 nominees!!! Basically, they have 1 person to represent each club/sport/group and that person has to be on the board of that organization in order to be eligible. Kind of nice that it's not just the always popular kids that get everything....but, 55 is also kinda crazy! However, our Averie is Senior Class President. Tonight is their dance, and I guess that's when they'll announce the guys. She'll have to dance with the first runner up guy and she fears that it is going to be her ex-boyfriend! Fingers crossed that it's not, but she is a great person both inside and out so I know she'll be mature about it if it happens....and honestly, I think he would be as well. Just awkward for them is all. Today is another niece's 10th birthday party. We have to stop at WalMart on our way to pick her up a gift....nothing like last minute! Last weekend when I saw them, we got no direction on a gift. The invite included information about donation to a college fund set up for her in lieu of a gift. BUT, you can't show up to a 10 year old's birthday party without bringing something to open!!!! Ugh! Anyways, they were out this week shopping and she saw something she wanted and my sister in law wouldn't get it for her then text me a picture. lol We don't have a convenient WalMart, so on the way to the party it is! Not much for tomorrow, but in the evening we are going to a local club to see Sebastian Bach play. He was the lead singer for Skid Row. We are 80's rock people. lol I guess that about covers it! I hope everyone has wonderful weekend!
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    A decrease of 1 (of any stitch) turns 2 stitch bottoms into 1 stitch top. Imagine creating and joining 2 legs at the waist. For any stitch (single, double, treble, etc.) decrease, or "x"2tog (x=whatever stitch, join them together), you work into the first stitch/leg of the decrease just short of the last 'yo, pull thru', then work the second stitch/leg the same way, then yarn over and pull thru the remaining 3 loops that were left unworked. There's always 1 more loop on the hook at the end, than legs. I hope this helps you to picture what is going on.
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    love this. it's adorable!! I bet he is soft and snuggly.
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    Hi Welcome to Crochetville from the Gulf Coast of Florida. Grab your yarn and hooks, put your feet up and sit a spell. We are always so glad to meet new friends. There is always someone here to answer questions. We have a Granny Squares CAL, where we just chat and say what is going on. We also have lots of other Cals you might like. Then there is the General Crochet questions, where you can get answers to your questions. Explore and have fun getting to know us.
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    Holly, glad to have you jump back in! Debbie, pretty tee and doily!
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    Mona is right. It needs to be a very nice picture taken of that item. Even if that item you crocheted is beautiful and that picture sucks you probably are not going to even get any interest from costumers. Krys
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    Hi peeps! This is before weaving in ends....the reveal picture will be coming soon...
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    Since rain is moving in for next few days we loaded up paver stones for my niece and stuff for our place on top. Stopped at Aldi and bought things for the refrigerator and freezer for quickish meals. We unloaded stuff at our place stopped at one of the restaurants for lunch to use our dining credit. Our favorite place is the closest one to us. You can sit and look out at the golf course and little lake. You can get a good meal with drink for $8 total, no tax because the senior place is not for profit, and since you go thru the line to order and pay no tip. After lunch we stopped at Target to get a few things. Its great to get in car and in 5 minutes be somewhere to get what you need. Then on up the road to my nieces. Today I used the washer, dryer and oven. Had to get book out to figure out oven. Dh got a lesson on garbage disposals and remotes for garage doors. There are a lot of cobwebs on rhe outside of the unit. Dh took our mailbox and garden hose holder off the house and cleaned them. We are finding by the time we are thru its rush hour so we have been fixing supper there and then coming back.
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    I've wanted to make this for years. I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach. Mary Maxim kit with pattern. I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat. Different color blanket. My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.
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    I don't use bags, exactly; for my project, I use something similar to this, sort of a bag but you can close it up; caveat, I don't take my work with me, it stays at home, but since it stands and stays open by itself, there's less trouble 'rummaging around' to find things. It might not be the best solution if you carry it around wherever you go, it does close and you can carry it around by the wooden handles but doesn't 'stay closed' very well (maybe there are versions that have some sort of strap to keep it shut, or it really wouldn't be that hard to improvise something I suppose). If you sew, there are patterns/instructions on the net to make your own, Martha Stewart has a pattern using yardsicks for the frame which is super clever. I crocheted a hook case for my aluminum hooks--this is the pattern I used for aluminum hooks, one from the same designer for steel hooks. 'Other stuff' like tapestry needles, tape measure, scissors etc. is in a clear zippered makeup bag, which along with the hook cases are kept in the legged project caddy. For yarn & thread stash (I'm not a big stash hoarder), I use lidded plastic tubs and a plastic 'chest of drawers'.
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    You should! Of course, I tell myself the same thing and then lament the time not spent on crochet, or reading, or genealogy, or... lol!
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    Thank you Shani! It was fun to make. I don't knit as much as I'd like to. May have to make more time for it.
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    The purses are made using yarn. The difference in the dolls is so small, it does not make a big difference. They have a different type of face and the color is different. The others are lighter. I have not bought the ones from MM because of the price. The others are just as good. I use them all the time.
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    It's getting big. I've finished part 7--round 73.
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    Wow! You have been busy! Those projects are great, I especially like the monster book.
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    Hello, my name is Isabel. I’m from Spain but living in the UK since 2016. I grew up watching my grandma crocheting blankets that she used to sell to earn a bit of extra money. When I was around 10 years old my mum started to teach me how to crochet and knit and I used to make some clothes for my dolls but they weren’t really good I must admit lol. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I started crocheting more focused and learnt different techniques and I made crochet clothes, dolls and blankets for my son and nieces. Nowadays I crochet every single day, I think it helps me to cope with the stress of life and I’m trying to make a stock for my first craft fair which is making me feel very excited and a bit worried in the same time as I have a full time job plus a family to look after and not enough time to make all the projects that I have in mind...😅
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    Dorian is like the Halloween movies. It is the storm that will not die. Overslept this morning, as last night was a bad night for sleeping. The humidity is up so high, that they are giving a Heat Advisory for noon. It will be to hot and humid outside. Glad to hear everyone is ok Carol. It is always scary, when there is an accident. I had to laugh last night before the game. They had the whole family who own the Bears on, even the wee baby. So they all yelled let's go Bears. The littlest one started to cry. They scared him. Hey Brenda, Rogers looked like he did when he first started. The Bears defense was scary. If not for them, they would of lost a lot bigger. Ok, I am happy FOOTBALL has started. Have a great day.
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    When we were on vacation in London, I saw this red-and-black crocheted granny square afghan on a pedi taxi. It was in Westminster, not far from Big Ben.
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    I just finished part 2.
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    Made some dishcloths & scrubbies will be posting them in show & tell. Working on the embossed crochet. I have 2 squares done, need 12. I said embroidery crochet, but it is embossed.
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    Hi all. Very sad to say my FIL passed late Thursday night. The past 2 days have been a whole lot of family time with all the sibs and their kids, which has been nice. Making arrangements, picking pictures for a video montage, that sort of stuff. We had a bday party today for Hubs & our 15 yr old because Hubs said Dad was all about family and would want us together celebrating something good. Decided to do a Hawaiian theme in honor of Dad. It was a good time, but VERY stressful. I haven't touched yarn in a few days, haven't touched any of my assignments this week....and honestly can't bring up the energy to care. Tomorrow is church and then the family hosting family & community visits for several hours. Viewing and funeral are set for the 8th & 9th. I'm hoping next week will be nice and relaxed so I can catch up on my schoolwork and then get back to my crochet. I need something other than food for comfort. I'll be around, but may be lurking more than posting for a bit.
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