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    I'd venture an educated guess it means 4tr in the next stitch, 2 tr in the following stitch; repeat that sequence to create a total of 14 iterations. A ruffle of 3 stitches into each stitch is a typical scheme, so this would be the same total # of stitches overall, just spaced differently; I imagine the 4, then 2 might be more orderly or formal looking... Does it give the total stitch count for the row, it should be, presuming 28 stitches used from the prior row, 28x3=84.
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    I been working on some dishcloths to change things up a bit these days. These will be either gifts or for a charity fundraiser. I'm just adding them to my pile of items that might be needed in the future.
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    Another pencil grip person here, yeah that one in your link would be a no-go, and agree the fancier hooks seem to mostly be 'not for us'. Like you have done the foam pencil-grip over the rubber bands trick, even with steel doily size hooks.
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    Its mine! Its mine! At our house dh is the Royals fan but I do love their logo and blue is my fav color. I am the Chiefs fan. After living long enough to see the Royals win two World series my prayer was to please live long enough to see the Chiefs win a second Super Bowl and they did. My favorite photo from that game is the photo of the 49ers posing in the end zone a bit prematurely. I have it saved to my phone. Makes me happy every time I scroll by it. Now I have this lovely ghan.
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    Just finished this up today. I love the way it turned out. I haven't lined it yet but that's on my list to do this weekend (maybe).
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    Your link doesn't work since your post is a 'picture', not text. There's a tool in the post-writing box to insert a working link, it sort of looks like 2 links of a chain. And I see that the advice that I gave to your other post seeking patterns, won't help here (seriously, I think 0.01% of crochet hats are worked in the direction of your pattern, in rows from brim to crown, the rest are worked in the round top down). Seafarer's Hat link But I see why you picked this pattern, it is sharp looking. The pattern gauge is given on the right side of the first page - are you hitting gauge? Normally when I'm making a wearable, I don't pay as much attention to stitch height (row) gauge as I do stitch width, as I can add or subtract rows, because 99.9% of wearables are made around the body part, not vertically like this one is. So, you have to hit stitch height gauge exactly. Unfortunately it gives gauge for HDC only, not the slst, and it's the slst brim that you are having trouble with. I don't do a lot of slst projects, but I do know I have pay attention to keep it loose. The only thing I can think of, since it is only the slst brim that is a problem, is that you switch to a hook 1 or even 2 sizes bigger for the 16 stitches for just the brim area--will be a bit of a pain to switch hooks each row, but since it's worked vertically.... The pattern says there is a total of 53 rows - I'd be inclined to make a 'swatch mini-brim', sort of a head-band maybe 5 stitches wide and 53 rows and join them, with a bigger hook and see how that goes for fit, before you start the whole hat over again. I answered your other post in the 'seeking patterns' section giving a recommendation to measure your DH around the head (and hat depth) and make a hat without a pattern, crown down, which is the easiest and by far the most common way to make a watch-cap type hat. However, it's not going to have the knit look like this one does.
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    i ordered from internet filter material, it works!!
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    Well, posting pictures "tomorrow" turned in to a week later. My Dad is back in hospital with a twisted intestine. Had emergency surgery. Poor guy can't get a break. That is two major surgeries in 3 weeks. Here is a picture of all of the stuff that went to the rescue last weekend.
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    One question you have to ask when writing a blog related to a business is what is the purpose of the blog? Having one to support your business is legitimate plenty of businesses do it to keep people engaged with their brand. Others do it as a means of connecting with people to make sure they are staying in line with the trends and interests of their clients thus again drawing business but with a more personal connection. I don't have an outside business so I write to connect with others and explore and record my experiences with crafting. I have more freedom because I'm not trying to draw people further into my business. Why am I giving this feedback you may ask? It's because I don't know what you are trying to communicate with your blog. It clearly isn't a train of thought blog where people share what's on their mind, a legit purpose for a blog but it has that feel to it. When you read other bloggers what keeps you coming back to read their blogs? One thing I like is a structured timeline. Instead of featuring every possible post I like to see what's been written recently. If you want to have a sidebar with favorite posts you want people to visit that works to drive traffic there. I like being able to search posts to find topics of interest. Lastly there is a difference between blogging and Instagram and Twitter. You have time and space to share info in a blog post . I really liked the baby blanket post you wrote. While lots of people will post a picture from time to time to fill a post your donut post felt more like something on Instagram rather than an engaging blog post. If you were writing a personal blog like I do no big deal but this is your means of engaging clients what makes them take the time to read that and wonder more about the woman behind the business. Crochet business related blogs I enjoy Planet June, Crochet Spot, Mary Maxim, Adoring Doll Clothes just to give you examples of people who have blogs that support their crochet/craft business. You asked for feedback and free is all mine is worth.
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    Just had these masks made for my friend and me. My friend is deaf so she reads lips. We will wear them when we can go to Disney again. The elastics are hair ties.
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    Here is the lap throw and three doll blankets.
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    Lap blanket from donated yarn...though I had the off white ...
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    I know I’m on the hook to do totals. I’m probably going to do this by 9:00 am, as we are going to visit my mother’s grave tomorrow (we do this every Mother’s Day). It’s a long drive so we’ll be setting out early. We figure a graveyard will be a safe enough for “social distancing.” We just won’t be able to eat at her favorite restaurant afterwards.
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    There are many good tips geared for amigurumi here. https://www.planetjune.com/blog/tutorials/crochet-tutorials/ and besides the one Granny Square links to above this one is also interesting https://www.planetjune.com/blog/a-colour-changing-crochet-investigation/
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    Hi, welcome to the 'ville! Good news, you aren't doing anything wrong. Bad news, crochet stitches have a bias, and will do that in the round - if by twist you mean the line drifts like this /. There is a technique that calls doing yarn under versus yarn over when making a stitch that should help.
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    Here are a few new hats I crocheted for Warmth for Warriors. First two are the ridged hat pattern from Red Heart. I love the pattern but do need to add about 2-3 rows in the middle depending on the yarn to get the right length. Then a few crocheted ribbed band hats.
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    Good Morning. Cindy, don't know the last time I actually watched a full news cast. I watch the weather, which is much easier on my nerves. I have found, that usually by now, they are bugging us about hurricanes. I do have to get back o my Pooh bear. Have a great day and try to relax.
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    Mary Jo...you sound like me...I'm not sure what's going to happen to the blankets I'm making. Here's a pile of 90, 3 inch squares. I've started JAYG and am blindly picking squares out of my bag. 9 squares across and 10 down.
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    I love it and it looks adorable. I feel like I'm finally making some progress on getting the 18" doll donations started. 18" Doll Pleated Skirt and Sweater
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    I am wondering if this round ripple would work for a dolly blankie for your donation? it is about 27" from point to point but it is a bit iffy when wrapping a baby this is one of the WIP's from my yarn room that I am fixing or throwing as the case may be.
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    Made this for my friend who loves Peter Pan. I need to add some embellishments to make it look better. Hallmark store is closed so handmade with love will have to do.
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    This week I finished a project for my church....10 lamb ragdolls to be given as a gift from the church for baby dedications ♡ took me 10 days to do and I used up 3 balls. Now I get to start working on things for my new granddaughter!!! Baby shower is in September, so I've got time but I want to get a jump on things. WTD +3
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    Love the hats and the dishcloths. Yeah, dishcloths are great for a stress reliever. In case anyone has not see this, I made it for bgs for her Birthday. I sent it early to make sure it got there in time. I had fun making it and the graph I got from Grammom's Graphs. She not only makes the graphs, but tells you what colors she used and how much yarn is needed. Kansas City Chiefs/Royals Afghan.
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    What a fabulous batch of baby hats! Such a wonderful project and the NICU will really appreciate all those great hats.
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    Ha ha on the frog comment, spot on! Interesting point, I was thinking 'more or less basic watch-cap/beanie sort of hat' because the OP said it was expanding and wasn't supposed to, but who knows.
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    Looks wonderful! It will be loved I'm sure. I was thinking of doing a graph-ghan for my SIL for Christmas, except the Arizona Cardinals or his favorite Nascar driver. It would have to be huge though as he is 6'4". I really wonder if I have that much patience anymore.
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    morning still still overcast, havent seen the sunshine for days this is not april, this is supposed to be sunshiney may you know ah well huh things are moving along anyway i guess so i dont mind too much wow krys 8 years lold?? you are a sewing wizard at an early age wow I loved hearing your stories thank you for sharing
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    Really nice!. Nice colors. I do not know much about sports, I was never interested in. I guess sports & cooking are those two things that I never like to spend my time on it LOL My kids are the same. My son is very tall (6'5"). People always were asking him: "do you play basketball"??., his answer was : "No". Than they said: "You should!". His heart was always in music. By the time he graduated from High School he played 4 diferent musical instruments beautifully in two Music Bands. On the end he became an attorney. But he still plays music :). Sometimes he is invated to play in a Concerts. We all playing musical instruments in this family. Both of my granddaughters are having a ball playing piano here. None of them want to play sports :(. Krys
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    I used up a skein making a scarf. Thought I had another skein of that yarn but couldn't find it. It's 36" so a guess it'll have to go to a little person. + 2 = +4
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    Gift for my friend's desk. Our Lady of Silence. ( She works at a Catholic Church). And a photo of what I was trying to copy.
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    My current favorite no brainer/travel pattern is hdc between the stitches. Here's a lap throw and two doll blankets in that pattern and a solid granny doll blanket.travel
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    Deleted what I just posted about Reni's link to the old post above, now I'm not sure which loop that person used - it sounds like back loop, which I know works, but it leaves a ridge, which is why I didn't suggest it here. I've not swatched it, but I can't see why FLO wouldn't look like both loops (i.e. slant)...but then I am not sure why BLO does work, so....
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    So....my bonus daughter is expecting ♡♡ and today they did the gender reveal ♡♡ and we officially have our first granddaughter on the way!!!!!! Obviously this requires me to buy yarn while it's on sale so I can get these hooks moving making stuff for her!!! Ordered 19 skeins hahaha not even sorry about the hit my score is taking this week!!
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    Sweet--looks like Snoopy.
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    Wow, a week has gone by! Same old same old here. DH started his chemo again Tuesday. The break gave his white blood count a chance to get back up to normal. I had the check up on my foot--another 4 weeks but I don't have to wear the boot all the time. MS has changed to safer at home and more businesses can open. Today there was another loosening to allow dine in with certain restrictions. Of course with DH's knee we're stuck in anyway. We've got the wheelchair lift process started. They'll pour the concrete next week and expect the lift to be here for installation the week after. I haven't been getting much crochet time. I've had to take a muscle relaxant several times this week for my back so I'm trying not to agitate it with anything repetitive. Our weather has been really nice with lots of sun. Some rain headed in tonight and tomorrow. A little cooler for a few days. Hope everyone is doing well!
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    Hope your Dad is doing better. Our Generation Pleated Skirt and Sweater My focus is not what it should be but I am pushing myself to finish off projects as suspect there will be lots of families in need this Christmas.
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    ReniC, I guess everybody feels they way you do - at some point. There are moments we get along and then comes the moment of anxiety, fear or even anger. Sometimes it is like you don't really need to go anywhere, but the moment you hear YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO, suddenly you feel you just HAVE TO! It's in our heads... So I hope you'll find a way to relax. Try to cherish the time you have for yourself and stay healthy. In my family we have really serious health issues since March so I learn to cherish each day given... Trying to stay positive and give the optimism to others. Of course crocheting is really helpful... I'm working on a third shawl now 😁
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    good morning I follow a children musical company in Norfolk,called the Hurrah players,they have been doing a weekly spot on the performers,I think their acting classes are on Zoom,they are a great bunch it got up to 92 yesterday,not quite ready for that hottness with humidity trying to find some umph,anyone know where they sell a bottle, lol
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    Just finished watching the play my son wrote. Because of quarantine it was done using Zoom. A challenge for the actors and directors to direct and act while each one was in their own homes. Also the staging was non existant since all you could see of the actors was what the webcam showed. Im grateful I got to see the play, however they had to stage it. These kids are real troopers. #the show must go on! Or as the art director said " The show must go on-line"
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    hi again slow postings today, everyone out planting those gardens huh lol we had a big pork roast last week so we cut it in half and froze it, so i think we are having that today for supper just cook some potatoes and make some gravy and add a vegie and we are good id love some cabbage, but we have been a bit leary of buying things not packaged you know i told handy we wash it sooo???but we will probably end up with corn no doubt which is fine too birds are singing, freezers full, bills paid, so far May is starting out grand!! lol well ill check out for now, hope all are doing excellent, see you on the next post lol
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    Pretty and I love the smokey colors!
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    well everyone feeling good today!! and thanks krys, i did watch them and well i hate to sew lol we had a t bone last night fresh not frozen like omaha straks always are, and first of all it was very tender, very big and very good i couldn't eat all mine yesterday, but did have a good piece left i just had for a bite of lunch well our freezer is full, and then some lol so i feel better now lol we should only now have to go out for milk or butter, or bread or something also found yeast does not come in those little packages anymore now it comes like a brick of a pound Of it i have no idea how one measures that lol so literally back to square one on the baking bread thing lol its not like i was impatient to do that anyway lol just poking around looking for something to keep busy with you know feeling a bit better about things today but that can and most likely will change in a little while, lol like the weather here .. the pollen is still high, but i ceased sneezing so much once we turned on the ac and closed max's window lol still taking our temps twice a day,, to be cautious i guess so far, still healthy knock on wood
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    I so hope this goes away for you. I've had the surgery and was glad the pain finally was gone. I have never before or since had pain like that. My surgery experience was fine but I didn't have to have it during a pandemic so there is clearly no comparison. However, I was terrified of having it done and thankfully the fear was far worse than the actual surgery itself. The recovery was better than I had thought too. Again not done during a pandemic. However, I also suspect the surgery techniques have improved too. Lots of prayers for a good outcome for you and that you don't need surgery.
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    Oh no. Hope it subsides and you dont have to have surgery right now.
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    I havent touched a crochet hook since Jan. We have been under shelter in place orders for a month now. Everything here canceled and locked down. About only thing people can do is use the golf course but they cant use the carts. No visitors allowed in village. Only residents allowed in their respective buildings/ houses. Employees, mailman, medical people must check in with security daily to have their temperature taken and answer the questions. When sis had her knee replaced end of Feb I was going 5 days a week to stay with her. I sat with her the 10 days she was in the hospital. They wanted to send her to a nursing home but her daughter and I took her home and cared for her there. She went home with a catheter in her bladder , a picc line where we gave iv antibiotics for 2 weeks, the ostomy which skin barriers would breach with in a few hours so she had to be cleaned and new barrier put on, we had to pack and clean her incision daily or more if poop from skin barrier breach made that far, and she had to use a walker because of just having knee replacement so we were doing PT to keep her knee from locking up. Hospital didnt tell us about wound clinic to help us with ostomy and didnt set us up with home health. She is doing much better and can spend some time by herself but she still needs help. When I dont go stay with her I have lots to catch up on at home. I am tired. Our pastor is doing a lot of things on line besides Sun service. I catch up with his morning daily devos in the evening when I get home and then he is doing trivia which has been hysterically entertaining. My last few days at home I have spent rumaging thru boxes looking for fabric and elastic. Then I have tried different mask patterns looking for one that would work for dh. His ears are weird and elastic doesnt work very well. Found a pattern we like and you can use elastic or use a sneaker/boot lace. We like using the laces. (I had 5 pair). They just cinch up so nice around our nose and chin. The mask is the one with the origami fold.
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    I did the tulip doilyghan ages and ages ago and even started the hat and sweater. since I have been clearing out my yarn I decided to just put on my big girl panties and finish the set. ready to go for donation when the world rights itself again. I think I need to add a button to the flower on the hat.
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    DH's lab results still haven't come up in mychart. Neither office has called to say his WBC was too low so I'm going to assume it's all good for the knee surgery. They called this afternoon and he's supposed to be there at 6 tomorrow morning so I'm really, really glad we got a hotel room. It'll still be a very early morning to get packed up and checked out. I'll have to sit in the car so I'm glad tomorrow won't be as warm as today was. Hope everyone is having a good week!
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    I just came across this pattern for face masks. They are worn behind the head with the elastic straps that usually wrap around the ears, each strap is hooked to each button.
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