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    My SIL's youngest granddaughter is having a baby. The theme is Llama's or Alpaca. I made a blanket and a stuffy for her. The blanket is 3 by 2 panels. Each panel is 13 1/2 by 14 inches, that is 70 stitches by 80 rows. With the edging the blanket comes out to be 28 by 43 1/2. The stuffy is 12 inches from the toes to the top of the ears. Each panel can be an afghan in itself, if you use c2c instead of single crochet.
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    This isn't a gift...thought it IS for me...lol. My quarantine blanket, using up odds and ends. It measures 48 by 66.
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    Just thought I'd share my latest mini stockings I have been working on for Warmth for Warriors. I call these the camo series with several different patterns all using a small leftover skein of SS camo and some green yarns for trim.
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    I needed to make a holder for the paper that I have been using to do some paper crafting - the holder is for me but the items I make do get donated so it is a bit of a charity tag along. I feel so much better knowing that the paper is properly stored - it bothered me that it was just leaning against a desk and with that front pocket I even have a place for scrappy bits. It holds 12 X 12 paper pads
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    I make some doll cloths for Bailey4's charity. I mostly send a doll with outfits a tote and some doll blankets. I have some time, so I thought I would make another outfit for an 18" doll to send up. I have to get it packed up and sent, before I have to pack it up and take it up, cause of the weight. Here she is. It is a pattern from Granny Square Holiday outfits. This is Easter, but I did not make the hat.
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    It is August again and I thank the tech. Gods for AC. Every year I make this statement, but I don't think I could of lived back when they wore so many cloths. Can you imagine putting on all those layers of clothing without AC? Gone With the Wind was my Mom's favorite movie. When I was 16 she took me and my sister to the movie house in Philly. It was a movie house you don't see anymore. It had a stage and big red curtain. The whole place was red and gold. The lobby was opulent with glitter of red and gold. I think my sister and I were the youngest people at the movie. I fell laughing when in the movie they show Clark Gable at the bottom of the stairs. There was a collective sigh in the place. I really enjoyed the move and I still do. Mammy was my favorite character in her red petticoat and of course Prissy. August was the month we went to Ocean City, NJ for a week. We stayed with a friend a block from the beach and boardwalk. It was our last vacation before school started. In this time of having to distance and stay in, I hope we can look forward to once again having vacations and lots of fun with family and friends.
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    Everything looks great!. Your Mammy looks beautiful :). I love that movie "Gone with the Wind". We might not be able to see that movie any longer. Because it is called a "Racist movie"!!. What a CRAP!!!. Some people just going crazy!. Everything is RACIST!!!. Our Flag is Racist, Monuments are Racist, many names of our streets & bridges are Racist!!. Now they want to stop teaching History in schools. Can you believe that???. That is a start of Communism, that is exactly how it starts. I know all of that I been raised in Communist country. Believe me that is a very bad place to have to live in it!!. Even those who want those changes now pretty soon will find out they made a very BIG mistake! And there will be no way back :(. Like: USSR, Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba. Poland was under Russian Communism for about 40 years. To build something beautiful & free like this country- USA. That took a very long time. To destroy ALL of that can be done very fast. Probably about a year, maybe two but no longer. I will be able to watch "Gone with the Wind" at any time. I bought that movie :). I got everything on my disks. Krys
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    Thank you so much Magiccrochetfan and Tampa Doll for your help. I have other afghans I know were done by my Mother that I can stare and compare the stitching now that I have a clue what to look for. And yes, I absolutely treasure this beautiful heirloom. It brought a smile to my heart when I discovered it.
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    Looks like I can't get enough of them... One of my favourite: Klaziena shawl Free pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/klaziena-shawl Geometrica - a shawl for my brother 's wife. Pattern: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/geometrica-shawl Kalinda shawl (another one for me). Free pattern: https://mycrochetory.com/kalinda-shawl-free-crochet-pattern/ And the biggest one - also for me. Transkokonkinental shawl. Amazing pattern by 6 designers. Not the easy one. I made it during free CAL. The name is combination of words: transcontinental and Kokonki - the name of company that produces yarns. Free pattern: https://kokonki.pl/pl/i/TransKOKONKInental-Shawl/30 For all these shawls I used my own choice of color, blend of cotton and acrylic, from Kokonki.
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    Mona! Mona! Mona! I sure hope you have several stay at home, boring, uneventful days coming up. I am glad we dont have to worry about hiring people to work on or around a house anymore. Last week sis and I took a road trip to an orchard for peaches, blackberries, corn, tomatoes and a muskmelon. Fri I was in Walmart for first time since early March. I cant get very motivated on crocheting but I did turn in 50 more ear savers and got a call saying they are wanting prayer shawls.
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    There are several good tips here. https://www.planetjune.com/blog/tutorials/crochet-tutorials/
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    I have gone through phases of thinking I want to just let my grey grow in but I just can't stand it. I'm not ready for a salon yet (as Arizona is such a hot spot for Covid) so I ordered from Madison Reed. I've used it before and it's easy enough. I love highlights though and can't do those at home. Anyway, I finally have a picture of that little lap afghan I made. I am using some Homespun that was gifted to me to make cat mats (they are so soft with one strand of Homespun worked in), but I wanted to see if I could do anything else with it. I tried a hat and oh boy...I just could not see my stitches at all. So I decided to go back to the simplest thing and try a granny's square. I love the color and think it will make a nice gift for someone. Maybe just as a lap warmer. Here it is: It really is such soft and beautiful yarn, but maybe it's easier for knitters (or maybe I just need to be more patient). But back to cat mats for now!!
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    Its been a frustrating week but I found time this afternoon to weave in the ends on these two.
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    I want to share my little farmer who is taking a little break and talking with his friend Birdy. this was so much fun to make from an old Magnesium container. I think I would have to use smaller twine next time. I tried to show a shirt and overalls but - meh.
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    such a cute picture covid test came back negative...yeah
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    Good Morning. I have one more thing to say about the schools. Hillsboro opened the schools yesterday. The news was at one of the grade schools. They talked to a father who was dropping his 5 year old off for kindergarten. They asked him how he felt about it. He said " Believe me she needs this". The look on his face was hystirical. Anyway, they had a yellow brick road painted on the sidewalk. Everyone was met by either Dorothy, The lion, the Scarecrow and the Tinman. Everything Wizard of oz. Inside the water fountains were blocked off. They had sanitary stations all around. The desk were far enough apart and along the walls were hooks 6 ft. intervals for backpacks. Oh and everyone must wear a mask. Looks like they got it going. Well, we just got our grocery order. All is put away and now I am going back to work on Santa and Mrs. Claus. Ran the sprinklers today, as NO RAIN. Have a fun day.
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    Cindy, I'm so sorry about your hubby! With his worries about his brother and this Covid thing...no one needs to have anything more added to the list. Being a nurse also means you know more about your DH's lung condition than you probably want to...hugs and prayers, hon💕
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    The only thing that would stop me from sending my kids to school at this point, is if they were going to teach the 1619 forum. This is a total abomination to our history. Many kids are having trouble learning virtually, so being in the class room is better. Besides the parents need to get back to work. Enough politics. We all have our opinions. It is like vaccines. Many do not get the flue shot and that is your choice, But how many will take the vaccine for this Covid-19? Not asking, but wondering and my opinion.
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    I do agree with Tampa Doll the challenges for kids at home are growing and mostly unacknowledged. That being said as I mentioned to a medical provider during a tele-visit as we got on to the topic of school for next year for her kids homeschooling is a valid option for parents who don't like the current options being given by the public schools and the requirements vary not only from state to state but in some cases from town to town for how easy or hard it is to get approval to homeschool your child. With the current challenges the public schools are having tracking the kids distance learning across the public system what I'm hearing is that in this state at least the approval process for homeschooling has become a bit more lax than in previous years. In this state what most towns require is a letter of intent and the homeschool defense league is very clear about what the town's can and can't ask for in your plans. If anyone is serious about homeschooling next year and has questions it would not be the worst idea to look up the homeschool defense league for your state to find out what the legal guidelines are when you begin finding out what your state and local guidelines currently are asking you to submit. What they want and what they are entitled to are not always the same things. Some states do require testing. Our state does not. One thing people don't understand about the current virtual learning options is that the majority of public school teachers don't have the training for distance learning. There are countries that have had distance learning public education for students who live in remote areas and specific curriculum has been designed for those situations but our current public school curriculum isn't designed for remote or even hybrid learning. Homeschool curriculum is available that is parent friendly and designed to be taught by parents to students. There are also virtual options available for parents who want tutors for subjects they don't wish to teach. My tele provider comes from a wealthy part of the state and was rather uniformed about the range of homeschool curricula available that with all do fairness to the teachers who are scrambling right now is likely better prepared for this type of learning situation than something that has been pieced together and is now being experimented on with kids to see if it can hold together until COVID ends. As I said I think kids need to be back physically in the classroom but if that isn't going to happen and they are going to be schooling at home parents need to think about taking control and choosing to homeschool.
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    Voila.... 48 by 66 inches and it's another one for me...lol.
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    More rain yesterday. Nice to have green grass in Aug especially when you dont have to worry about keeping it mowed. Lea and Sandra did you make it thru the earthquake ok?
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    Hello & Welcome! Your bag is very cute :). Thank for the pattern. Krys
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    Take care Judianne and thanks for the info. I have been trying to contact my SIL and see how they are doing. They are in Sicklerville. I should give my sister a call also, see if they have service. Up early and getting stuff done, before it gets to hot. Well, off to try and make some calls. Have a great day.
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    oh sorry krys thanks for asking lol i dunno is kind of slang for i dont know is all i just shorten it everyone does, is all to i dunno lol sorry i make a lot of things and when i get a small ball i throw it in the small ball bag lol i used to use them faster but this particular bag has been with me for a couple years now lol i use, and i add to it lol it never completely goes away lol
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    It's funny you should mention the heat we had very little air conditioning growing up and somehow we slept at night. I remember sometime in my elementary school years my parents getting one for their bedroom and by jr high I think we had one for our bedroom but I was in college before there was one downstairs. We used fans but we also spent lots of time outdoors. My parents had one of those outdoor summer tents set up on the patio that was under the trees and we spent lots of evenings out there reading, playing games, etc. by those old lights you used to string up. We did have fans but AC was minimally used even when we had it. It was primarily used to reduce the humidity it wasn't run constantly the way I use mine now. Now I can't sleep in May without the AC. I just have no tolerance for heat. I also have AC upstairs and down. My grandmother never had AC and never wanted it. She couldn't tolerate the cold of it as she got older but she was used to the heat and never got used to the AC. My grandparents on my Dad's side were like that too. They really didn't use much AC even once they finally had it as central in their homes. They just were used to fans and when they were older they couldn't tolerate the cold. That was one thing that always puzzled me when I went to nursing homes to visit families in previous summers. I always found them hot but I was told many of the residents can't tolerate the AC. I notice my MIL now goes everywhere with a sweater even when I'm sitting as close to an AC blower as I can get. So perhaps with age there is something I don't know. I was also laughing about your comment about the dishes. Growing up we never seemed to buy dishes or flat ware from the store. They always seemed to come from some promotion be it gas stations, green stamps, grocery stores, etc. There was always something going on to get a set of something including cooking pans. I remember how odd it was when DH and I got matching dishes as a wedding gift. The ones I had previously had been passed down from one of Mom's promotions and no there was rarely a complete set. Some how the promotion always ended before they got all the pieces they needed.
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    Aw, shucks. I was scratching my head for a bit before just happening to notice that 51 is divisible by 3, and a repeat x 3 factored in the pattern... I did consider how to use that '7sc 1 dec' part of the repeat, but couldn't figure out a combination that would end up with 51 stitches. And just ignoring it turned out to work elegantly count-wise, I just hope the shaping is supposed to be done evenly around, especially as subsequent rounds use 2 sets of numbers decreasing by 1 (16 & 7, 15 & 6, 14 & 5...)
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    Magiccrochetfan gave the best example. What a beautiful heirloom to have and to be able to pass on Welcome to the Ville and glad to have you with us.
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    Happy Friday Friends! I have another free crochet pattern available for you: Henley the Hound. Henley is a sweet and playful puppy that sits up on his hind quarters to ask for treats. Get the free pattern here: https://www.theloopylamb.com/2020/07/31/free-crochet-dog-pattern-henley-the-hound/
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    Thank you! They are beautiful.
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    It's looking great! I accomplished little to nothing this week. I'm working on a Tunisian Crochet tote bag and finished out a skein. WTD +2 YTD -402
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    Oh, my...I have to adjust my totals. I just went through another skein this evening! Stashbuster Total: WTD -4 YTD -56
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    Oooh, Pam, that's pretty!
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    Thank you so much to everyone that has help me I my little problem. I love the tips and would definitely write them down. I currently half way in the Velvet Bunny and it lookin cute I hope I placed the feet correctly but here’s is a picture of my progress.
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    Hi Melissa, welcome to the 'ville! "Working in back ridges of beginning chain, double crochet in fourth chain from hook and in next 13 chains, 3 double crochet in next chain, double crochet in next 15 chains ☆skip next 3 chains, double crochet in next 15 chains, 3 double crochet in next chain, double chain in next 15 chains, repeat☆ First of all, you said you are new so if this isn't new to you forgive me, but I'm just making sure I'm covering everything--skipping the first 3 chains, and DC into the 4th, creates a turning chain, which normally counts as a stitch, in addition to the first real stitch. I underlined and highlighted the parts where you don't just DC 'the whole way through'. Notice there are 2 spots where you put 3 stitches into one chain, and 1 spot where you skip 3 chains. (Some new crocheters balk at putting more that 1 stitch into 1 stitch, trust me you can put a LOT of stitches into one stitch or chain) The word chain that I highlighted in red probably a typo and should be crochet (double crochet, not double chain). You can't put a chain into a stitch, however you can chain "into the air" above a stitch, and then (usually) skip some stitches to make a hole on purpose (like lace, or a buttonhole). I learned the best path if you are not sure about what a crochet pattern is telling you is to follow it literally. You won't break anything, the worst thing is ripping out a row. Sometimes there are typos like the 'chain' above, but other times you learn a cool new thing. Also - ☆ - is this a Leisure Arts (publisher) book? I know they use that symbol (oh wait, I just grabbed a book, they use a solid star, hmm). Anyway my point is, most well written patterns or pattern books will have a section at the front or back of the pattern or book that lists the symbols and what they mean. Since I mentioned Leisure Arts and have a book open, the solid ☆ for example means to work instructions following ☆ as many more times as indicated in addition to the first time. Here is a site with a lot of useful information since you are new https://www.craftyarncouncil.com/standards , take a look at the menu on the right side, and look at 'Crochet patterns - how to read', for the punctuation and symbols you'll find in patterns - this is the 'industry guide' for US pattern terms, yarn definitions, etc.
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    Judy, I always enjoy seeing your colorful squares. Yesterday I got the ends taken care of on the newest (almost adopted) grandson's birthday blanket--rainbow block blanket-- and a lap throw for the nursing home. It got put aside so long I don't remember the name of the pattern. I'm working on a solid granny lap throw using the rainbow leftovers.
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    Pam, very nice! I like those colors. I finished a skein this afternoon...+2
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    The runner is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
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    I finished this project last night. I already had all the supplies except the trees and the bell so it cost me $3 total from the Dollar Tree. I may put a string of tiny lights around the base if I can find them. I couldn't find any boots so, I used a vase that looks like a tree trunk. The whole thing measures about 24 inches tall. Link for instructions: https://diycuteness.com/diy-tree-gnomes/ ETA: Hahaha, looks like he's leaning a bit! Fixed.
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    I love ponchos. I finished this red one last week. It has chain loop fringe: no mess, no fuss...and I just love this technique.
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    I am so thrilled to be in the bag lady club! It couldn't have come at a better time. In December I ordered a hook case. I don't sew, but I imagined what I wanted. Last month I had to re-order it from someone different. Deb, Threads Of Fancy, made the case, after letting me pick the material, and got in the mail super quick. Then Jonas dumped 30+ inches of snow and it got delayed. The day I got it, Mary Jo (Tampa Doll) let me know I was getting this month's tote! BOTH are purple and green!! The case is designed like a book cover. It holds 20 hooks, has 2 zipper pockets for notions and a scissors slot for easy access. The pockets double as cover/holder for the hooks when it's closed. The scissors slot is on the other side of one of the pockets. If anyone wants one, just click on Deb's link above and let her know. She had fun making it. I love it!!! Actually, I love both the tote and the case!!! All of my new goodies Tote and Hook Case together Closed Open Hook Slots Scissor Slot Left side Right side
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