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    I've wanted to make this for years. I have a little girl in mind or I may make another for her and send this to Appalachian Outreach. Mary Maxim kit with pattern. I changed the outfit a bit and added a hat. Different color blanket. My gauge was way off from pattern....I adapted.
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    Hello Everyone! Here are few pictures of Silk Flowers arrangements I made for my home a while ago. Those flower arrangements are pretty big. I have no idea if you are interested looking at silk flowers or maybe not?. LOL Have a Great Weekend!, Krys
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    Hi Everyone!, I just posted few pictures of my flower arrangements in "Show & Tell". You need to go there and give me some "applause"! Here is one picture for start, there is more... Krys
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    That is just precious. She is going to love this.
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    Good Morning. Up early, infact the sun is not up yet. Quite day today. Staying home today and working on my penguins. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi!
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    It's getting big. I've finished part 7--round 73.
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