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    Just finished this lapghan, used up some left over yarn from other projects.
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    Two more scarves, one finished yesterday and one finished today. The dark red is done in moss stitch. The multi is done in the bean stitch.
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    I have to get on my soapbox . I can not believe some of these teachers anymore. They sure as heck are not like the teachers we had. They either want a room full of zombies. What happened to the compassionate teachers? My daughter has dyslexia, she had a teacher tell HER , that she did not want her in her class. They don't care anymore (sorry do not mean to insult any teacher on here), or at least the ones I have run into. When was the last time you saw a teacher stay after school was out? They are gone almost before the buses. When was the last time a teacher asked you to help by doing stuff with the child at home? No they just want them out of their room. Lea that is a shame and this is only preschool. Off the soapbox now. Yeah the spot is on the butt and boy is it hurting today. But it will get better. Daphane Love the stuff you made. Mona, the hat is the head. The gnome is the hat, the body, the nose and arms. That is it. It makes up quick and they are so cute. I think I may take the snowflake off the grey one and put a spider on him. Lea, have fun with the gnome kit. As soon as the penguins are done, I may make a couple more. Today we go and get the breaks fixed on the car and a oil change. DH is worried about the breaks if I have to drive. Hey Brenda, shock and surprise, the Bucs won last night. Of course it was a boring game till the end, but we won, so who cares. Sorry to hear about Tyreek Hill. Well, off to make breakfast. Have a fun day today
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    Wow! You have been busy! Those projects are great, I especially like the monster book.
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    Happy Thursday all! I work this entire weekend and it's going to be a Friday the 13th and a new moon on the 14th. We are probably going to see some crazy things. LOL. So far I have finished my Monster book of monsters, pygmy puff, witch shoes, spiderweb shawl, huge lobster, spiderweb hand cover. I should try and share some pictures. I will try to add some as soon as I post and I am typing on the desktop but the pictures are on my phone. LOL I've got like 20 other works in progress (WIP) to complete. I see so much fun stuff to make I want to make it all NOW. LOL. Slowly been downsizing my collections etc as we want to eventually move into a motorhome then a boathouse. Downsizing is HARD and getting rid of possessions is hard, but not buying more things is even harder. I don't know how the minimalists do it, I love having pretty things around the house that they would consider clutter. LOL We paint rocks to hide sometimes and i have a facebook group for the rocks. I havn't had a lot of time to put into it though so we haven't done anything with the group for a couple of years. There are other groups around my area that do this too, as I see them having the painting groups for kids at libraries. I have a few rocks I have painted, and more that Little Tribble has painted. I Painted Mr Tribble a Steelers one a few years ago for valentines day. Have a great night all
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    hi friends good that the storm has passed, good that you all are ok, and here, it is a sunny day, mild temps, and breezy lol rained a bit overnight, that i can handle lol i dont collect rocks, nor have any desire to paint them but a fun hobby for some of you keep it up, somebody's gotta do it lol my poor rocks are probably so sad they are not prettily painted lol did some cleaning today, just light ever y day stuff i guess, but then colored for a while i have no desire lately to crochet, i think my mojo went on a summer break lol I do intend to sort some things for either a charity here, or to send off to pine ridge, just dont have a box yet lo so with that said, well happy day to all and see ya soon l l
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    Sounds like there are a lot of rockhounds among us. We also enjoy going to the Rock and Gem show each spring. We have attended some neat lectures and seen many very interesting displays like this American Woman sculpture. The artist was there and I have a piece of autographed marble from the off fall making the sculpture. https://franciscosfineart.com/ Then another time they had a lecture on recreating Louis XIV’s Order of the Golden Fleece containing the French Blue (stolen and recut into Hope diamond) along with the replica of the Golden Fleece (scroll down almost to bottom for photo) https://www.thecultureconcept.com/french-blue-diamond-heart-of-the-earth-to-heartache-hope Sandra I hope you will post photos. It inspires me seeing everyone's projects.
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    Good morning! not a lot going on here. I will crochet some and eventually need to get some fabric out and make some hot pads, table runners and dogs for Christmas . I have it all planned out in my head and have the pattern all ready to go. Then I need to continue with pillow cases , hats and scarves for the homeless. I just finished up some scrunchies and mini octopuses for key chains and back packs. I also finished two hats last night . Not happy with one. But not tearing it out either . Someone will love it. I don't like furniture shopping period. And the prices can just be plain ridiculous !!
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