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    Hello everyone, my name is Lex! I'm in my late twenties and have been crocheting since I was twelve (I started with cardboard looms we made in art class at school). To this day it's one of my favorite hobbies. I've only ever done smaller projects (berets, hats, and water bottle holders), but I'm constantly learning and discovering more advanced techniques. Most recently I taught myself the Russian Join for scrap yarn, and the basics of interlocking/reversible crochet! I suffer from a dissociative disorder and trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair), so crochet is a natural fit for me. It helps when I enter a dissociative state and can mindlessly count stitches, or when I feel the urge to pull and need something to occupy my hands. Completing a project and holding something tangible that I've created gives me a great sense of accomplishment on days I can scarcely do other things. I'm a very private and interior person, but I'm hoping to start here in developing a sense of community. In the future I want to volunteer my time and skills to help people who are similarly affected by mental illness. I'm hoping to learn here how to start my own local group or coordinate with the clinic I go to for therapy. I would also love to join a granny square mailing circle and help create a full afghan. I've never completed one on my own. (I'm a bit of a fusspot and usually frog my bigger projects halfway through.) I look forward to learning, sharing, and laughing with the rest of you! ✌️
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    You might be able to locate it here--> https://www.interweave.com/the-new-patternworks/ There's a phone number that you can try tocall and ask if they have that pattern number.
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