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    Good morning house! I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was busy...I feel like they all are. Friday I didn't have patients, so I weeded the 2 sections of the yard that the previous owners have all sorts of plants through. They are really pretty and I don't know what much of it is, but something blooms at least every season. I do know that I have a few rose bushes and my MIL gets to prune those since she knows how lol Saturday I worked in the morning and then joined DH and my dad in sanding the decktop. Sunday we sanded more and thought we'd get the base coat of stain on after dinner, but it started to drizzle so we covered it up for the night. Yesterday I had a couple morning patients then met my parents at my house and got that base coat of stain down while my mom painted some spindles (we decided replacing the spindles was easier than sanding them all and not very expensive). Then was back at the office for more patients. Then met DH at the vet across the street with the turtles. One of them has been breathing through her mouth a lot and Google only scares you more saying it's a respiratory infection (none of the other symptoms present), which is apparently fatal to turtles! 😯 We brought the second one along just in case. The vet didn't think she has an RI, but did give her an injection of antibiotics and sent us home with an extra injection to give her on Saturday. If she doesn't improve, then he'll do blood work. But, he was fairly confident that there's not really much going on since there was no mucous and her mouth looked healthy. And now here we are today. I think I finally get a low key day! At the office now and I do have paperwork to get caught up from yesterday and banking to take care of as well in between patients. Oh, and DH got 2 job offers to compare He currently works at Bayer and after buying Monsanto they are closing the Pittsburgh location He actually likes working for them, so this is a bit hard for him. His director just went on a rant when DH filled him in. The director is super angry that Bayer wasn't offering any of their good employees the opportunity to continue working remotely. Oh well, their loss! It is what it is. At least he's very marketable since he's a computer IT guy. OK, I think that about covers it! Diana - Glad to hear that you dodged the worst of the storm and that your brother's house is on the mend from his issues! Love the eagles. Mary - Glad I could inspire your reorganization lol I think Knit the Bridge was about 6 years ago now! Wow, where does the time go??? Brenda - Great idea to take something out with you every time you leave. So much better than trying to do it all at once. Mona - I hope DH's appointments go well!
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    We hauled concrete blocks to my niece last Wed along with some things for the thrift store. Thurs and Fri went thru the kitty litter buckets with all our soil components for bonsai and houseplants. Dumped some out, condensed some and transferred to newer buckets as the old buckets were cracking. Also pulled more things from the attic that sis wanted which we dropped off after bonsai. Sun more concrete blocks to my niece. The goal is to always haul stuff out of here any time we are going out anyway. Mona are you back yet? What AR state park do you go to. Do you rent a cabin or have a camper or RV? Just being nosey. You really should go to Crater of Diamonds State Park. I hope to make it there again. Oh that reminds me dh said we have a some buckets of sluiced gravel to go thru from there. Wouldnt it be the pits if we dump it out in the drive and the neighbors find a diamond in it? And then to decide if we should keep the sluice pan and screens. Diana the eagles look great. In my "spare" time I am repainting gnomes. I think we have finally found them all and carried them down by the house.
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    Hi Ladies. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Diana ~ So glad the worst of the storm missed you! Oh, I admire those of you who do thread work...those tiny hooks and I don't get along. Lol Mona ~ 'Hope your trip to Arkansas is wonderful! Brenda ~ Love the bonsai pictures! You all have been going non-stop - you deserve a vacation after you move! Marisa ~ Yarn night sounds so fun. I remember when you decorated the bridge with yarn! You've motivated me to start reorganizing my sewing room...thank you, I think! Our senior citizen center asks for yarn donations so I took 2 big bags this morning. It's all full skeins that I've had way too long and brands/colors that I won't use again. I'm just getting started! Collette ~ I'm so sorry about your accident. Hi to Judy, Cindy and anyone I've missed. September is supposed to be a little cooler than August...not this year! Heat index of 110* yesterday and no rain in the forecast!
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