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    I made this water bottle holder for my friend's 6yo because we were going to an amusement park on a hot day and needed to stay hydrated! It's not in the pictures but later I added a pink I-cord strap that went through the ears so the tension would keep them perked up and "pointy". Really happy with how clean the stripes came out. (The green one is mine. Needless to say I'm pretty jealous.)
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    Snowbear I'm curious on the one that says hide again does it mention a group? ours always say keep or rehide and then it says Suffolk rocks Va. the colors are really nice and its a good size rock
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    Hi Ladies. I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Diana ~ So glad the worst of the storm missed you! Oh, I admire those of you who do thread work...those tiny hooks and I don't get along. Lol Mona ~ 'Hope your trip to Arkansas is wonderful! Brenda ~ Love the bonsai pictures! You all have been going non-stop - you deserve a vacation after you move! Marisa ~ Yarn night sounds so fun. I remember when you decorated the bridge with yarn! You've motivated me to start reorganizing my sewing room...thank you, I think! Our senior citizen center asks for yarn donations so I took 2 big bags this morning. It's all full skeins that I've had way too long and brands/colors that I won't use again. I'm just getting started! Collette ~ I'm so sorry about your accident. Hi to Judy, Cindy and anyone I've missed. September is supposed to be a little cooler than August...not this year! Heat index of 110* yesterday and no rain in the forecast!
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    Thank you. When I am done with the penguins, I am going to make 3 more.
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    Hi peeps! Good to see everyone here!
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    Great news Cindy. I am working in ends on a pile of them now.
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    Here is my latest batch of mini Christmas stockings for the troops. I played around with striping on some of these stockings using this cuffed stocking pattern. I still have a huge skein of paddy green yarn to use up so more green stockings are definitely in my future. 😄
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