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    Crochetville Community Policies Revised: July 19, 2019 (previous version: April 7, 2013) Crochetville: a cozy little village for crocheters everywhere! Amy and Donna are happy to welcome you to Crochetville. If this is your first time here, you've found a wonderful, friendly place to talk about crochet. If you've been around for a while, thanks for stopping by for a refresher on our policies and our vision for Crochetville. Crochetville Vision Crochetville is a warm, welcoming, friendly community for people everywhere who are interested in crochet. Our policies are designed to help keep our large, ever-growing community happy and healthy. By participating on this forum, you agree to abide by these policies and our Terms of Use (via any service provided through our site). Posting Etiquette Please treat Crochetville owners, volunteer staff, and each other with respect at all times. Remember that we have members from all around the world. Be respectful of cultural differences and the fact that English is not the primary language of all members. Flames (personal attacks), threats, harassment, and hate speech are not allowed. Respect the privacy of others. Please do not post emails, private messages, or any personal information about another member that they haven't included in their Crochetville user profile. Please do not link to or discuss any off-site information about another member without their permission. No political discussion nor religious debate/argument/evangelism allowed as those subjects frequently cause drama. Help us keep Crochetville a positive place! Remember Our Younger Visitors The Crochetville forum is a family-friendly zone. We comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and we do not accept registrations from children under the age of 13 although they may visit the site. Please refrain from using profanity. No sexual/adult language in usernames, avatars, profile pictures. Nudity and provocative photos are not allowed in any image posted on Crochetville. Please remember the presence of young visitors and write your posts accordingly. Advertising and Spam Management Indie businesses may post about their business on Crochetville following our Free Advertising for Indie Business Policies. Members may list personal (non-business-related) stash items they no longer need in the Destashing forum. Please do not PM or email other members with unsolicited business information or offers for any reason. Spammers (post, signature, profile, PM, etc.) are banned and messages are deleted with no notice. Copyright and Trademark You are welcome to post patterns (complete instructions) that you have designed yourself in our Free Original Patterns forum. Patterns you post should not infringe on another party's copyright or trademark. You may not post patterns that heavily incorporate or reference another person's design. If the intent was to copy or duplicate someone else's work, you shouldn't post your version here (in Free Original Patterns) or link to it elsewhere on Crochetville. If you post a pattern, you retain full rights to your design. If we wish to use your design in any way beyond sharing photos and a link to the thread on other areas of Crochetville's web presence or on other social media sites, we will request permission first. When asking for help with a pattern, please do not post the entire pattern. You may post the one line of instructions with which you need help, although we encourage you to post a link to the pattern or provide information about where it was published whenever possible. Patterns and posts found to be infringing upon another's copyright or trademark are subject to removal. Click here for instructions on reporting copyright and trademark infringement. We act on reports as quickly as possible in compliance with the DMCA. Do not provide information on how to obtain copies of copyrighted patterns without permission of the copyright owner. Links to sites that encourage or allow posting of infringing material are not allowed and are subject to removal. Please only post photos to which you own the copyright or which you've been given permission to post by the copyright owner. If the photo copyright belongs to someone else, please credit the original photographer and post a disclaimer such as "Used with permission." If you post a pattern or a link to a pattern you have designed that features a popular game, TV, or movie character, sports team or corporate logo, etc., without stating that you have received proper permission from the intellectual property owner, your thread will be archived without notice (although we may choose to notify you) and further action may be taken as necessary on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for understanding our need to keep our site free from legal troubles related to contributory trademark and/or copyright infringement. Social Media Sharing In an effort to promote Crochetville and discussions taking place on the forum, we may share some of the contributions you've made to our community in other areas of Crochetville's web presence or on other social media sites. By posting any content on Crochetville, you agree that Crochetville, our members, and forum visitors may share it on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other similar social media outlets that may come into existence. Any member or visitor who shares Crochetville content on another social media outlet should provide a link back to the original Crochetville thread and give proper credit to the original poster. Complete patterns posted by a Crochetville member are not to be shared in their entirety or posted in their entirety outside of Crochetville without that member's express written permission. Obviously, you may post links to the pattern. Customer Service Disputes with Other Businesses Please do not use Crochetville to attempt to resolve customer service disputes with other businesses. The proper thing to do is contact the business owner first. Please be respectful when discussing crochet- and fiber-related small businesses. Remember that what you write here is public and that the owner or employees of the business may be reading your posts. If you must post a review that contains negative feedback, please remember that you may be affecting someone's livelihood. Please post appropriately and constructively. Libelous comments are not allowed, and could result in legal action being taken against you by a business owner. Factual statements that you can back up with evidence are not libelous. If you are mad at a business, its owner, or an employee for some reason, you may not use Crochetville to attempt to do harm. Attempts at doing so (our call) will result in deletion of posts, possible loss of posting privileges, and potentially being banned from the site. Financial and Safety Information Fundraising is allowed only with prior approval. Please Contact Us before posting about any fundraising efforts. Financial transactions: Crochetville is not responsible for any trade/sell/purchase arrangements members make with other members. Enter into such arrangements at your own risk. Exchanging personal information: We encourage all members to use caution when exchanging personal contact information with other members. Miscellaneous Signatures are limited to a maximum of 10 lines. No content that is sexual, political, or designed to be controversial is allowed in signatures. Members are allowed to register only one account. In general, please do not cross-post (cross-posting is starting the same thread in more than one forum or subforum). However, if you are participating in a CAL or other ongoing thread, we strongly encourage you to cross-post your finished projects in one of our Show-and-Tell forums. Reporting Problems Please report any problems or concerns you have to Crochetville rather than to the member in question. Correcting another member's behavior (either in forum posts or via private message) tends to further escalate situations; such forum posts may be subject to removal without notice. You may use the "Report post" link (found in the dark bar above each post) to let us know about any posts or PMs of concern so we can review the situation. You may use the Contact Us form to let us know of any other issues of concern. We regret that we cannot respond individually to each person who reports an issue, but please be assured that we read each message and will take whatever action we deem appropriate. Repeated and/or blatant violation of Crochetville's policies may result in temporary or permanent loss of various forum privileges or in being banned from Crochetville, with or without notice. Such actions are always a last resort to enable us to maintain a pleasant forum experience for the vast majority of our members. We prefer to talk things out with members and come to a mutually agreeable solution to any issues that may arise. We can't predict every situation that might occur. We reserve the right to handle some situations on an individual basis. Questions/Concerns about our community policies? If you have general questions or concerns about any of our policies, please post a message in Forum Help & Suggestions. If you have questions or concerns about a specific situation related to our policies, please use the Contact Us form, although member privacy concerns may prevent us from discussing certain details. Discussion of specific situations or administrator actions does not take place on the forum. Such posts will be removed and a member's ability to participate on the site may be affected. ------------- Thank your for helping us keep Crochetville a positive place full of sunshine and rainbows!
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    Dear Crochetville Members, I'm back. I'm sorry I was gone so long. I hope you'll join me in rejuvenating Crochetville into the buzzing hive of crochet goodness that it once was. Now that I'm back, I cannot believe how much I missed this place and didn't realize it. I love the sense of community here and I love that a handful of dedicated members kept this place alive when I was lost. To those of you⁠—and you know who you are⁠—I owe so much. As for Amy and I, our paths diverged and we got involved in other projects. For Amy, it was Sparkle Studio, her studio/shop in Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. For me, it was school volunteering, PTO, and family life. Crochetville had gotten complicated and was taking an inordinate amount of time to manage. We weren't fully utilizing the power of our members to help us moderate and maintain this community. And we were making ends meet, but not much more. To new members, welcome. To dedicated members who've stayed on, thank you. To old members who drifted away, I hope you'll come back. We hope to be the place you come to again for crochet motivation, inspiration, and support. Please join me in making Crochetville alive again. Post your projects in the Show-and-Tell forums. Jump in on a CAL (crochet-along) or start one of your own. Help us give a warm welcome to new members. Ask a question in Crochet Help. Join us in crocheting something for charity. Or just peruse the Crochetville forums and find your niche. Please bear with me as I assess Crochetville and what needs tidying up here. There's some outdated information and rules, although the basics (like Crochetville Community Policies) are current. Updating broken links has proved challenging, but I am still working on it. I haven't yet addressed reported posts, but that is coming. To everyone here, your projects⁠—no matter how small⁠—are show-and-tell worthy. Your crochet matters. Let's celebrate appreciating each other's stitching, no matter the simplicity or complexity. Crochetville remains a keep-it-nice place, as has always been our philosophy. Politics, religion, and controversy are left at the door when you enter. We are all here to celebrate our hobby of crochet, which is what unites us. I look forward to seeing you around the forum. Donna
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    After much hand-holding and very good advice, I finished my first afghan for the Crochetville Charity Drive! It's 24" from peak to peak, makes my eyes go a little wonky with all the contrast, and doesn't have the holes in the peaks that I dislike so much. I'm starting on my next one, maybe with only 2 colors and bigger stripes. I used Michael's Soft n Shiny (https://www.michaels.com/soft-and-shiny-yarn-loops-and-threads/M10273080.html) in Aqua/White/Black and some gray acrylic worsted weight from my stash. Oh, and I used an H hook. It's CroJulee's Jacobs Ladder Round Ripple Afghan Pattern, but with a few changes. 1. Magic Circle with 16dcs to start. 2. Replaced the shell (Dc, Ch2, 2Dc) with 5Dc to get rid of the hole in the peaks.
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    I had several older skeins of Fun Fur in my stash and when I came across this pattern, decided to make one for each of my great grands for Christmas. The eyes, claws and body shape are just a tad different, but all in all, I think they will like them. Fur Bird pattern
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    I neglected to share these and the story behind them here so better late than never. After an aunt passed away a few years ago I inherited her yarn. Dad had given her mom's yarn when she passed away 20+ years earlier. When going through it I found 4 boxes, my name in one and my other 3 sisters names in the others. Each box had about 40 squares in them including some our mom had made. My other aunt had told me I would be finding these. I could tell which ones my mom made and which ones my aunt made as my aunt was left handed. I checked to see if my sisters wanted their box of squares or if they wanted me to put them together. You guessed it I got the job which is very ironic. I think at this time I had maybe put one afghan together with granny squares and it wasnt something I liked doing. I started looking through the squares and some were falling apart because they had been knotted and ends clipped short. There was no point putting them together unless I could figure out what to do. I meticulously searched for every yarn join in each square, untied the knots, retied the knots so I had short ends which I then tacked firmly into place with sewing thread. I was able to hide these ends in the stitches. Then the sister in the first picture wanted a much larger blanket than her squares would make. I wanted them to be the same size and there was plenty of yarn in my aunts stash so I started making more squares. My goal was to finish them by Christmas and I started running out of time so I grabbed squares from my box. I put them together using the flat braid square joining method. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/flat-braid-joining-technique or scroll down here http://priscillascrochet.net/freepatterns.html Things were going pretty well until I noticed I had one square back in the third row of the afghan in picture 2 wrong side up after putting all the squares together. l had to take it apart and fix it. This was Christmas day when they each got their afghan from mom, aunt, and me.
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    Here is my latest batch of bears for the Mother Bear Project. These are always so fun to crochet and send off for children in far away lands. My bears are crocheted seamless in the BLO and are about 11 inches tall.
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    My 2 year old Alaskan grandbaby gets so excited when a moose is in their yard. Now she can have her own.
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    Well, here are two little pups I have been working on. I made the light colored one and then decided I needed the 12mm noses. So I ordered some and the second one has the nose. Now they will be leaving soon for their new home. They are from a kit from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Dogs-Adorable-Projects-Lovers/dp/1684124972 They are 4.5" tall and 4" long. I bought the kit, because it had a Dalmatian. They also have a cute pug and schnauzer. So here are the boys.
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    This afghan pattern I got from Annie's Attic. C2C lap throws It was fun and easy to make, even if you are new to C2C. The making of the afghan each panel.
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    I have been trying to used up my cotton yarn. The little that I have. Anyway, I made a sunflower scrubbie to go with my basket and everyone liked it. So I decided to make a couple more and then decided to try and make some dish cloths. Now my problem is where I can find good homes for them. Oh well that will happen later.
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    This is part 1 of Vanessa Smith's (hooked on sunshine) Phoenix blanket. I'm using Lion Brand Mandala yarn thunderbird. https://www.hookedonsunshine.co/phoenix-cal/
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    hope to follow along this year. I plan to donate a lot of craft items to our "Redeemed Goods" store. I hope to make some wreathes and such things. I can do crafting if not crochet I did make this one from a pic on Pinterest and donated:
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    I made this outfit last year but I just couldn't take and process the pics. Well it is finally finished. I love this set but of course it has PINK in it. the PDF is here:straight.pdf For some reason Yahoo has stopped functioning for groups so people cannot get my stuff there anymore
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    Flyby... Happy Thanksgiving from Lucy and family
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    Here is a finished stocking. None of the rest are finished but all of them are partly assembled.
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    I enjoyed making them. The best part is they don't need starching 😁 First I couldn't decide on ribbons. Those dreamcatcher here are about 15cm in diameter and I made them for the Christmas fair at my kids' school. But before I made bigger ones and I didn't add ribbons. The biggest dreamcatcher I made is 40cm in diameter and it hangs on my window and looks like a huge snowflake ornament (but I have no pic of it yet).
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    So, I am on a mission to cut down my craft supplies stash. Yarn and fabric are my downfalls, especially yarn. When I was sorting through the yarn, I came across the square that makes the center of this throw. I don’t remember why I made it, and of course there wasn’t any matching yarn to be found, so I just grabbed a few skeins of yarn that I hoped wouldn’t clash, and simply crocheted around it in DC. When I ran out of the colored yarn, I finished it with reverse HDC.
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    Here we go again. It is August the hottest month of the year. Every year I say the same thing. Thank you that I do not have to wear all these cloths. I would melt or become a recluse. I would be almost naked in the house also. As you can see this is my Gone With The Wind table. We have Melonie, Ashley, Scarlett, Rhett, Prissy, Baby Blue, MayBelle and my favorite of all times Mammy in her red petticoat. There are some girls with their horses. The table cloth is one I embroidered. We also have some Southern Bells. Hope you enjoy.
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    I finally finished my double-filet garden flag. I call it Water Can Bouquet. I used Aunt Lydia's #10 in Parakeet, Cream, Bright Coral & some left over Artiste Aspen. There is no pattern available.
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    The white blanket is a christening blanket for my church (Drunken Granny pattern), the others are going to the NICU where my neighbor, an RN, works.
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    Thanks for the compliments everyone! Here's firetruck. It's crib size.
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    «Unicorn, fulfilling dreams» When using recommended yarn and hook, the size of the turns out 35cm NECESSARY MATERIALS: YARN ART Jeans №61, 160 g/50 m, white; YARN ART Jeans №35, 160 g/50 m yellow; YARN ART Jeans №33, 160 g/50 m, blue YARN ART Jeans №53, 160 g/50 b, black; ALIZE Softy № 62 , 115 g/50 m, white; (you can also use another yarn) -Filler - hullfiber, 100g; -Hook # 2(US,UK 1); Scissors; Tulle - 1/2 meter HAND: (2 items) With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4-6. 24sc=(24sts) 7. (2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) 8-30. 18sc=(18sts) Fill 31. Fold the edges together and 9sc SHOSE–LEG (2 items) With blue color 11ch, turn 1.inc, 8sc , 2inc in one last loop, turn knitting and knit on the other side , 8sc , inc= (24sts) 2. 2inc , 8sc , 4inc , 8sc , 2inc = (32sts) 3.( 1sc,inc )*2 ,8sc,(inc,1sc)*4, 8sc,(1sc ,inc)*2 =(40sts) 4. (2sc , inc)*2, 8sc , (inc, 2sc )*4, 8sc, (2sc , inc)*2 = (48sts) With white color(Textured yarn) 5.BLO 48sc 6-8. 48 sc =(48sts) 9.14sc , 12dec, 10sc = (36sts) 10. 36sc=(36sts) 11.14sc , 6dec, 10sc = (30sts) 12-13. 30sc =(30sts) 14.11sc , 6dec, 7sc=(24sts) 15-20.24sc=(24sts) With white color 16. BLO 24sc Fill the part with filler 17-35. 24 sc=(24sts) 36. Dec to end Back to row №16 With white color(Textured yarn) 16. FLO 24sc BODY: With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7.(6sc , inc) *6 = (48sts) 8.(7sc , inc) *6 = (54sts) 9.(8sc , inc) *6 = (60sts) 10.(9sc , inc) *6 = (66sts) 11.(10sc , inc) *6 = (72sts) 12-30. 72sc=(72sts) 31. (10sc , dec) *6 = (66sts) 32-33. 66sc=(66sts) 34.(9sc , dec) *6 = (60sts) 35-36. 60sc=(60sts) Fill 37.(8sc , dec) *6 = (54sts) 38.(7sc , dec) *6 = (48sts) 39.(6sc , dec) *6 = (42sts) 40.(5sc , dec) *6 = (36sts) 41.(4sc , dec) *6 = (30sts) 42.(3sc , dec) *6 = (24sts) 43. (2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) Fill 44.(1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) 45.6 dec = (6sts) HEAD: With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3.(2sc , inc) *6 = (24sts) 4.(3sc , inc) *6 = (30sts) 5.(4sc , inc) *6 = (36sts) 6.(5sc , inc) *6 = (42sts) 7-17. 42sc=(42sts) 18.(6sc , inc) *6 = (48sts) 19.(7sc , inc) *6 = (54sts) 20.(8sc , inc) *6 = (60sts) 21.(9sc , inc) *6 = (66sts) 22.(10sc , inc) *6 = (72sts) 23-32. 72sc=(72sts) 33.(10sc , dec) *6 = (66sts) 34. 66sc=(66sts) 35. (9sc , dec) *6 = (60sts) 36.(8sc , dec) *6 = (54sts) 37.(7sc , dec) *6 = (48sts) 38.(6sc , dec) *6 = (42sts) 39.(5sc , dec) *6 = (36sts) 40.(4sc , dec) *6 = (30sts) 41.(3sc , dec) *6 = (24sts) 42.(2sc , dec) *6 = (18sts) Fill 43.(1sc , dec) *6 = (12sts) 44.6 dec = (6sts) MANE With yellow color 25ch+70ch, turn 70sc, Sl st in the next loop (70ch, turn, 69sc, Sl st in the next loop)* repeat to the end of the chain TAIL With yellow color 1-8. 50ch, turn, 49sc, EARTH With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1.6inc = (12sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *6 = (18sts) 3. 18sc=(18sts) 4. (8sc , inc) *6 = (20sts) 5. (9sc , inc) *6 = (22sts) 6-7. 1 sc in each stitch a round=(22sts) 8. (9sc , dec) *6 = (20sts) HORN With white color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) 1. 6sc=(6sts) 2.(1sc , inc) *3 = (9sts) 3-4. 9sc=(9sts) 5.(2sc , inc) *3 = (12sts) 6-8. 12sc=(12sts) EYES With black color 6sc in magic ring = (6sts) With blue color 1.6inc = (12sts) With white color 2. 6 sl st, 6sc= (12sts) eye№1 With black color Tie a thread over the first one sc together sl st, ch, In the next stitch sl st,2 ch, back sl st In the next stitch sl st,3 ch, back 2sl st In the next stitch sl st,4 ch, back 3sl st In the next stitch sl st,5 ch, back 4sl st sl st eye№2 With black color Tie a thread over the first one sc In the next stitch sl st,5 ch, back 4sl st In the next stitch sl st,4 ch, back 3sl st In the next stitch sl st,3 ch, back 2sl st In the next stitch sl st,2 ch, back sl st together sl st, ch, sl st ASSEMBLY 1. The ear is folded as shown in the photo and thus sewed to the head. Between the ears, in the center, sew a horn. 2. Sew eye and mane as shown in the photo 3. Sew a body and a head. Then sew the hands and feet 4. Fold the tail a tube, sew first, then sew it on the back 5. Make a skirt. At the waist unicorn tie an elastic band. Tulle cut into ribbons, width 2 cm, length 18cm. Tape the tape to the rubber band. 6. To decorate the neck and mane with ribbon, lace or bow The unicorn is ready!
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    I started out making this for the 4th, then I decided it needed something bright, hence the flower scrubby. I am not sure where I am sending it. Either my SIL or my Sister. So Happy 4th and Happy BBQ Season. There are 4 coasters, 2 potholders, a jar opener and a scrubby.
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    I finished part 2-- round 23.
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    I keep myself very busy! Here's a grey basket I crocheted. I turned around and made a black one. Now onto a two tone purple one for daughter. I made a bunch of the smaller ones and washcloths to put in them. Hope everyone is doing good. Have a great evening.
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    Please oh please oh please Do Not show thos to my sister! She sends me enough pictures of projects she thinks I can make in 15 minutes! She will want these for her back patio!
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    Marking an item off my list. I'll be taking 5 lap throws and 2 shawls to the nursing home this week.
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    Just wanted to share my snowman and reindeer stuffies. Both are my own pattern 😊. They turned out so much cuter than I expected.
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    This little Guernsey, loves to lay in the grass and relax and think. I am having a lot of fun with this pattern book. The animals are adorable. The book is called Charming Cherubs and their Angel Pets. Even the animals have wings. I have left the wings off, as I think they look cute without them. Here is Bessy.
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    Here's a 42 inch RR made for a 2 yo named Trinity. The days have been so cloudy and dreary I gave up on getting a good picture...of course, now that the blanket is in the wash, the sun finally came out this afternoon....
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    The yule tree throw is finished!!!!
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    I have a few of these dolls, that I got on sale at Walmart a long time ago. I decided to take an old pattern I have and make all the dresses offered. I now have to decide if I am going to make a tote or make the pattern that comes with the doll dresses. The pink and black outfit is a bikini and a hat.
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    I finished this prayer shawl last night.
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    Hi all!! I've been working exclusively on my Halloween Rozeta, trying to get caught up. This one is going to be a wedding gift for a friend and I've gotten all the way up to part 7. I think I might skip the bottom panel of the design, which turns the blanket from a square into a rectangle but also makes it asymmetrical and that kinda drives me nutty lol. I've used 5 skeins this week! WTD +10 YTD+ 33
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    Just finished this lapghan, used up some left over yarn from other projects.
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    Yeah you read right. Christmas Gnomes. I found this pattern on Mary Maxim. https://www.marymaxim.com/holiday-gnomes.html It is cute, but I wish they had of been green, instead of grey or even a blue. I can always go thru my yarn and find green and blue to make more. Thought you might like to see the finished project. Now on to penguins.
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    Here's the last gift...so far Border is number 120 from the Around the Corner pattern book.
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    Looks like that little one gets ready for fall... Meet my Fox. He's going to school in September to help second graders with reading. Every pupil will take him home and read him their favourite story. Then the kids will write in Fox's notebook the title of the book so their little friend won't forget. 📖📚 The pattern is "Tiny fox" by Amigurumi Today and it's free.
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    My new Double-Filet crochet wall hanging, I'm pretty addicted to this technique. This is my own design. It was so fun to watch it come together!
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    It's done! 24" from peak to peak and 20" from valley to valley. I checked the Charity Drive and round blankets are usually 24-26". Thank you so much for your help - I still had to mess with the beginnings of Row 2 and 3 (replaced shell with 5dc, but that meant I had to ch3 and do 4dc in the same st so the 5dc cluster would match the rest). After Row 3, it was smooth sailing. Quick question - if I did this all in white, would it be okay for a bereavement afghan? Or should I stick with rectangular white afghans?
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    Here are my pictures! Cosmic Cal (in the orange colorway) completed through rd 49 for a baby blanket. My 3 sets of squares for the Flora CAL from The Crochet Crowd. And, the Phoenix CAL's first 6 sections completed. For both Cosmic and Phoenix, I'm using Caron Cakes and just letting the colors change as they will. Cosmic took 2 skeins and more than half of a third, and I've just finished the 6th skein on Pheonix and I believe there are 4 or 5 more sections to still be released.
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    My current project--6 flower squares make a blanket. Making one each for my GDs. I've got reservations about the pattern--Bernat Pop Petals Blanket, but I think the girls will love them. The last 5 rounds of petals don't have an increase, so it cups. The white section helps to pull it out, but not completely.
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    Good Morning ! I was invited over here because I am working on blankets for Project Linus. My DAR group has chosen this charity. I am trying to make three blankets by March 1. I am just edging some fleece fabric. So far I have one blanket done.
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    Here is my latest and last round ripple for year. This lapghan blanket is 36 inches wide for the Warmth for Warriors blanket drive. This was crocheted using Aggie May's RR pattern.
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    I saw this pattern and just could not resist. Besides it was on sale. It is called "Not a Creature was Stirring" As you can see it is a cute little chef mouse that is helping make cookies. His whisk matches his apron and hat. I just got the whisk, so he is done and ready to go to his new home.
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    I was not sure where to post this. I tried to use the Web site thread, but there was nothing there. Red Heart Has put out it's Christmas Calendar. It is called 12 Days of Christmas
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