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  3. boy, have i been absent that long?? lol been busy here too readying a load for dav (disabled am. vets) to take so been sorting too, and purging lol i try to alternate charities when i can, was sidetracked a couple of times but for the most part, stayed on task pretty much lol l have had some very good dinners lately, handy is a good chef, lol and today am having the leftovers of last nights supper which is scalloped taters and ham umm good we still have half a pot of chilli and chicken and noodle casserole in the freezer too, for another day lol i am glad he cooks ahead a little sometimes!! we both cleaned up the ham and bean soup of last week too, waited for a gloomy, chilli day and ate it all up lol today the sun is out trying i think to reclaim fall, but i think hes got a fight ahead to do that this late lol i rescheduled my dr appt, as got a call he was going to be out of the office over the holidays so we moved me up not a big deal .. There is still pounding going on in the area, sometimes further away, but roofers, and siders must still have work regardless sometimes of the weather, they come in cover- alls, and hoodies, and by days end they are down to just their shirts lol Maxie watches them back and forth with little low growls, he is such a good watch kitty lol I have only ever heard him once use his fighting growl, that un-nerving howl, when a stray cat didnt see Max in the window, and jumped up to the flower box on the outside of the window and boy all hec broke loose that cat was down and up the street in seconds flat, and Max, job completed finished his snooze in the sun lol He and the doggie used to compete for that spot, it was the rectangle cat play bench handy made for him carpeted with a coiple holes on the front also carpeted but the doggie would stretch out on the top, her fluffy tail hanging off to one side or the other,and if max wanted that spot, he had learned very quickly to barley touch Gingers tail, and she in turn would jump down and he would move into that spot lol to say Max ruled the house, from day one, regardless of seniority or not, is an under statement lol ive also been watching msnbc a lot lately and i can listen when doing other things so the tv is on a lot more than usual in my craft room lol i tend to listen more than i watch any show in here though as i am always doing something hands on lol i expect to post out my hats ans scarves first week of nov to kimmie at the pine ridge youth center she says she loves going through the boxes and seeing all the goodies lol i cant believe thanks giving is less than a week away note to self email daughter as to her intentions on Thanksgiving lol hope you are all well, glad to hear bgs, that you are getting so much done in the last throws of this tumultuous move lol hope all goes well for the rest of the way!! well, hello to everyone out there, stay healthy and safe, and ill be back sooner than later now that my chores list has shrunk some!!
  4. Hi peeps.... Just finished these potholders ...a request from a friend with a new kitchen. I didn't see any patterns I liked so I made up my own.
  5. Mary Joe, sorry, but I never make those. Have you tried winging it? And Bailey, I now about tight stitches and sore hands...I just finished these potholders this morning
  6. As we jokingly say here: I resemble that remark! What drives me crazy is when I think I want to make a pattern and buy the yarn and then a year or so later some across pattern and yarn and I'm thinking why did I think I wanted to make that and now I need to find another use for the yarn. LOL
  7. Yeah, this is what gets me into trouble.....I desire to start a new project every few days. Luckily I resist most of the time, but I still have at least 20 WIPs.
  8. Well, to be honest, The pattern is super simple and didn’t have a gauge. It’s just a rectangle, and I assumed that the starting chain would be too short, so I increased it. Then I didn’t like how firm the fabric was. I ended up finally following the pattern, but with a K hook, rather than an I. I have about 20 inches done and it’s about 46 inches wide, so I’m making progress. Stockings are nearly to the sew together stage. Two more names to hand embroider. Once I finish the afghan, I may make stockings for the adults too. I will have to see if I can find some burlap that is similar to the thrift store fond, as I am getting to the end of that.
  9. That is a really pretty one! and I love the way you photographed it with the little glass cat
  10. I know this is an old post, but did anyone ever figure out how to work row 63?
  11. Winter’s First Snow Designer-Denise (Augostine) Owens Her website is no longer online, but much of its content is available in the internet archive for denisecrochets.com. Aunt Lydia’s Classic Cotton #10 – White Metallic Gold Sewing Thread 1.5mm hook Blocked 9”
  12. Hi Again. I am asking here, as everytime I go to seeking patterns, It ask me for a question? I am looking for a Christmas Towel Topper free pattern if I can. I have 2 towels. One has snowman on it the other is just a light blue. Can anyone help
  13. That pattern is adorable. They are going to love your gifts. I am asking here, as everytime I go to seeking patterns, It ask me for a question? I am looking for a Christmas Towel Topper free pattern if I can. I have 2 towels. One has snowman on it the other is just a light blue. Can anyone help
  14. Puppy Lovey This went out with the Farm afghan for the baby Things are coming along!!! I finished the snow family yesterday. (There is a dog but I think I may send an update to the baby next year along with the dog to keep the family going. I just don't think I can finish him this year.) I got one arm done and sewn on Humpty. I also started another baby doll outfit. Those are slightly easier on my hands as the crocheting isn't as tight and the hooks larger and the crocheting a bit looser. I'm trying to balance the Christmas gifts with finishing up the donation outfits.
  15. Oh Lyn that happened to me once. I had to call someone, as DH was with me. Cold, but beautiful day. Not much going on today. I may go to Costco to get new glasses tomorrow, but we will decide then. Off to see what trouble I can get into. Have fun today TGIF
  16. Are you referring to this revision page? https://www.anniescatalog.com/downloads/download.php?mode=errata&submode=products&code=871222 (The errata for the pattern.) i believe the one sided is used where a hexagon has joins to one other hexagon, and two sided is used where a hexagon has joins to two other hexagons.
  17. Hi stitchers, I've started the above named Afghan and have completed Round 8 one-sided joining. ( I have 8 rows of 6 motifs strips) I have found an updated revisions page on file. Do I have to do the Round 8 two sided joining as well? And if so where is my starting point? Or do I skip that and start adding the small motifs? Thanks, hope someone can help me😉.
  18. good late evening was out the door at 8:30 didn't get home till 6:30,had a great day till we locked the keys in the car and Bill had to leave school and drive to Va Beach to unlock the car, ummmmmmmm he wasn't happy then we found some yarn therapy at AC Moore,good thing that place is far from me,or I'd be in trouble
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  20. Hi Naome, you may have forgotten where you posted this question earlier , but it was in another thread where the pattern was (at the link below) and I, and later the designer, answered your question (hope it made sense). Short answer, the 6 sc go 1 each into 6 dcs (so, 1 stitch into 1 stitch) to join the pants at the crotch.
  21. dansgirl

    Pants Pattern

    PLEASE HELP! I'm new at this and don't understand the joining the pants legs to the torso. Do the 5 or 6 sc stitches (depends on which pattern used) go in one dc? I"ve tried every way and can't get them right. There are so many pretty pants outfits but they all have the same instructions in joining the legs. Can someone please me?
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