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Maintenance - Mass Log Out 7/21/2019 - All Members Re-Login to Crochetville

This announcement is no longer active



To fix a technical glitch with user profiles on the forum, all users were logged out at 10:04 am Eastern time on July 21, 2019. Every user will need to re-login the next time they return to the Crochetville forum.


One-time forum-wide member logout - July 21

In order to fix (and make visible) the "Last Visited" time on member profiles, all members will be logged out (from the admin back end) of the forum the morning of Sunday, July 21. This will enable members to see the "Last Visited" time again on member profiles. All members will need to log in again next time they visit Crochetville.

If anyone ends up needing to reset their password and encounters problems with that, I'll be around to help, checking email that comes in via the Contact Us form (which is linked in the footer of every Crochetville forum page).

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